Crushing and beneficiation machine


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Crushing and beneficiation machine

  1. 1. Crushing and Beneficiation machineRemove clay materials in ore washing. This process is actually composed ofcrumbling and separating two steps. The entire process is carried out insteady flow and appropriate machinery. Crumbling is take, shock and waterimmersion mixing clay materials broken understanding and dispersion; roleseparation is to take the flow of sticky soil fine particles suspended in waterand mud and coarse grained materials separately. For some materials,crumbling and separating the two steps are taken, however, for mostmaterials, crumbling and separating almost simultaneously. If it contains bothsteps and produce coarse grained and fine grained or slime with jobs andprocesses, are Commission title washing.Clay material comes from deposits of clay minerals or clay in the cementgroup, weathered into particles of ore; some Asian products of weathering oralteration of clay minerals and was crushed in the mining process of clayminerals. These three conditions can produce "mud" drum mixed in the ore,constituted of mud material (or mineral).Washing is widely used for ferrous metals (iron, manganese), ores, non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, zinc, tungsten, Tin, aluminum), minerals,non-metallic (such as diamond, Diatomite, kaolin, quartz sand) Placer ores,rare and precious metals, construction materials (stone, gravel and sand), aswell as a number of other items (such as fossil energy mineral and chemicalraw materials).To date, on the "mud" is still not a completely unified and clear concepts andstrict size limits. In the production of some documents and information, as wellas in practical, are depending on each specific process conditions and
  2. 2. material properties determine the "mud size limits. For example, in domesticnon-ferrous metals concentrator, crushing effects of job "mud" particle sizelimits, determined to be-0.3 mm. However, still used in some mineralprocessing plant to 200 mesh (0.075 mm) as "mud" boundaries.As "mud" without defining the concept of, and materials containing mudwashing performance cannot have full of meaningful expression. The first isbased on is washing the physical and mechanical properties of the materialitself to indirectly assess the ease of washing. However, this does notaccurately reflect the actual washing process, and obviously ignore themechanical action of washing equipment. In recent years, based on thekinetic study of washing, proposed by the washing process parameters (unitenergy consumption of ore washing and washing time must) and washing thestrength of performance to evaluate the washing material can be washed, andthis leads to the concept of coefficient of wash ability. In this way, moreaccurately reflects the actual washing process.Factors influencing the washing efficiency, in addition to being washed andphysic-mechanical properties of the material itself outside the mechanicalaction of washing equipment, there are speed of water flow, water pressure,water temperature and may add pharmaceutical (silicate and sulfuric acid,soda, lime, etc) as well as material preparation before washing method(previously soaked or dry in advance).Strong bonding of placer, often with a certain flow rate high pressure waterand transportation, can only make bulk materials are crumbling andseparation of pellet.Water consumption for washing material is clearly larger than the ore washingwater. Increase washing efficiency with the rise in water temperature. Forexample, heated from 10 ° c to 40 ° c water, crumbling almost twice faster
  3. 3. times on clay. Prior will be washing materials soaked or dry, can change isinherent in the material by washing or damaged physical and mechanicalproperties were washed items in the role of a strong cohesive force, so as toachieve improved washing indicator, shortening the washing time. Washingequipment of various types is done with its unique structure and workparameters washing tasks. From the washing process the application history,initially simply ordinary sieving flushing with water, evolving to use specializedwashing machines. As processing material of complex, difficult to washappeared, which combined with a crumbling and separating the job ofwashing device and washing machine? In the area of modern dressing,dressing the expanding range of applications and is the deepening degree ofprocessing material difficult to wash and process requests strictly, to completethe task of washing well nor a single washing machine capable of, often avariety of washing machines and screening (or classification) using machines,so that make up the washing process.Washing in the concentrator is used as a preparation job settings in theselection (including hand selected and optical optional), crushing, gravityconcentration (including heavy media separation), magnetic separation andflotation operation before. Washing aimed at removing the slime on these jobsand the impact of hazards, in order to improve their job conditions, improveefficiency and get a good job sorting indicator. For example, the wolframiteore dressing plant in South Chinas hand before the selected job, generallyused in ore washing operation of the Shaker fill with rinse water to clear thesurface of ore slime. Scrap rate dropped resulting in improved hand selectedjob and select size lower limit-lower hands created the conditions. In Chinasmiddle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and South China miner brokenin most of the mineral processing plant, ore washing operation also generallyused to eliminate slime hazards, prevent, funnel and ore crushing Chamber
  4. 4. cartridge jam in order to ensure the flow of information, implementation ofcrushing process crushing and screening operation of normal production.Non-ferrous oxide containing soluble minerals in the ore, miners broken in orewashing operation, not only to improve the condition of crushing job, but alsofor the effective recovery of these ions of heavy metals soluble minerals, atthe same time, to increase flotation operation indicator. Of course, to scale alarge beneficiation plants to handle wet and sticky material, washing isextremely complex and difficult job, you should consider using the technology.Washing can also be a direct output independent of product concentrate oredressing process. For example my residual iron, limonite and manganese ore,mostly a number of ore washing operation, or rough concentrate directlyoutputs the final concentrate sent election of lower-level processing. Naturalsilica sand, clay and kaolin for industry as well as some apatite mine, usuallyonly need washing, together with screening (or rating) can get qualifiedproducts. And if auxiliary materials of limestone for smelting, mineral depositsdue to the development of karst-fractured, ground clay and mixed ore ofweathering products usually are washing method of removing impurities toobtain good quality limestone. In the alluvial diamond, diamond particlesdiffuse or cemented there, crushing and grinding is not needed, simplywashing the ore, sieving and desliming, large gravel and fine tailings can beseparated to obtain rough concentrate (or net sand), final concentrate furtherwith the election law can be output.In chemical raw materials and ores, phosphate is usually needed washing. Inmy country, more than 80% of phosphate rock is calcium silicate-phosphaterock. After calcination, becomes loose crisp and brittle, but large amounts ofcalcium, magnesium oxide is still wrapped in mineral aggregates, hamperingthe hydration reaction. Simple desliming of no effect. For the effective removalof calcium and magnesium in gangue, while in the digestive tract to be
  5. 5. scrubbed. In this way, both reinforces desliming effect, and successfulconduct of the hydration reaction. In Canada, almost all of desliming of potashore concentrator circuit to remove very fine insoluble. This insoluble is adolomite, Hematite and a small amount of clay and gypsum mixture. In brine,once wet, dissociation into very fine dispersions. This slime to be scrubbedonly after several high strength to be completely broken, accompanied bymultiple pieces of desliming loops to gradually separate.Washing process the output of fine and coarse mineral block (in addition todirect a production), are needed for further treatment, especially fine. Incertain metal ores, washing fine mud often contain high grade metal, shouldconsider appropriate sorting methods to recycling. For certain non-metallicores, may be discarded as waste residue of coarse, fine you will need thegrade, enrichment (or precipitation), the drying process. Water consumptionfor washing processes are large, so they emit a great quantity of water. Whenconsidering the introduction of ore washing operation, must also take intoaccount waste water treatment or adverse effects on the environment.Shibang machinery can provide all the needs of the mill, broken equipment,and mineral processing equipment, mining machinery. Our products havebeen exported to more than 130 countries; our customers come from all overthe world.In this situation ,we need washing machine, jaw crusher, conecrusher, and others machines.