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  1. 1. 5 th Sahara Conference Skills Building Workshop sponsored by the UNDP, 30 November 2009 Developing an evidence base on the vulnerabilities of MSM & Gays in ESA: RESEARCH IN THE SERVICE OF ADVOCACY FOR HIV & AIDS POLICY AND PROGRAMMING Vasu Reddy (Human Sciences Research Council), Ian Swartz (Open Society Institute of Southern Africa), Theo Sandfort (Columbia University, New York)
  2. 2. Aim • To outline a brief context and process involved in this project and why we are all here
  3. 3. Some Context: Silence to Action? • Contexts of criminalisation, social, political, religious and cultural homophobia • Responses to MSM in National Strategic Plans of Countries • Lack of appropriate programming and interventions for MSM • Lack of appropriate advocacy for MSM • How to draw on communities of practice
  4. 4. WE ARE ALL STAKEHOLDERS … Policy makers Researchers Programmers Community in general Health care workers LGBTi communities Same-sex Sexuality Practicing People
  5. 5. STUDY OF MSM WITHIN HIV & AIDS DEVELOPMENT POLICY AND PROGRAMMING IN EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICA Purpose: • To identify barriers to To increase attention for MSM expression of male same-sex in HIV programming and sexuality and social promote more effective HIV organisation of MSM outcomes among MSM in Eastern & Southern Africa Components: To study impact of HIV & AIDS • Desktop study (review of on MSM and their communities scientific literature, reports) in To examine needs of MSM in comparative focus terms of HIV prevention, AIDS • Focus Group Meetings care and treatment (Southern & Eastern Africa) • International Dialogue (Activists, Researcher, Policy Makers) to determine future action
  6. 6. Overall Study directed towards: • Encouraging accelerated quality prevention and HIV and health care delivery for MSM • Influencing and affecting HIV, AIDS and rights based policies relevant to MSM • Strengthen capacity of communities and community building
  7. 7. DESKTOP STUDY Access to prevention, care, treatment and service delivery in respect of HIV/AIDS and sexual health Marginalisation Case study of initiatives and organisations in the area of MSM in focus countries Sexual rights and citizenship Community building Broader health (including mental well-being)
  8. 8. FOCUS GROUP CONSULTATIONS: Southern & Eastern Africa By May 2009 (meeting of LGBTI/sexual minority organisations) Identify structural and cultural barriers AND strategies for adequate HIV prevention, treatment and care for MSM Identify needs of MSM communities To discuss outline report of a desktop study
  9. 9. INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUE • To engage stakeholders on identified trends in new and ongoing studies on HIV and AIDS (prevention, treatment and care) • To explore challenges to HIV and AIDS prevention, advocacy, and research at MSM in Eastern and Southern Africa and develop potential solutions and strategies • To work towards the establishment of a continental network for information dissemination and exchange of ideas related to research and advocacy in the area of MSM • Identify some strategies in a broad way for interventions at SADC/EAC
  10. 10. PROCESS Participatory, open, consultative and inclusive Interactive We are all learners and stakeholders in this process