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  1. 1. Nicola Page UX UI and Visual Design Specialist 0405485628 ▪ ▪ Incorporating usability practices into my approach and drawing on the full breadth of UX methodologies, I am adaptable within this process with a focus on customising UX to any project, drawing on the most relevant techniques as per need, scale and resources. I am a UX UI designer with an extensive history working in the fields of arts and education. This background has informed my approach to UX design with a human centred perspective on design and collaboration with a creative approach to problem solving. I have a highly evolved visual literacy and understand the value of design as I maintain an awarness of current developments and trends. This has aslo developed my innate ability to empathise and facilitate user needs and engagement across involved and complex systems. I have worked across digital platforms with Adobe and other software for over fifteen year, this experience has installed in me a confidence and efficiency to work fast and precisely in the design arena. My strengths are in UX/UI and visual design, user research, ideation and development, information architecture with excellent graphic design and prototyping skills. User Research - User interviews, contextual enquiry, surveys, user testing, competitive analysis, business analysis, design inspiration analysis. Ideation - User Journey and flow maps, site maps, persona development and usability evaluation to identify problems and deliver simple yet effective solutions. Sketching - Drawing, wire framing, prototyping, Axure, Balsamiq, Invision, Drawio. Design - Adobe Suite; Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Flash, Dreamweaver with 15 years’ experience. Project Management - Manage design teams, assistant staff and students. Coordinate and deliver education programs and collaborative arts projects. Stakeholder Liaison - Run meetings and communicate between groups of stakeholders, in roles from education, arts management and UX UI Design. Profile Skills
  2. 2. Nicola Page UX UI and Visual Design Specialist 0405485628 ▪ ▪ I was contracted as the lead UX UI and Visual Designer to review user feedback from the current site and develop a course provider dashboard for a new platform for the We Teach Me course booking system and to deliver my findings as a clickable prototype, graphic design and style guides. Over this period I engaged UX practices to ideate, develop and design a course provider dashboard including processes for managing and creating course listings, ticketing and payment methods. I drew on research to establish relevant user personas, site maps and user flows for the new platform and develop these into wire frames, a clickable prototype and high resolution visual designs completed in Axure, Photoshop and Illustrator. I undertook design investigations to establish the best practice and design styles used on similar platforms to incorporate the most effective solutions for the project. The design solutions were implemented into the current system immediately wherever possible with the new platform to be launched later in 2015. During this contract I also delivered wire frames and completed visual designs for various projects the company had been commissioned to complete. 2015 Feb to May
  3. 3. Nicola Page UX UI and Visual Design Specialist 0405485628 ▪ ▪ UX Design Student ▪ October 2014 to December 2014 ▪ General Assembly Melbourne Participation in ten weeks of immersive training for UX UI design, user centred design and research. Over ten weeks we practiced techniques to develop UI design through the following UX methodologies. Resarch - We began by conducting user research through user interviews, surveys and contextual enquiry. In addition to clarify the brief, stakeholder interviews and a site visits were performed to elicit the underlying business requirements. Competitor analysis yielded design ideas and identified opportunities to create a seamless, consistent and engaged user experience. Analysis and ideation - To assist ideation, key insights and observations were synthesised using concept mapping, user flow mapping, task analysis, development of user personas and story boarding. Prototyping and testing - Having defined the key priorities that our solution need to address, an initial paper prototype was created using a design studio approach. This was further refined into wire frames and finally yielded a high fidelity prototype. Each iteration was exposed to usability testing and subsequent design adjustments reflected in the final proposed solution. This process was built upon over a series of five research and design projects three of which being group work in small design teams and the final being an internship with Ten Collective. Please visit for examples of these projects. 2014
  4. 4. Nicola Page UX UI and Visual Design Specialist 0405485628 ▪ ▪ Casual Class Room Teacher ▪ July to September 2014 ▪ Tradewind, SOS Teachers, Stand By Staff Melbourne. Temping for schools in and around Melbourne P-12 Artist In Residence ▪ April to July 2014 ▪ NARS Foundation, Brooklyn New York. Awarded a twelve week international artist residency program. During the twelve week program I worked in one of the international studios at NARS researching and developing art work for presentation for an in-house exhibition ‘parallel shift’ at the NARS gallery. I presented in a series of artist talks, open studio and exhibition events to NARS staff, the local arts community and the public, I held regular meeting with top curators, gallery directors and established artist about my work and practice over the twelve week period. Educator/Coordinator ▪February 2012 to April 2014 ▪ Camberwell Girls Grammar, Canterbury Vic Out of School Hours Program. Design, delivery and management of the OSHC program in the art room of Camberwell Girls Grammar. This was an extremely dynamic role as the attending student group altered everyday often without notice and the student’s age ranged from 3 to 12 years. I held a range of responsibilities from administration, staff and student management, programme development and stakeholder liaison. Casual Relief Teacher for Agencies; Tradewind, SOS Teachers ▪ 2007-9 / 2011-12 Melbourne. Art Teacher/Class Room Teacher ▪ January 2009 to December 2010 ▪ Laverton Prep To 12 Art Coordinator/Class Room Teacher ▪2006 April to December ▪ Alice Spring High School N.T 2014 Previous Employment
  5. 5. Nicola Page UX UI and Visual Design Specialist 0405485628 ▪ ▪ General Assembly Melbourne - Portfolio Complete 19 December 2014 UX Design Immersive Portfolio of completed projects resulting in a contract with ten collective to redesign their email template using UX methodology and research. University Of Melbourne, Victorian Collage of the Arts - H2a November 2008 ▪ Masters Of Visual Art While studying at the VCA I was able to research and delve deeper into an already establish arts practice to that is focused on the contextualisation of digital media within the arts and traditional arts methodologies. Through the mediums of digital photography, painting and animation. I was able to define my own areas of interest and gain insights to pre-existing dialogues surrounding the concepts and processes of my art work. Curated and participated in two group exhibitions over the same period Exhibited solo a body of work in the masters exhibition, VCA Gallery University Of Melbourne Parkville - H2 November 2004 ▪ Post Graduate Diploma Arts Education Art Theory ▪ Studio Art Practice ▪ Secondary And Tertiary Education With a focus on student centred learning in arts education, I was able to research various learning styles and understand how to adapt communication styles and curriculum to the needs of specific student groups. This has been well practiced as I have since worked with an extremely broad range of students from Japan to central Australia. Victoria University, Melbourne - Distinction November 2001 ▪ Bachelor of Arts, Computer Mediated Art Three year bachelor degree in experimental art practices incorporating Digital Technology, Art Studio Practice and Art Theory. Education
  6. 6. Nicola Page UX UI and Visual Design Specialist 0405485628 ▪ ▪ Martin Kemka Operations Manager We Teach Me Melbourne 0401955590 Georgie Carpenter Director Ten Collective, Fitzroy, Vic 03 9935 9409 0416 739 570 Ben May UX Director, Tagit Pte Ltd Instructor - UX Design Immersive General Assembly 2014 0413 512 919 Reference

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