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Intersectionality in Practice


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This talk is about our experiences with Animal Rights Advocates in attempting to make coalitions with other social justice groups.

You can listen to the audio from this talk here:

This talk was given at the Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania (ICAS) 2014 conference: Critical Animal Studies in the Asia-Pacific.

You can find out more about this conference here:

You can hear other talks from this conference on episode 54 of Progressive Podcast Australia:

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Intersectionality in Practice

  1. 1. Nick Pendergrast and Katie Batty
  2. 2. ‘All forms of discrimination, including homophobia, racism, sexism, specie sism, ageism, disableism and bias based on weight and citizenship status are rooted in the same system of oppression’, although ‘such systems of oppression intersect differently for different individuals’ (Glasser).
  3. 3. • Calling Animal Advocates! - Boycott Thanksgiving - Solidarity Action! • ‘In efforts of building relationships between Native Americans, First Nations Aboriginal people and animal advocacy groups, we are asking animal rights activists to boycott Thanksgiving a U.S. national holiday in the name of opposing racism and genocide toward Native Americans.’ • GenevAnimaliste: • Animal advocacy in Switzerland. • Animals Australia: • ‘Cheers to a Cruelty-Free Australia Day! • ‘If you're like us then you're probably already salivating in anticipation of BBQ-on-the- beach-with-your-mates-day on January 26th.’
  4. 4. • Critical Animal Studies places an ‘emphasis on the need for total liberation, stressing the commonalities binding various oppressed groups; and the importance of learning from and with activists’ (Best). • Best: Critical Animal Studies rejects ‘theory-for-theory’s sake’ and is instead interested in bringing about social change.
  5. 5. • Stalls. • Speaking (3.57-end). • Vegan food. • Being genuine.
  6. 6. • Animal advocates making the first move • Be genuine • Build coalitions to bolster the entire Left movement • • Episode 32.