CP US - Ch. 22 - Sec. 1


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  • Gov. Coolidge brought in Nat’l Guard when police struck in Boston, earned him VP nomination
    Membership in unions fell from 5 mil in 1921 to 4.3 mil in 1929 while employment rose 7 mil
  • Lynchings common
    15 whites 25 blacks killed in Chicago race riots
  • Ordered raids on communist meetings
  • By 1929 only 150,000 immigrants allowed each year
    Virtually no Asians
    Did not apply to Canadians and Latin Americans – immigration actually rose
  • Klan had originated in south after Civil War to protect white interests
    Wore white hoods, used secret passwords and codes to conceal identity
  • Reasons: decrease gambling, organized crime, industrialism and machinery, sober workers, grain conservation
    No real way to enforce
  • CP US - Ch. 22 - Sec. 1

    1. 1. Revolution in Russia  1917 Revolutions overthrew Czar Nicholas II and installed V. I. Lenin’s Communist Bolshevik Party  Lenin took the new Soviet Union out of the war  Americans and Allies sent troops to Soviet Union to stabilize government  Creel Commission made US suspicious of Communists
    2. 2. Postwar US- Decline of Labor Unions  Labor strife reestablished due to workers wanting their wartime benefits and soaring prices  1919- 4 million strikers causing $2 billion in lost sales and wages  Violence and death results in a government crackdown on labor unions
    3. 3. Postwar US- Urban Riots  Increased racial tension  White on black violence increased dramatically after the war  1919- more than 25 race riots throughout the nation
    4. 4. Postwar US- Anarchists  Anarchy- the belief in the absence of government  Anarchists began to use bombs to achieve their goals of eliminating the government
    5. 5. Postwar US- Anarchists  Terrorist bomb threats and attacks increased  Seattle mayor received a mail bomb after he broke up a strike  Georgia senator received a mail bomb that blew the hands off of his maid
    6. 6. Postwar US- Anarchists  36 more mail bombs were found by the postal service before being delivered  Bomb exploded at Attorney General Palmer’s house killing the person carrying the bomb  38 killed by a bomb blast in New York’s financial district (Wall Street)
    7. 7. Postwar US- The Red Scare  Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer blamed the Bolsheviks (Communists) for the chaos  Resulted in the Red Scare  (Fear of “Reds” aka Communists)  Thousands were arrested and imprisoned  Others were loaded on boats and shipped back to their home countries  Turned into a general fear of foreigners
    8. 8. Postwar US- Fear of Foreigners  Immigration Restriction League influenced the federal government to establish stricter immigration laws  National quotas were established and immigration was drastically reduced  National Origins Act  Greatly reduced the numbers of Asian and Southeast European immigrants
    9. 9. Postwar US- The “New” Klan  Reestablishment of the Ku Klux Klan  Used violence to suppress the rights of blacks, Jews, Catholics, and foreigners  Many law enforcement officials joined the secretive society and their crimes went unchecked  Murder case involving a high ranking Klansman brought the beginning of the end of the “new” Klan
    10. 10. Postwar US- Sacco and Vanzetti  Italian-born immigrants arrested and tried for murder  Anti-foreigner sentiment was at an all-time high  Believed to be innocent, but charged because of anarchist beliefs  Both men were executed and became martyrs for all immigrants of the time period
    11. 11. Postwar US- Journalism  Writers aimed sharp criticism against their time period in some of the best American literature ever  H.L. Mencken, T.S. Eliot, Sinclair Lewis, Sherwood Anderson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, and Ernest Hemingway
    12. 12. Postwar US- Prohibition Era Begins  Passage of the 18th amendment outlawed alcohol  Supported by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) among others  Led to a black market for alcohol and the rise of gangsters in the US  Federal Bureau of Investigation was created to crackdown on alcohol related crimes
    13. 13. Postwar US- Women’s Suffrage Passage of the 19th amendment allowed women to vote in federal elections Supported by women’s civil rights movements and President Wilson