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2012 Video Predictions


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2012 Predictions in online video from global content distribution leader, goviral.

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2012 Video Predictions

  1. 1. 2012 Video Predictions
  2. 2. What goviral do Your videos Our audience Guaranteed engagementBranded Video content +37,000 publishing partners Cost per view (CPV)
  3. 3. Video metrics won’t be standardized Because the major players don’t need to speak the same language ViewEngagement InteractionPerformance
  4. 4. Ad Selector will replace pre-roll in 2013 (so start testing now)
  5. 5. Video and Social will begin to Augment
  6. 6. 30% of Video Ads will be in Social Games 420 Million Monthly Active Facebook Users are Social Gaming 75% Of Facebook Audience 210 play Social Games Minutes are spent Social Gaming each month $3bn Industry in 2012 Sources : Morgan Stanley, emarketer, Facebook, Flurry
  7. 7. Mobile video ads will still disappoint… #1 47%Mobile App Category Of all Mobile Appby downloads is Social Consumption is Social Gaming Gaming (Except in mobile gaming) Sources : Morgan Stanley, emarketer, Facebook, Flurry
  8. 8. Pre Roll will continue to dominate (Video budgets in 2012) 90% In Stream and Video banners 10% Other Source: AccuStream Research, Q4 2011
  9. 9. Video Ad Networks will be essentialBut MUST evolve model to survive Source: AccuStream Research, Q4 2011
  10. 10. One $250m - $500m buy out Small tech/talentacquisitionsConsolidation of space - mergers Source: AccuStream Research, Q4 2011
  11. 11.