06 Gerber Sahara Conference Presentation


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06 Gerber Sahara Conference Presentation

  1. 1. Foundation for Professional Development Successful utilisation of Donor Funding for HIV and AIDS Training in South Africa (Gerber, A & La Grange, A)
  2. 2. Background information on FPD
  3. 3. Established in November 1997 by the South African Medical Association Established as a separate legal entity in February 2000
  4. 4. FPD Vision To create a better society through education FPD Mission To improve society through ensuring the availability of well skilled professionals & managers, who will be able to deliver service to the public that is affordable, evidence based and congruent with international best practice Vision and Mission
  5. 5. Registered as a Private Higher Education Institute (PHEI) with the South African Department of Education since 2002. Fully accredited as a PHEI by Council on Higher Education (ETQA) FPD is the only PHEI that is fully engaged in the three scholarships of higher education namely: Teaching & learning Research Community engagement Accreditation
  6. 6. Total student enrollment on FPD courses
  7. 7. Geographical distribution of activities
  8. 8. AIM
  9. 9. “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Understanding FPD
  10. 10. Identify critical need for training through Funders, Government, NGO’s and the community. Customise according to need. A mutually beneficial relationship where FPD offers the training and therefore strengthens the health care service and the healthcare workers benefits from acquiring improved skills and knowledge.
  11. 11. Formally Registered Management Qualifications Certificate in Advanced Health Management Higher Certificate in Management International Management Short Courses FPD/Yale University Advanced Health Management Programme Qualifications, Courses & Programmes
  12. 12. Clinical courses Clinical Management of HIV for HCP Clinical Management of TB for HCP Integrated Management of TB/HIV/STI for HCP Clinical Management of Peads HIV & AIDS Dermatology and HIV and AIDS Adherence Counselling for ART VCT Palliative Care in HIV and AIDS PMTCT Clinical Management of STI’s Infection Control Post-exposure Prophylaxis AIDS in the Workplace HIV and AIDS Nurse Case Management Qualifications, Courses & Programmes
  13. 13. METHODS
  14. 14. Developed by FPD in 2000 as an emergency intervention to assist South African healthcare workers in gaining knowledge and skills on ARV implementation Combination of self-study (distance education) with facilitated workshops (1-3 days) Comprehensive and customised study-manuals with assessment Post-course support FPD Educational Model
  15. 15. Strategic Partners
  16. 16. Educational philosophy FPD courses are designed to remove barriers to education Geography – courses are held as close to where students live and work as possible Cost- most courses are offered at low or no cost to the participant Disruption of service delivery – time away from work is limited through combining assessed self study with class room sessions Access to continuous learning - FPD offers an post – course support system to all students
  17. 17. Post-course Support Faculty contact details HIV 911 Hotline – 24 hours support SAHIVCS Membership for 1 year Quarterly Journal, Monthly Newsletters Updates – meetings etc. FPD Alumni Network Mother and Child Health Unit (MCHU) – Clinical Mentoring (with Limpopo University) Infectious Disease Unit (IDU) – Specialists Clinical Mentoring (with University of Pretoria) Additional free web-based training, eg. WMA’s MDR TB SAIHCM Membership for 1 year
  18. 18. RESULTS
  19. 19. 37475 PEPFAR Sponsored Training
  20. 20. 6378 OFID Sponsored Training
  21. 21. Training outside South Africa
  22. 22. 6017 DoH Tenders: TB/HIV/STI
  24. 24. Through continuously establishing new relationships and maintaining existing ones FPD is able to increase the number of South Africans benefiting both directly and indirectly from funded training.
  25. 25. Peter Drucker Peter Drucker: “ The best way to predict the future is to create it “