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Bakery PDM Form 2016 Nick


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Bakery PDM Form 2016 Nick

  1. 1. Private & Confidential Personal Development Meeting Please refertothe PDMcompletion guide for information on how to carry out a PDMand complete this document. You will need to ensure that any supporting exercises have been completed prior to holding a PDMmeeting Name NickSharp Department Preparation3 x Days Position Technical Operator Manager ShaunWynne Date of this review 12/02/16 Date of last review 25/02/2015 Company Objectives for 2016:  To achieve our net sales and profit targets  To ensure our customers receive in excess of 99.70% on time in full service  To improve on all our customer audit measures  To successfully launch on time and to specification our key marketing initiatives  To engage our people and work as a collaborative and cohesive team to achieve 100% PDM completion and an engagement score of at least 72%
  2. 2. DepartmentalActions Supporting 2016 Objectives:  Effectively manage and reduce where appropriate overhead budgets and resources without detriment to operational efficiencies. (1)  Reduce total Downtime to less than 32 hours by consistently monitoring top 3 downtime reasons. Produce data to support progress while working collaboratively to support reduction in hours accountable in all three functional areas. (2)  Working in collaboration within the Eng. & Ops team determines optimal line set up of equipment to meet QAS standards delivering consistency of product sizing, bake, weight, decoration, color & packing standards. Audit ready capability within 20 minutes. (3)  Identify through analysis with support from Technical areas of equipment, infrastructure or process to reduce foreign body contamination within the Bakery. (4)  Work with teams to develop a site heat map identifying process or behaviors which could give rise to accidents or near misses. Collaboratively work with teams to eliminate risk. (5)  Improve departmental communication by further developing specific departmental and weekly briefs. Develop systems to regularly confirm that teams have the right tools for the job. (6)  Review process flow across each of the functional areas to optimize run rates to deliver a reduction in WIP, RB’s and giveaway, increasing uptime and reduction in changeover time. (7) Bakery Objectives for 2016:  Achieve the Ginsterssalesbudgetof £121m by delivering£112m Gross ManufacturedSalestoreturna budgetNOPof £11.6m  Reduce andmaintaincustomercomplaintsto<25 CPMU onaverage for the whole of 2016  Achieve 5or lessminorswithTescoPIU Score.BRC A* and improve againstthe M&S Silverstatusduring2016  Furtherdrive SafetyCulture toremove the potential for injurydemonstratedthroughfull yearaccidents<60 and IIR<500 for the full yearof 2016  Improve the currentlevel of engagementto>72% measuredbythe annual Staff Survey  Achieve 100% completionof PDMsandDA's for the Bakery  Improve operational capacity - targettorelease a weeklyaverage of 30hours intoproductive time measuredthroughthe DemandPlanningdata  SupportBrand GrowthinitiativesforHotFoodand Bite Size Snacking  Achieve 99.7% customerservice during2016  Achieve the MUV budgetof £250k  Achieve DirectLabourCoS % of 6.2% witha budgeted annual spendof £6,985k  Contribute tothe total companyoverheadsreduction target of £300k
  3. 3. Part A – Review of Objectives set last year TASK RELATED: Outcome Required Demonstrated Through Link to Department Objectives (No.) Original Deadline End of year status Fully competentteamwho areableto sortout issues thatariseduring the courseoftheshift without seeking adviceconstantly Nick to adopta morecoaching approach through the year –this method should (ifdonecorrectly) help operators take ownership oftheirown decisions rather than “telling staffwhat todo”which apparently has a detrimentaleffect –i.e. –only stays in short term memory 5 / 10 End of2015 Coaching is a skillthatI too am trying to master –very difficultto think on your feet as to the correct thing tosay? Coaching is about asking questions rather than instructing – Asking the right questionto gain maximumresult is an art –Apparently You tubehas many videos ofexperts in this field –I will carry on this objectivethrough2016 COMPETENCY RELATED: Outcome Required Demonstrated Through Link to Department Objectives (No.) Original Deadline End of year status CAYGO stds 100% - all teams understand the requirements with regards to CAYGO and understandthat we have to be 20 min visit readyat alltimes Coaching teams whenstandards are not upto scratch andalsohavingthe courage to challenge poor performance whenspotted – Stay consistent with your approach 11 End of 2015 I can’t comment on endof year status before Nick transferredto 3 x Days, since he has beenwithme he has beenallover the place (intake / Mix room / Pastry room / vat room ) supporting were necessary – but I cansaythat Nick is great at keeping hisownwork stationclean andtidyandfullyunderstands the requirement regarding CAYGO and the importance ofbeing visit readyandso I will encourage himto ensure that his area of responsibilityis kept to a high standardbywayof policing his areaand not letting std’s drop SOP – Adherence – All team members are following SOP’s to the letter without deviation at all times Again– constant area policing– never turn a blindeye if poor behaviours observed, coaching team members but alsoensuring theyare aware that failure to conformto the department SOP’s will eventuallylead to consequences – This also means that Nick willhave to be squeakycleanat all time (for obvious reasons ) 6 / 21 End of 2015 I have not witnessed manyconversations betweenNick and operators since he transferredto 3 x Days socannot comment onwhether or not he is consistent in his approachon SOPadherence – So for myownpoint of view I willcarrythis on through2016
  4. 4. CONTRIBUTION TO DEPARTMENT RELATED: Outcome Required Demonstrated Through Link to Bakery Objectives(Tick) Link to Department Objectives (No.) Original Deadline End of year status 5’s audits carriedout daily – anyactions pickedupduringthe audits bythe Focal’s are escalatedto the shift ML andTechop correctlyandontime Ensuring the shift Focal’s are fullyaware of the audit systemandare carrying them out in line with the (level 3) questions – this audit should take no more than10 mins x x 10 End of2015 We have allbeen pickedup by head ofCI for notfilling the5’s boards incorrectly –CI have createda brieffor us toread out reiterating the requirements for 5’s auditing whichI have read to Nick –So I will be expecting Nick to ensurethattheFocals are too briefed Part B – Review of Performance 1. Reviewof task performance against areas in current role profile a) Areas where current performance fullymeetsrequirements (give recognition): •Confirmsproduction mix requirementsbyreviewingplanto identifypotential shortagesand communicate issues/shortageswith Production •Confirmsraw materials have current use by/best before dates - •Maintaininggood temperature control in rooms by ensuringdoor controlsare inplace – •Confirm code is correct / barcode label appliedcorrectly and all readable for traceability–
  5. 5. •Know the main issuesaffectingthe performance of his area during the last 24 hours. Usesemail,handoverreports and communication board to communicate issues across shifts– •Conduct the shifthandovers start and endof shiftin line with the agreedtemplate usingthe KPI boards and handoverreport – •Will reviewstart up sheetsand generate action plans to resolve issuesidentified,will alsoensure the engineeringteamare aware of outstandingwork in hisarea – •Will check shadow boards (knife logand blade checks) as part of daily audits.– •Completionofsafety start up checksand action any issuesthat arise by fixingthem straight away - •Ensuring correct PPE isworn correctly- this is now documentedon the new SOPs – •Ensure allergenare storedcorrectly, work with your shiftQA to ensure youand your team are clear on requirements. –
  6. 6. •Able to spot trendsin data / KPI’S and take or suggestcorrective actions to improve – b) Areas where current performance partially meets requirementsordevelopmentisrequiredto fulfil the requirementsofthe role (use coaching & constructive feedback): • SOP adherence – Policingyour area at all timesis a must for SOP adherence – •Will reviewCAYGOstandards in hisarea to ensure general housekeepingismaintain to correct standard and remove any extraneousraw materials/ debris. •Ensure cleaningschedulesare adheredto –
  7. 7. •Ensure area is checkedand clearedof foreignbodyhazards. •Able to pick up on on-goingquality/ foodsafety / equipmentperformance issuesthathave become chronic overseveral shifts / weeks– ACTIONS AGREED Outcome Required Demonstrated Through Link to Department Objectives(No.) To be completedby Comments/Quarterly Review Update SOP – Adherence – All team members are following SOP’s to the letter without deviation at all times Again– constant area policing– never turn a blind eye if poor behaviours observed, coaching team members but alsoensuring theyare aware that failure to conform to the department SOP’s willeventuallylead to consequences – This alsomeans that Nick will have to be squeakyclean at all time (for obvious reasons ) 6 / 4 / 3 On-going PDM: Q1: Q2: Q3: CAYGO stds 100% - all teams understand the requirements with regards to CAYGO and understandthat we have to be 20 min visit readyat alltimes Coaching teams whenstandards are not upto scratch and also having the courage to challenge poor performance whenspotted – Stayconsistent withyour approachandtreat everyone equally 4 On-going PDM: Q1: Q2: Q3: After the 07:30 reviewmeeting –Hygieneknow all areas wehaveagreed to release/ window length andrestraints and a guaranteethatthis will not change Always attending the 07:30meeting (werepossible) come armed with any issues picked up during themorning and during handover –Ifyou don’t attend you won’tgetwhat you want 1 / 3 / 4 On-going PDM: Q1: Q2: Q3: A clean area with zerochanceofany materials being contaminated with unwanteditems – Zero investigations to complete –happy team with no sanctions for contamination issues – less back tracking and timewasting ……… Coaching andsupporting your teams –drivehome tothem the “bluesky”goal the company haveto reducecustomer complaints –to ensureyourteamde-cant correctly –cut bags correctly –untieknots (w/bags) rather than ripping –raw materials arealways covered and labelledcorrectly etc. etc. 3 / 4 PDM: Q1: Q2: Q3: Nick Sharp running thepastryplantefficiently / cleaning standards up toscratch / well organised team /team rotationbeing high on agenda / rollpresentationandwidths as requiredby production teamto ensurerework is kept to a minimum Once you actually start in fullin the pastry room thesewill be your challenges –I willexpectyou tobe pretty competent with the running oftheplantwithin 6 months (as long as I don’t keep pulling you out_another challengeto you would be to challengeme ifI do keep pullyou out(ifyou catch my drift!) For me it’s an easyoptionbut I haveno problem you pushing back ifyou feel thatI could copewithoutyou!! PDM: Q1: Q2: Q3:
  8. 8. 2. Reviewofcurrent behaviours and performance against competenciesidentifiedinrole profile a) Areas where current performance fullymeetscompetencies(give recognition): Takes responsibilityforday-today decisionmaking Is openabout problemsthat are difficultto solve and can usuallymanage to resolve witha goodoutcome – Stands firm and has the confidence to make quickdecisionsquicklyto turn around a situation – Double checks the work of otherswhere it isof high risk or importance to the business:- Is proud and protective of the brand (e.g.quality, values) Relatesown productivity to the successof the business– Knows the goalsand prioritiesofown team and how these fitwith the businessobjectives.
  9. 9. Seesthe customeras part of his own team – Involvesotherswhen establishingplansto ensure theyreflectbusinesspriorities,andremains sensitive toindividual needs Is sensitive tothe differencesbetweenindividual personalitieswithinthe team,and how theyinteract – 2%er b) Areas where current performance partially meets competenciesordevelopmentisrequiredtomeet competencies(use coaching& constructive feedback): Considersskill levelsanddevelopmentopportunitieswhendistributingworkwithinown team
  10. 10. Recognisesand praisesgood performance (successful and creative) Plans ahead own and teams work, from a fewdays to several months ACTIONS AGREED Outcome Required Demonstrated Through Link to Department Objectives(No.) To be completedby Comments/Quarterly Review Update A fully trained and flexible team who canadapt to any situation that arises –trained and rotated ona regular basis to ensure allteam members are up-to-speed with allthelatest procedures in each area As statedabove –to grabwith both hands any opportunityto up-skill a teammember –e.g. By studying theteams skill’s matrix to understand howmany peoplecan betrained in each area for optimum effect 1 / 3 / 5 On-going PDM: Q1: Q2: Q3: A happy teamwho feelthat they belong and are appreciated for whatthey do Constant feedback on great performance –someone who has put in that extra mileto getthejobdoneon time –it takes 5 mins andgoes a long long way –One ofour goals this year is stability / turnover 6 On-going PDM: Q1: Q2: Q3: PDM: Q1: Q2: Q3: PDM: Q1: Q2: Q3:
  11. 11. 3. Recognitionofdiscretionary effort: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)
  12. 12. Part C – Personal Development Career aspirationsand developmentwithinrole Nick wouldlove the opportunity to further climbthe ladderto ML role at some stage if the opportunity arises Also Nickhas toldme that he lovesnumbers and so wouldalso love the opportunity to somedaymove up to planning/ purchasing department ACTIONS AGREED TO SUPPORT ASPIRATIONS/DEVELOPMENT To be completed by Comments/Quarterly Review Update I have promisedNickthat ifthe opportunity comes upwith an ML role orin planning / purchasing I will support himwith his aspiration –whichwill behard for me to do as I wouldnotwant tolosehimas a Technical operatorbut I will support him nethertheless -In the mean timeI willensureNick fully understands theML role andALL itentails On-Going PDM: Q1: Q2: Q3: PDM: Q1: Q2: Q3:
  13. 13. Part D – Specific contribution required towards departmental objectives Outcome Required Demonstrated Through Link to Bakery Objectives(Tick) Link to Department Objectives (No.) To be completed by Comments/Quarterly Review Update Labour budget targets met week on week in linewith the amount of lines / Vats running etc. Ensuringcorrect usageof department skills on shift– to ensure we are not overstaffed and if so reduce headcount when possible – Our tool provided by CI is the labour calculator which if filled in correctly should highlightareas with littleactivity x x 1 On-going through 2016 and onwards Zero down time from preparation (pastry supply) to production week on week / month on month Ensuringthe rightamount of people in each area with the correct level of skill and an agreed robustplan on how we are going to tacklethe day / shift x x x 2 On-going through 2016 and onwards Audit / visitreadiness atall times 20 min deadlineis easy to achieveas we are always clean / tidy and organised and ready for anything – no surprises ROAD TO BLUE – Is the phrasefor 2016 Never letting down your guard – Never ignore an issueand feedback immediately to team members – Coach and develop your team to ensure a full buy in – Try and get the teams to be proud of their areas and insistthatno-one goes for a break until correct standard is achieved x 3 On-going through 2016 and onwards Total reduction of foreign body contamination throughout the bakery – Target is ‘0’complaints ‘0’NCN’s and ‘0’ Incidentreports Constant policingof your area – never let your guard down – observe behaviours with regards to d-canting/ how we are storing materials / where we are storingmaterials / are all consumables covered correctly and supportingintakestore man with raw materials cominginto the bakery to ensure supplier conformance x x 4 On-going through 2016 and onwards Safe working environment for all teams / shifts -- accidents / near Encourage your teams to be and actin a safemanner at all times – to think about x 5 On-going through
  14. 14. misses reported and actioned on the same day also shared between shifts before resolution others in your department across all shifts – something we do could bite someone in a few days e.g. badly stacked pallet/ panel not put back on a machinecorrectly / nuts and bolts not correctly fitted and on and on and on ……….. 2016 and onwards A fully self-sufficientand flexibleteam who will never have to rely on overtimes to get through a shift By way of constant feedback – respect for all team members at all times – keep team members happy and upbeat by way of constantencouragement and praise –To adopt the new “coachingmethod” with team members to ensure their memory bank is workingefficiently x Part E – Summary Comments Managers Comments: I knew when Nick asked to transfer to my shift that I was on a winner!! Nick has not failed to confirm this, as I have stated in this PDM a few times I love Nick’s energy / Drive / attitude and commitment in all that he puts his mind to – Fantastic addition to my (fairly new team) who needed someone like Nick to further strengthen our unit. I hope Nick will stay with 3 x days for many years to come! Your next mission Nick is to take the pastry room head on and take it further to the level of good standards that is required, I am sure once you have a full understanding of its running and how it all works you will easily take it forward. I will also make a promise that I will support you with your career aspirations if the opportunity comes up. Keep up the great work Nick and keep them work orders coming in 
  15. 15. Signed: Date: Employees Comments: I’m happy with the comments in my PDM and am pleased that my positive approach and attitude to work is being recognised, as with anything there are always areas to improve but I feel confident that I am heading the right way, my aim for 2016 is to get a greater understanding of the pastry room and perform well in there at tech-op level. Signed: Date: Senior Managers Comments: Signed: Date: