Getting Creative with your iPad


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Using 4 apps on the iPad to become more creative: Penultimate for visual notetaking, Educreations for creative talking visual recordings, Brushes to animate mindmaps and ASketch to draw as if with charcoal.

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Getting Creative with your iPad

  1. 1. Getting creative with your iPad Visual apps
  2. 2. Using simple symbols, colours and text Rachel_Smith3.jpg
  3. 3. Sketch notes by Sacha Chua
  4. 4. PenultimateCreative note taking
  5. 5. Drawn using an Alupen inserting and annotating photos on my iPad
  6. 6. Annotating images explaining concepts
  7. 7. Educreations Talking visual explanationsYour personal recordable whiteboard
  8. 8. Drawing the eye explained at
  9. 9. Brushes(Not just for painting)animating a mindmap
  10. 10. IQmatrix Adam Sicinski mind map
  11. 11. Still from Nicki Hambleton ADE application video
  12. 12. ASketchDrawing
  13. 13. Simple tools 2 finger tap, draw, smudge, zoom in
  14. 14. Getting Creative with your iPad YouTube: Nicki Hambleton @itsallaboutart