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The 3 biggest disruptors to business as we know it


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Prepare your business and life for the biggest 3 disruptors the world has ever known.

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The 3 biggest disruptors to business as we know it

  1. 1. @nickjankel THE 3 BIGGEST DISRUPTORS TO BUSINESS & LIFE AS WE KNOW IT Royal Bank of Scotland, Jan 2014
  2. 2. We are... A boutique innovation, strategy & design agency solving problems that matter through amplifying leadership breakthroughs We are also... A bespoke leadership development consultancy focused on helping teams and individuals have breakthrough innovations that create a brilliant world
  3. 3. Some of our clients
  4. 4. Our services Sustainable & purposeful innovation Leadership development Storytelling for leaders Purpose definition Executive & peer coaching Sustainable innovation coaching & training Coaching & empowerment training Team development & tool training Learning & development program & toolkit design Leadership & empowerment evaluation & metrics Culture design & micro-interventions
  5. 5. Our leadership & empowerment curriculum Me Self- Mastery My team Leadership Storytelling My enterprise My world Visioning & Futuring Leading through Change, Leadership Leading Innovation Complexity & Ethical Influencing Purpose Crisis Creative Thinking & Activating Inspiring Ethics Innovation Mindsets Thinking & Networks & Empathy Acting in The Enterprise Collaboration IQ & Purpose & Enterprise Systems Personal Consensus Building Branding Storytelling Sustainable Conflict Mindfulness, Designing Disruptive Innovation & Transformation Social Impact Stress & Business Models Resilience Coaching & Mentoring Response-ability Excellence & Integrity
  6. 6. In-company empowerment, happiness & wellbeing programmes for the digital generations yykpc0 y0fge tgtfq rc {o
  7. 7. “My prototype was big as a toaster, but the technical people loved it. But it was filmless photography, so management’s reaction was, ‘that’s cute — but don’t tell anyone about it.” Steven Sasson
  8. 8. $$$ $$$$$$$$$$ SPENT by kodak (& MUBARAK) to stay at the top imagine the number of MBAs, consultants, processes... Why did they fail?
  9. 9. Ch-ch-ch-chchanges Turn and face the strange Ch-ch-changes Just gonna have to be a different man
  10. 10. ADAPT OR FAIL law of requisite variety
  11. 11. #1 understanding of how our world works (or not) is changing
  12. 12. GROWTH is good... for 2 billion people as long as we don’t count depression, obesity, heart disease, extreme climate change etc. etc.
  13. 13. if everyone lived like us, we’d need 5+ planets to provide enough resources Source: Scientific American
  14. 14. TRICKLING...? Nigeria: 56% to 61% with 6% GDP growth in last 10 years india: 1/5 to 1/3 in extreme poverty with 9% GDP growth US: 156% rise in extreme poverty in kids in us from ‘96-’11 Source: BBC, Harvard University
  15. 15. BUSINESS is the most creative & effective eNGINE TO solve major problems more trusted by government: 58% vs. 47% Source: Edelman Survey
  16. 16. PURPOSE beyond profit that underpins every investment decision delivers ‘blended returns’
  17. 17. Definition purpose: bridge between our genius & the world’s troubles
  18. 18. PURPOSE protects against aging, Alzheimer’s & business failure top 3 focus of ceos today Source: Dana Foundation, IBM Global CEO Study 2012
  19. 19. “Entrepreneurs who are committed to a mission beyond profits are more likely to succeed.” Tarang Shah Venture Capitalists At Work: How VCs Identify and Build Billion Dollar Successes
  20. 20. GEN Y 78% look at ethics & values before deciding which company to work for Source: Cone Communications Survey
  21. 21. changing the way we operate drives massive growth Source: MIT Sloan Management Review, 2013
  22. 22. even when driven by sustainability Source: MIT Sloan Management Review, 2013
  23. 23. #2 understanding of how we interact & organise is changing
  25. 25. 70% of global internet users on facebook youtube reaches more millenials than TV
  26. 26. "There will not be any hegemonic power. Power will shift to networks and coalitions in a multi-polar world.” National Intelligence Council Global Trends Report 2013
  27. 27. NETS WORK Diverse teams more innovative than groups of similar genii entrepreneurs with diverse networks 3 x innovative than those without extent of openeness in our networks predicts career success Sources: Martin Ruef, Princeton; The New England Journal of Medicine; University of Chicago
  29. 29. NETWORKED BUSINESS airbnb: 10 millions guests in 5 years without owning a single hotel brick zappos: 75% repeat customers, running as holarchy zipcar: NOW @ AVIS
  30. 30. GIVE TO GET secret to success (& our first instincts anyway) blockbuster toys over 50 years not focused on competition collaboration key to evolutionary fitness Sources: Overmar & Jeffery; Scientific American; Adam Grant, Wharton
  31. 31. #3 understanding of the stories we can & must tell is changing
  32. 32. STORIES govern our understanding of the world, ourselves and our business we learn over 70% of our knowledge through stories
  33. 33. “Whoever tells the best story wins.” John Quincy Adams
  34. 34. STORIES OPEN UP SPACE FOR INNOVATION & GIVE PERMISSION FOR BREAKTHROUGH we buy into stories, not specs, creativity not code
  35. 35. If breakthrough innovation was easy, everyone would be doing it... and they are not. Why?
  36. 36. Bmusic
  37. 37. Cubism
  38. 38. ASSUMPTIONS mother of all $%^# Ups
  39. 39. “Failures [are] caused by... flawed executive mindsets that throw off a company’s perception of reality [and] delusional attitudes that keep this inaccurate reality in place” Sydney Finkelstein, Why Smart Executives Fail
  40. 40. “People massively value having their photos printed.”
  41. 41. people do not let go of assumptions easily! people do not change ways of being / Not rational, beliefs / behaviours easily! selfinterested maximisers...
  42. 42. IRRATIONAL beliefs driven by emotions EMOTIONS DRIVE SOCIAL CONTAGION Sources: Antonio D’Amasio, Baba Shiv, Andrew Newberg, Jonathan Haidt, Fast Company
  43. 43. RIGID less neural plasticity as age system favours predictability over creativity reliance on old patterns Source: Scientific American
  44. 44. Innovation THE BREAKTHROUGH ENGINE Use the space to write your answers 6 PURPOSE What is your/org purpose? Why do you exist? 6. Breakthrough vision What vision do you have of the impact of this proposition? 1. problem What is the problem, in human terms? 1 5 5. Breakthrough proposition What ideas or concepts to solve the problem emerge from this insight? 2 2. Proposition What is the current proposition that results in this problem? 3 break through 4 4. Breakthrough Insight What are more insightful, future-positive beliefs? 3. Assumptions What do we have to believe to generate and validate this proposition? © 2013 WECREATE WORLDWIDE LTD breakthrough for a brilliant world
  45. 45. “People massively value having their photos printed.” “People like to share, exchange and remix photos as a way of having amazing relationships.”
  46. 46. BE BE right breakthrough ASSUMPTIONS INSIGHTS out-dated ideas & future-positive business limiting models models
  47. 47. #1 AGE OF ContributION: GIVE to the world with purpose so we can all thrive #2 AGE OF CONNECTION: JOIN UP THE DOTS TO FORGE COLLABORATIONS & RELATIONSHIPS #3 AGE OF creativity: WEAVE new narratives that open up breakthroughs & POSSIBILITIES
  48. 48. Breakthrough nike + #1 HY CONTRIBUTE: TO FITNESS, WELLBEING & POSITIVITY division is motivating people rough their Nike+ products #2 CONSUMER VALUE and services invites digital aining experience. hone app, iPod, SportWatch ce measures users’ movements uel points. NikeFuel points online and ts. #3 nt – Fast Company voted Nike nnovative Company 2013. + has created a new market of ducts and services. Nike+ plugs into different ies, like Running and rive penetration. ike+ developed . CONNECT: PEOPLE WITH THEIR PEERS & THEMSELVES FUNCTIONAL The Nike+ range gives users feedback on their performance. EMOTIONAL Capturing and feeding back user data taps into the desire for self-improvement. SOCIAL The Nike+ community and connectivity turns activity data into social currency. CREATE: A NEW BRAND RESULTS STORY & NEW POSSIBILITIES FOR USER TO THRIVE — Analysts say Nike+ membership growth was important in driving sales in its running division by up to 30% to $2.8 billion between 2011-2012. Source — Nike+ FuelBand reportedly sold out within four hours of launch. Source © 2013 WECREATE WORLDWIDE LTD – Nike developed new NIKE+ MEMBERSHIP INCREASES SALES IN RUNNING DIVISION BY C.30% TO $2.8 BILLION BETWEEN 2011-2012 breakthrough for a brilliant world
  49. 49. Definition thrivability: the capacity to grow vigorously by accelerating contribution, connectedness & creativity
  51. 51. You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.’ R. Buckminster Fuller Question us. Challenge us. Have breakthroughs with us.