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Case studies

  1. 1. Procter & Gamble P&G is a leading consumer product company that provides products such as beauty, health and household care such as Lenor, Fairy and Gillette. Attending a networking event on your University campus you start speaking to a HR recruiter as you express your own wishes to work at P&G. However, you soon realise that she used to be part of AIESEC whilst at University. P&G are looking at bolstering the energy within their finance team and are looking for Arabic and French speakers. Consider what would be the suitable product for this company and how AIESEC can engage with them.
  2. 2. EMC EMC is a leading computing company providing trusted IT solutions. You call them at a local committee blitz, expecting to hear that they have a lack of IT talent, however, they appear to have an older workforce. EMC have a global presence yet, they aren’t attracting graduates fresh from University with diverse, open, forward-thinking minds. They believe that they need a new strategy for engaging with students on campus, how can AIESEC engage with EMC?
  3. 3. Breeze IT Breeze IT specializes in the development of bespoke software and database solutions to meet specific client needs. They are an SME (small medium enterprise) based in Nottingham. They are on a list of IT companies that you have researched in your local committee and will be one to contact in your next calling blitz. After some research, you recognise that their case studies are quickly expanding from small local companies to Unipol (a national student housing website.) Breeze IT are clearly expanding as the vacancies displayed suggest that they have a need for someone with various languages as well as experience, how could they gain from an AIESEC intern? They value customer care and meeting to their needs, how will you ensue you meet to the needs of Breeze IT?
  4. 4. Techstars Techstars is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator that holds 13 week programs for startups and have recently opened up in London. One of the startups Modabound is a college-based social marketplace where vintage clothes can be bought and sold in local communities by an app. After talking to a family friend who was involved in Techstars, they tell you about Modabound. You decide to research and see that Techstars in London have offices for 14 startup companies including Modabound. You decide to give them a call. Modabound need help with developing their app They want to expand their brand across Europe Modabound require someone to for a minimum of 12 months with the possibility of being hired full time Consider what would be the suitable product for this company and how AIESEC can engage with them.
  5. 5. Privatefly A Global booking service for private jet charter and private aircraft hire. Launched in 2007, is the fastest growing aviation company in Europe, combining award-winning booking technology with dedicated service. The unique online platform and apps integrate with a live global network over 7,000 accredited aircraft, to pinpoint the best available private aircraft at the most competitive, transparent market price. After meeting employees at a networking event in London you have found out the following: Privatefly require a marketing intern to take ownership of US website and brand An intern would be needed to research, create and review content The intern would be expected to engage with social media The company has not specified the length of this internship, or any specific requirements but have suggested a possible interest with engaging in AIESEC. However, their knowledge on what AIESEC is vague and not fully understood. Consider what would be the suitable product for this company and how AIESEC can engage with them.