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A short list of basic requirements and competencies for people who wish to do self publishing.

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Self publishing

  1. 1. Self Publishing is happeningImages courtesy of stock exchange
  2. 2. Self Publishingis happeningRelevant/Interesting/MarketableCompelling contentCorrectly pricedReady for mobile
  3. 3. Relevant/Interesting/MarketableExciting design and layoutInteractive/engaging mediauniversal appealSellable
  4. 4. Compelling contentCopy editedCrisp artwork/audio/videoAll assets are cleared for useCredits/citations/acknowledgements
  5. 5. Correctly pricedThe world is your oysterDetermine pricing sweet spotSet a target number of unit salesUse social media to market agressively
  6. 6. USD10.00 EbookUSD10.00 AppUSD10.00 X 100=1000( 100 persons can afford your book/app, and probablybecause they need your content/ found it interesting)USD1.00 X 1000=1000( More people have read your book/accessed your app, more people who probably appreciate what you did.)
  7. 7. EbookYou need to learn basicHTML editing for e-pub.You need to learn basiclayout applications for PDF.(minimum requirement)Animation skillsVideo editing skillsGraphic Design skillsProgramming skills(for best results)
  8. 8. Apps (minimum requirement)You need to learn objectoriented programming fornative apps. (Java, Objective C,etc.)You need to learn HTML5and CSS3 for Web apps.Combine both for Hybridapps.Animation skillsVideo editing skillsGraphic Design skillsProgramming skills(for best results)
  9. 9. Big players you can publish to.
  10. 10. marketagressively
  11. 11. Ready for mobileSmartphone/Tablet marketiOS/Android/Windows native appsHTML 5/ Web appsHybrid appsPDF/Epub StandardsOffline/Online access
  12. 12. Self Publishing is happeningImages courtesy of stock exchange
  13. 13. Additional resources:
  14. 14. PRIMARY DRIVERS:Cloud Mobile Content
  15. 15. PRE-PRODUCTION Discuss new Medium requirements to Author Manage critical TIMELINE/ resources and MILESTONES timelines PROJECTAUTHOR CONTENT MOBILE DEV TEAM USE CASE STUDIES MANAGER MANAGEMENT Transform content to codes to fit new SOURCE CODE medium AND DEBUGGING MOBILE DEVELOPER Prepare appropriate Discuss key facets of the manuscript with MOCKUPS look and feel of the developer. INTERACTIVE App and utilise human design elements. Review existing Prepare content and ELEMENTS Manuscript Use case scenarios STORYBOARDS INTERFACE Prepare DESIGNER Prepare production Inventory of list. Determine common Resources QUALITY development pitfalls GUIDELINES and encourage QUALITY ASSURANCE introduce new media to enhance the experience AN ARBITRARY CONTENT MANAGER ASSISTSCASE 1 BOTH THE AUTHOR AND THE MOBILE DEV TEAM IN DETERMINING CONTENT TRANSFORMATION. Workflow for Mobile Development
  16. 16. The success of mounting anything on a mobile platform will bedetermined by a number of factors namely:1. Ensuring content you need is what you have.2. It’s lightweight and accessible anywhere, anytime.3. Are not watered down versions of existing content, butrather, smarter versions of it.4. Can have both offline and online experience built in to it.5. Puts a high premium to usability and user experience.7. Has excellent Data handling capabilities.