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Wgs biography

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Wgs biography

  1. 1.  Interviewee’s relation to interviewer – Mother Location of interview- 92 Hall Dr. Clark, NJ (my home) Date of Interview - 1/4/2013
  2. 2.  Place of work – Automotive industry (she asked me to keep the actual place of work confidential) Position at Work – Department head of Customer Relations Management First Generation American Age – 49
  3. 3. I chose this person because she is my role modelalong with my father. Being a first generationAmerican she has exceeded expectations andbecome very successful. She taught me that withthe right work ethic, I could accomplish whateverI set my mind to. I also felt she would be a goodchoice because she is one of six female managersout of the 60 total managers that her workemploys.
  4. 4. My Perception of Silvia before the Interview isthat she is a very smart and successful woman. Ifeel she is an adamant feminist because she is awoman working in a company that employspredominantly men. She is a role model becauseshe is driven, self-confident, hard-working, andperseverant. I know that she has defied all odds tobe where she is in her career because she neveractually completed college. Other than that, Idon’t know much about her within her workenvironment.
  5. 5. Who were your role models growing up and why?
  6. 6. What has been the biggest change in the world over your lifetime in relation to gender?
  7. 7. What do you think of the woman’s movement?
  8. 8. What do you think of feminism/ being a feminist?
  9. 9. Have you ever felt discrimination because of your gender in the workplace?
  10. 10. Do you feel as though you fit into the “normal” gender roles and why?
  11. 11. You manage men and women in the workplace. Do you treat them differently based on gender?
  12. 12. Have you ever seen men and women treated differently in the workplace?
  13. 13. Do people have different perspectives of a tough woman manager versus a tough man manager?
  14. 14. Although I’ve heard about discrimination againstwomen in the workplace, I never thought Silvia hadexperienced it firsthand. This was a huge shock to me.I’m not very surprised that she didn’t report theperson that did it. Some people would interpret thisas her being afraid of being viewed as a snitch bymen, but she used it to push herself harder andachieve more. She also would never destroysomeones career because of an errant comment. I alsobelieve that she made a great comment about menand female managers. I believe that some men areemasculated when they work under a womanmanager and use a derogatory term to justify whythey are holding a position of power.
  15. 15. In all of the places I’ve worked I have never seendiscrimination because of gender. This interviewhas has given me a perspective of howdiscrimination has affected a woman of an earliergeneration. Silvia made it clear that equal wageshave become more prevalent in today’s society.According to Silvia, women are earning the samewages as men that hold the same position, butthey are not holding nearly as many managementpositions at her work. This shows that things aregetting better for women in the workplace, but Idon’t think they are where they need to be.