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Customer Experience Transformation: Nordics


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The only event specific to the Nordic region dedicated to driving customer centric engagement, experience and process to offer seamless, efficient Customer Experience in the multi-channel era

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Customer Experience Transformation: Nordics

  1. 1. Drive profitable customer centric delivery through seamless multichannel Customer Experience – exclusive to the Nordic region T: +44 (0)20 7036 1300 E: Digital Transformation: Harness technological innovation to drive improved e-commerce, insight and customer contact Per Møller Jensen Former Vice President Brand, Marketing & EuroBonus SAS Airlines In partnership with: Mikael Karlsson Mobile Marketing Lead Volvo On Call Lene Weje First Vice President Customer Direct DanskeBank Thorlief Astrup-Hallund Director, Customer Experience and Process Telenor Actionable Customer Insights: Effectively incorporate customer data, analytics and profiling into strategic decision-making Contact Centre ‘Motherships’: Drive improved customer experience through multi- channel contact and feedback monitoring Cultural change: Achieve stakeholder buy-in and employee engagement to drive Customer Experience transformation Aligning Customer Experience to Strategic Growth: Demonstrate the value of the customer experience on the balance sheet Gain Key Insight into: Stein Bemer Managing Partner Antoti AS Johanna Hytönen Communications Manager Euroclear Thomas Brand Customer Service Officer Nordnet Bank Michael Bjorn Andersson Operational Excellence Maersk Line Sami Hammoudeh Customer Experience Director Aramex Anna Grandt Head of User Experience, SEB Gitte Hedman Sr Consultant, Global Customer Loyalty Team, Marketing Verizon Enterprise Solutions Donal Crotty Head of Customer Service Delivery F-Secure Lotta Loben Director – Online Banking, Swedbank Jan Holm Director – Online Business Laerdal Medical Pioneering the launch of the only Nordic cross-industry event are these key leaders from across the Customer Experience elite: Join 80+ executive peers from across industry to exchange best practice in Customer Experience Management across 3 days of unparalleled insight, thought provoking keynotes and leadership meetings to drive CEM excellence across the Nordic region. Conference: 28th -29th November 2013 Workshop Day: 27th November 2013 Stockholm, Sweden Customer Experience Transformation: Nordics Unique market-leadingNordic case studiesdirect from thefront line!Danske Bank, Volvo,SAS and more “Very valuable - gives inspiration for new ideas. Great event, great speakers, would recommend to colleagues.” Dragan Oudshoorn, Category Manager, Phillips, CX Transformation Delegate
  2. 2. T: +44 (0)20 7036 1300 E: Dear Colleague Whilst the rest of Europe lags behind, the Nordic region has raced ahead in terms of technologically enhanced Customer Experience Management. From e-commerce innovation, the proliferation of multi-channel engagement and highly efficient customer centric organisational design, Nordic brands are often internationally perceived as market leading in the 3 core competencies: Culture, Insight and Capability. But leading the pack does is not an opportunity to sit back and relax; pole position brings with it a unique set of challenges. Are you striving to: v Harness technological innovation to drive improved e-commerce, insight and customer contact? v Incorporate customer data, feedback and profiling into strategic decision- making? v Drive improved customer experience through multi-channel contact and feedback monitoring? v Achieve stakeholder buy-in and employee engagement to drive Customer Experience transformation? v Demonstrate the value of the customer experience on the balance sheet? Customer Experience Transformation: Nordics unites 80+ Scandinavian and Baltic leaders from Marketing, Service and Contact functions to discuss your top priorities for the year ahead. Profit from 3 days of interactive discussion, peer-led exchange and case study- driven knowledge sharing at the region’s only cross-industry forum to ensure your Customer Experience Management strategy can live up to the pressure of this highly competitive regional market. Let Customer Experience Transformation: Nordics guide you through the advanced challenges faced by you and your peers, and provide solutions to your most frustrating problems through this unique forum. Make sure your Customer Experience is transformed for 2014 - your position as leaders demands you stay ahead of the game! I look forward to seeing you in Stockholm. Kind regards Katie Biltoo Event Director – Customer Experience Summits 2013 Speakers include Per Møller Jensen, Former Vice President Brand, Marketing & EuroBonus, SAS Airlines Lene Weje, First Vice President, Customer Direct, DanskeBank Mikael Karlsson, Mobile Marketing Lead, Volvo On Call Thorlief Astrup-Hallund, Director, Customer Experience and Process, Telenor Stein Bemer, Managing Partner, Antoti AS Johanna Hytönen, Communications Manager, Euroclear Thomas Brand, Customer Service, Officer, Nordnet Bank Michael Bjorn Andersson, Operational Excellence, Maersk Line Sami Hammoudeh, Customer Experience, Director, Aramex Anna Grandt, Head of User Experience, SEB Gitte Hedman, Sr Consultant, Global Customer Loyalty Team, Marketing, Verizon Enterprise Solutions Donal Crotty, Head of Customer Service Delivery, F-Secure Lotta Loben, Director – Online Banking, Swedbank Jan Holm, Director – Online Business, Laerdal Medical “More than eight in ten Nordic consumers shop online …and selection is constantly being enlarged, as is consumers’ feel for what can actually be achieved online Thanks to the proliferation of e-commerce, customers can shop whenever the need arises. But this technology also creates challenges: what technological platforms should e-commerce companies invest in?” – PostNord Nordic E-Commerce Report, 2012 Start knowledge sharing and networking before the event Follow us on Twitter @CX_Events Join our linkedIn group Customer Management IQ
  3. 3. T: +44 (0)20 7036 1300 E: Workshops offer delegates the chance to deep-dive into the issues that can make the biggest difference to their organisations. Take the time to comprehensively address the opportunities and challenges that you’re facing, brainstorm solutions with other attendees and debate solutions & new direction with the expert workshop leaders. Be prepared to share your ideas, get head-down to draft winning plans, and leave with a highly focused plan to drive the customer to the heart of your business. Pre-Conference Workshop Day – Wednesday 27th November 2013 09:30 Registration & Networking Coffee Experience Excellence Workshops – Driving the Customer to the Heart of Your Business 10:00 The Red Thread – Use Insight from Customer Touch points to Drive Experience Excellence Across Complex Supply Chains Discover the untapped potential of gaining customer insight at every touch-point of your sales process. Peter Evans experience at Virgin Media, and now Maersk Line offers a treasure trove of insight and anecdotal evidence to support the importance of what he (and Richard Branson) call ‘The Red Thread’ . From engagement through Marketing, to service challenges in Complaints Management, having a clear and focused view of what your customer wants and needs at every step of the journey will enable advocacy, retention and profitability. Discover through this interactive workshop, the value of Net Promoter Scoring across the Customer Journey, and how to use this to drive operational support to deliver to customer expectations. Designed to provide you with case study focused discussion from the front line service delivery, this workshop delivers key strategic insight into how to: v Develop advocacy through matching service delivery with Customer Expectations v Harnessing customer feedback to drive infrastructural change at the heart of your organisation v Generate profit through streamlined, transparent customer service operations, without neglecting the needs of your customer. Peter Evans, Director, Customer Process Excellence – Maersk Line Peter Evans is Director of Process Excellence for Northern Europe at Mærsk Line based in Copenhagen. Prior to that he was Director of Operational Excellence and Customer Operations at Virgin Media in the UK where he led the de- sign and implementation of a sustainable Operational Excellence framework to drive customer centricity across the organisation. Peter has also worked at Cable & Wireless and Vodafone in the UK. Before moving to telecoms Peter worked for GE Capital between 1989 and 2000 holding various roles including EVP Quality for GE Capital Aviation Services. At GE Capital Peter became a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and developed a strong and continuing interest in the Human Aspects of Change. Learn from his multi-facted customer operations experience during this workshop session . 12:30 Networking Business Lunch 14:00 Streamlined Internal Processes and their Impact on the Customer Experience Sustainability and continuity means reliability, which results in trust. Right? The concept is easy, but the strategy and execution of a sustainable customer experience transformation is an ongoing challenge. Unlock the secrets to effective lasting change in the fundamental areas: value for money, accessibility, transparency. Deploy lean effectively to drive the customer into the heart of your experience. Speaker to be confirmed, check for updates. 16:00 End of workshop
  4. 4. T: +44 (0)20 7036 1300 E: SUMMIT DAY ONE – Thursday 28th November, 2013 08:00 Coffee, Networking and Delegate Check-In 09:00 Summit Welcome Katie Biltoo, Customer Experience Summits Director 09:10 Chairman’s Opening Remarks: Per Møller Jensen, Former Vice President Brand, Marketing & EuroBonus, SAS Airlines 09:20 State of the Region: Nordic Market Leading Digital Transformation in Customer Experience With the Nordic region achieving 100% online and mobile penetration, digital transformation is standard practice for sophisticated engagement strategies across the region. The next challenge is to harness the capabilities of the technological age to further innovate and diversify across an increasingly hi-tech landscape. v Review your strategy in line with global demographic shifts. How will technology fare in new or emerging markets when it works so well for the Nordics? v Develop your business’ agility by supplementing your strategy with this 360 view of the region’s trends and forecasts v Gain invaluable insight into regional drivers and industry updates to inform your Customer Experience Digital Strategy for the year ahead. Judith Wolst, Digital Commerce Expert 09:45 Customer Experience Transformation: What Does That Look Like? There is significant market buzz around the term “Customer Experience Transformation’. Analysts, gurus and vendors all challenge perceptions with innovative research, cutting edge visions to inspire us to transform. However, in reality, our businesses cannot replicate the utopian vision to transform the way in which we offer our customers an experience of our products, brands and touch points. So what does this actually mean in an operational context? What has to be done to achieve real, and most importantly, profitable transformation? This session will highlight the most prominent trends and how to achieve the 5 core goals that transformation must enable in order to: v Engage customers in efficient, satisfying experiences. v Differentiate your customer experience from that of the competition. v Capture, align, and distribute key customer information from multiple channels in a timely fashion. v Ensure that customer interaction remains fast, reliable, and consistent. This session is available for thought leading solution providers to educate the audience on cutting edge developments around this topic. For additional information on how to enter the selection process, please email or call +44 (0) 207 368 9300 10:15 Networking Coffee Break 10:45 NORDIC FOCUS: E-Commerce Trends and How to Exploit Them 80%ofgoodsboughtinSwedenin2012wereboughtonline.Industryexpertsconfirmthattherapid developmentofcomprehensivee-commerceplatformsrepresentsaseismicshiftfromtheway businessesengageandtradewithcustomersacrosstheworld. Understandingthefutureofe-commerce,andaligningthiswithyourstrategywillallowincreased penetrationofnewandexistingmarkets,enhancedefficiencyincontactandproductoffering,alongwith innovativeCustomerExperience.Butyoumuststayaheadofthegame. Examinethefollowingtop10e-commercetrends,specifictotheNordicregion,tokeepaheadofthecurve! TOP 10 Nordic E-Commerce Trends v The industry will consolidate v Unprofessional online shops will be more rare in the future v More people will follow a career within E-commerce v Online shops will seek growth in foreign markets v Increased analysis needed for decisions v Conversion will be essential for success v Online shops will need to stay profitable v Increasing interest in investing in E-commerce v Online shops that keep focus on their own niches will be successful v E-commerce will increase fast and take market share from offline retail This session is available for thought leading solution providers to educate the audience on cutting edge developments around this topic. For additional information on how to enter the selection process, please email or call +44 (0) 207 368 9300 11:30 ONLINE: How to Keep Up With Constantly Evolving Customer Expectations - Now you know the top 10 trends, and how to manage these industry developments – what can you do to keep up? In the early days, e-commerce websites were restricted to shopping functionality, but it’s now possible to map complex sales and procurement processes to enhance your view of your customer’s purchasing decisions. Harnessing these capabilities will allow you to derive profitable insights and improved retention through this evolving platform, and also cater to evolving customer expectations. Learn what your customers want, and how to give it to them to innovate your offering and enable improved profitability, through online marketing and personalisation, to payment options and logistics. Thomas Brand, Customer Service Officer, Nordnet Bank 12:00 PANEL: Social, Local, Mobile, Multi-Channel? What About Delivery? Digital Transformation, e-Commerce and Social Media strategy are all integral components of marketing leading Customer Experience engagement. High profile brands engage easily with the tech savvy customer, and driving marketing through multiple channels is a tried and tested method. But is that enough? This thought provoking debate will explore the benefits and challenges of operating in the digital world, and highlight core competencies that cannot be forgotten when considering the true meaning of Customer Experience delivery. v Remember the needs of the customer – marketing wizardry and clever communications cannot compensate for poor service delivery v Discover the benefits of user experience design and customer journey mapping as tools to identify areas for improvement PANELLISTS: Donal Crotty, Head of Customer Service Delivery, F-Secure, Stein Bemer , Managing Partner, Antoti AS, Lotta Loben, Director – Online Banking, Swedbank 12:30 Networking Lunch Take this extended working lunch to connect with faces, old and new, from across the delegation, and discuss your anticipated opportunities to learn, connect and share across the full spectrum of strategies and tactics to drive Customer Experience Transformation. 13:30 Customer Experience Maturity Streams begin: Choose from the following interactive discussion sessions to tailor your agenda to your business’ most pressing needs. If there are multiple sessions you would like to attend, bring a colleague. 87% of our audience stated that “bringing a colleague from another function dramatically improved learning across the conference programme”. So, we actively encourage team participation! Contact us for more details on group bookings at PANELSESSION Customer Experience Transformation: Nordics Customer Experience Transformation: Nordics
  5. 5. T: +44 (0)20 7036 1300 E: SUMMIT DAY ONE CONT’D – Thursday 28th November, 2013 CAPABILITY INSIGHT CULTURE 13:35 Volvo On Call: Creating Value Through Exceptional Experience Design What creates loyalty? Industry commentary would suggest that creating one-off exceptional experiences is the key – but what lies behind the gimmick? Discover the real value of seamless experience offered by a trusted brand, combined with ‘magic moments’ to deliver something exceptional to your clients through this industry leading case study from the Volvo Group. Mikael Karlsson, Mobile Marketing Lead, Volvo On Call Integrated Analytics – Capture Actionable Insights in the Multi-Channel Era Multi-channel customers are increasingly the most sophisticated, demanding and time-starved customers. With an average of 10 interactions per purchasing decision, ensure you are capturing the most accurate insights from your interactions across multiple channels to achieve a 360 perspective on the needs of your most active customers. This session is available for thought leading solution providers to educate the audience on cutting edge developments around this topic. For additional information on how to enter the selection process, please email or call +44 (0) 207 368 9300 Transformation: Inside Out vs. Outside In? Analysts and suppliers will challenge you to innovate, and the use of technology is a natural focal point to drag organisations into the 21st century. However, fundamental change can only happen behind the doors of your business. Discuss the merits and risks of adopting a singular view of transformation, and address the cultural needs of your business to develop an agile perspective on Customer Experience Transformation. Michael Bjorn Andersson, Operational Excellence, Maersk Line 14:15 User Experience Design – Representing the Customer in the As digital capability becomes the new leveller across Financial Services, the technology can often become a higher priority than the fundamental point of implementing it. Discuss the benefits and challenges of keeping the customer front of mind whilst having to continually keep pace with accelerated digital transformation. Anna Grandt, Head of User Experience, SEB Get To The Right Customer, Quicker! Real-Time, Data-Driven Experience Management Operating at the cutting edge requires real-time interaction. The speed of operation can hamper your ability to execute personalised experience excellence. Harness the power of intelligent, real- time experience technology to ensure that, irrespective of the speed of interaction, your customer is satisfied. Sami Hammoudeh, Director – Customer Insights, Aramex InfluencingKeyStakeholders– HowtoMakeThemUnderstand theNeedforChange Attitudes towards Customer Experience need to change. What can be done by Customer Experience leaders to effect cultural change – shifting from a product focused organisation, to one that is totally customer-centric? Unlock the secrets to building an effective case for change. This session is available for thought leading solution providers to educate the audience on cutting edge developments around this topic. For additional information on how to enter the selection process, please email or call +44 207 368 9500 15:00 Networking Coffee Break 15:45 Harmonising Tailored Customer-Interaction Across Channels As the future of Customer Experience focuses heavily on evolving digital platforms, multi- channel capabilities are the only way to survive in the technological age. How can you effectively offer a rich set of products and services seamlessly across all channels, without running into heavy costs, or compromising your offering? Discover the critical success factors and fallout of keeping these multiple plates spinning: v Ensure appropriate levels of contact and support for each channel individually v Harness the opportunities unleashed through multiple interactions v Strengthen your brand promise across each channel, and demonstrate your brand value to a wider audience Thorlief Astrup-Hallund, Director, Customer Experience and Process, Telenor 16:15 DanskeBank Case Study: Uplifting Customer Experience Through Enhanced Digital Strategy Cast your mind back to the Financial crisis of 2008. Danske Bank were widely criticised for unscrupulous practice, poor service and had a long way to go to rebuild their customers trust, and raise their expectations. Through enhanced digital transformation, combined with a transparent and pro-active approach to rebuilding trust, Danske Bank have started their journey towards being recognized as the most thrusted financial partner.  Be inspired by this real-life case study, and pinpoint key takeaways to drive positive experience with your customers by: v Customer Interaction based on clear segmentation, proactive care and digital solutions v Driving customer needs into your business – Danske bank shifted 700,000 customers out of branches and to their full-service contact centre v Meeting customer’s requirements – high value clients are busy people – out of hours online banking solutions meet the needs of their lifestyle Lene Weje,  First Vice President, Danske Direct, DanskeBank 16:45 Contact Centre ‘Motherships’ – Driving Improved Customer Experience Through Enhanced Service Performance Go beyond traditional call-centred contact models to achieve an integrated mother ship to monitor and handle all customer queries. v Create a central repository of all inbound customer contact through a multi-channel command centre v Reinforce brand presence and continuity through a centralised contact function v Synchronise response units to deliver holistic customer care efficiently and through the appropriate channel This session is available for thought leading solution providers to educate the audience on cutting edge developments around this topic. For additional information on how to enter the selection process, please email or call +44 (0) 207 368 9300 17:15 Chairman’s Closing Remarks 17:45 Customer Experience Networking Reception Join us in the lobby bar for an informal networking session to unwind after the first day’s conferencing. Share insights with your peers over a drink or two, meet with new additions to the audience, and then early to bed for the next day of learning and networking! CASESTUDY
  6. 6. T: +44 (0)20 7036 1300 E: SUMMIT DAY two – Friday 29th November, 2013 08:30 Coffee, Networking and Delegate Check-In 09:00 Chairman’s Welcome and Recap on Day Two: Per Møller Jensen, Former Vice President Brand, Marketing & EuroBonus, SAS Airlines 09:15 A Customer-Centric Vision for Challenging Financial Times Whilst the Nordic markets have enjoyed a slightly more comfortable experience of the recession than some European counterparts, cost-reduction, efficiency and limited budgets are impacting on Customer Experience Transformation across the board. With engagement, acquisition and retention critical to sustaining business, how can you create customer centricity without breaking the bank? Evaluate the following to understand the relationship between budget and Customer Experience: v How can customers be kept at the centre of any cost-reduction strategy? v Changing expectations: does a VIP experience naturally mean higher cost? v Incorporating customer feedback into the product innovation process to target your customers effectively? Johanna Hytönen, Communications Manager, Euroclear 10:00 Front-Line Staff – Your Most Valued Asset What is the correct way to incentivise front-line staff to ensure Customer Experience Excellence? Skewed bonuses, sharp practice and prioritisation of profit over performance are all features of a failing incentive structure in the current climate where ‘Customer is King’. This poor service provision is despised by customers and will have a damaging effect on your bottom line. v Discover the correct steps to engaging front-line staff to ensure customer satisfaction, and ultimately retain profit margins the right way. v Drive Customer Centric culture from the top down to reap the benefits of a happy and healthy frontline workforce v Understand the key techniques to continuously drive service improvement, focusing on personality over profit This session is available for thought leading solution providers to educate the audience on cutting edge developments around this topic. For additional information on how to enter the selection process, please email or call +44 207 368 9500 10:45 Networking Coffee Break 11:15 Unlocking Valuable Customer Loyalty in Competitive Industries How can you drive loyalty when your competitors win on price? Recent research indicates that whilst price a primary driver, it’s not the only reason customers come back. Strengthened process, innovative initiatives and tangible links between top quality prodcuts and brand promise are also key reasons why customers will remain loyal to your brand. Learn from Stein Bemer and his cross industry case-study based experience on what the key to driving profitable loyalty programmes is. Stein Bemer , Managing Partner, Antoti AS 12:00 Customer Experience Technology Demo Drive This is your opportunity to quickly and effectively assess the solutions in the exhibit hall and what’s new in the market. We’ve made it easy for you to prove to have done your homework; visit your choice of 5 solution providers in the hall for a 5 minute demo and move round on the sound of the buzzer. Ensure you have your card signed at each of the booths to be entered into a prize draw! One lucky Demo Drive participant will take away a fabulous prize at the end of the day. 12:15 Networking Lunch Break 13:15 Choose from the following working group discussions to learn more about both value streams Benefit from this content led networking opportunity and discuss these hot topics with the peers you have connected with over the conference. Tailored to meet the needs of both Service & Operations, and Sales and Marketing, these informal discussion sessions give you another opportunity to share insight, and have your voice heard. 14:00 Future Nordic Trends – What Will Customer Experience Transformation Look Like for 2013 Having explored, debated and discussed Customer Experience Transformation, this session pinpoints the key trends that will last beyond Customer Experience hysteria and offers unique insight from industry analysts as to how to buck those trends in order to become leaders in Customer Experience. Share your most valuable take-aways from the 3 day summit. Share your insight into what has been most valuable and learn what your peers will be taking back to the office and implementing. Per Møller Jensen, Former Vice President Brand, Marketing & EuroBonus, SAS Airlines 14:45 Chairman’s Closing Remarks 15:00 Close of Conference ACQUISITON RETENTION 13:15 B2B Focus: What Are Optimal Acquisition Strategies in the B2B environment? What can be learned here? A lot of Customer Experience transformation focuses on engaging with the masses. But what lessons can be learned from business to business? High yield, low volume customer bases present specific challenges, and the relationship building that is required sets benchmarks that all organisations can learn from. Discuss these specific issues with peers, and learn what the optimal engagement strategies are for this market. Gitte Hedman, Sr Consultant, Global Customer Loyalty Team, Marketing, Verizon Enterprise Solutions No Complaints Here! The Myth of Effective Complaints Management Though the end goal is clear, service provision and dealing with people, rather than process or numbers will mean that complaints are an occupational hazard. Anyone who tells you different is not facing the reality of Customer Experience leadership. Discover the types of complaints that will matter most to your business, and how to ensure satisfaction is restored through the most appropriate, rather than most cost- effective, channel. Thomas Brand, Customer Service Officer, Nordnet Bank 13:30 How to Differentiate Your Brand – 3 Critical Steps Customers are more cynical, savvy and ruthless in making purchasing decisions. Brand is a crucial element of customer acquisition, summarising your entire business offering within one single interpretation. Explore what your brand really means and how you can differentiate your offering from previous poor performance, as well as competitors, to improve customer acquisition performance. Speaker to be announced, please visit for updates. B2B Focus: Driving E-Commerce and Online Experience in the B2B Environment The B2C market is awash with online innovations, e-commerce strategies, apps, social, local… the list is endless, and constantly evolving to develop something distinct in a high volume, low cost market. B2B is different. Lower customer volumes makes retention even more important, as defection can mean the difference between survival and extinction. Discover how to approach this challenge from a company famed for ‘saving lives’. Jan Holm, Director – Online Business, Laerdal Medical
  7. 7. You can access a variety of free resources such as whitepapers, articles, news, podcasts and presentations online at T: +44 (0)20 7036 1300 E: Sponsorship and Delegate information Previous sponsors of our Customer Experience Transformation events are leading solution providers including: v Chief Marketing Officer v Chief Customer Officer VP/Director/head of: v Customer Experience v Customer Strategy v Marketing v Digital/Online Customer Experience v Customer Loyalty v Customer Insight & Analytics v E-Commerce v Customer Retention v Contact/Call Centers v Customer Complains v Service Delivery From these industries: v Financial services v Retail v utilities v Travel and Leisure v e-commerce v Telcommunications v Public sector Who should Attend? About Customer Management IQ Become a member of Customer Management IQ and receive complimentary access to resources that will keep you at the forefront of industry change. You will receive access to our growing library of multi-media presentations from industry leaders, an email newsletter updating you on new content that has been added, free aggregated news feed from over 1000 global news sources tracking your industry and special member only discounts on events. Become a member here: Start knowledge sharing and networking before the event “Some very inspirational speakers, passionate about their brands keen to share how they are achieving they aims and goals” – Kelly Platt, Phones 4U, CX Transformation Past Delegate “Overall very inspiring and provided me with useful information from different areas - both business views and technology view. Great to have experiences direct from the front line.” - Chief Project Officer, Nordea Bank, CX Transformation Past Delegate “Excellent presentations, extremely valuable event” - Catherine Graves, Customer Experience Manager, Pizza Express, CX Transformation Past Delegate “Excellent opportunity to hear from and network with retailers cross- industry and not just financial services” - Skye MacFarlane, Senior Strategy Manager, HSBC, CX Transformation Past Delegate Join our linkedIn group Customer Management IQ us on Twitter @CX_Events Maximise your involvement: sponsorship and exhibition opportunities The Customer Experience Transformation: Nordics summit will be attended by senior customer experience, service and contact managers and decision makers from industry in the Nordic region, bringing together buyers and supplies in one location. Focused and high-level, the event will be an excellent platform to initiate new business relationships. With tailored networking, sponsors can achieve the face-to-face contact that overcrowded trade shows cannot deliver. Exhibiting and Sponsorship options are extensive, and packages can be tailor-made to suit your individual company’s needs. Most packages include complimentary entry passes, targeted marketing to industry officials and executives, and bespoke networking opportunities. Other features of sponsorship include: v Prominent exhibition space in the main conference networking area v Participation in comprehensive pre-event marketing campaigns v Tailored marketing strategies to suit your organisation’s size, capabilities and individual requirement For more information and to discuss the right opportunity, contact us on+44 (0)207 368 9300 or
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For updates on the venue and accommodation information, please visit: VENUE & ACCOMMODATION I cannot attend the event, please send me the Conference Audio Recordings - priced at £599+VAT Customer Experience Transformation: Financial Services Customer Experience Management for Retail Customer Experience Management for Utilities Customer Experience Management for Financial Services I have filled out credit card details below For further information Please call: 0207 368 9300 or email: To search IQPC’s archived conference documentation visit: Digital Conference On CD-ROM Terms and Conditions Please read the information listed below as each booking is subject to IQPC Ltd standard terms and conditions. Return of this email will indicate that you accept these terms. Payment Terms Upon completion and return of the registration form full payment is required no later than 5 business days from the date of invoice. 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VAT Registration #: GB 799 2259 67 Conference: 28th -29th November 2013 Workshop Day: 27th November 2013 Stockholm, Sweden Solution Provider End-User Package Book and pay before 26th July 2013* Book and pay before 30th August 2013* Book and pay before 27th September 2012* Standard Price Conference Plus Full Day Workshop Save €550 €1,698 + VAT Save €250 €1,998 + VAT Save €150 €2,098 + VAT €2,248 + VAT Conference Only Save €500 €999 + VAT Save €200 €1,299 + VAT Save €100 €1,399 + VAT €1,499 + VAT Package Book and pay before 26th July 2013* Standard Price Conference Only Save €300 €2,599 + VAT €2,899 + VAT 1 1 1 *Swedish VAT is charged at 25% VAT registration #: SE 5020 6682 2301 Please note: • All 'Early Bird' discounts require payment at time of registration and before the cut-off date in order toreceive any discount. • Any discounts offered (including team discounts) must also require payment at the time of registration. • All discount offers cannot be combined with any other offer. 22958.001 5 Ways to Register Customer Experience Transformation: Nordics TELEphone: +44(0) 20 7368 1300 Fax: +44 (0)20 7368 9301 Post: your booking form to IQPC, 129 Wilton Road, Victoria, London, SW1V 1JZ WEB: Email: