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Better Faster Work

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. WORKBOOK
  2. 2. My name is... My team is... Me My favorite toy when I was 5 was... This weekend I want to... My purpose is... My intention is... MMC I have I have I have I have I have I haveo connected connected connected connected connected connectedn with... with... with... with... with... I have I have I have I have I have I havec connected connected connected connected connected connectedt with... with... with... with... with... with...sMy buddy’s name is I am going to support my buddy by...
  3. 3. Spiral 0 What were you born to do? What is your reason Purpose for existing? What special sauce do you bring to any situation? Where do you serve best? When are you most in Essence your element? When have you resonated with the best part of human nature? What have you learnt on your journey to teach others? Human Nature So what is the point of human existence? Why are we here? What are we born to do? Cosmology How do you see the nature of reality? How is the cosmos structured?
  4. 4. Spiral 1 What is your focused Intention strategic intent? What (emerging) need do you want to solve in the next 2-3 years? Harnessing these, what is your vision for a Vision & better world in 5-7 Values years time in the context of the world’s problems? What 4 qualities do you value most in this vision? Skills & Talents With this purpose in mind, what value do you offer the world - unique skills, experiences, talents and capacities? Where do you have Purpose virtuosity? What is your reason for existing? What special sauce do you bring to any situation? Where do you serve best?
  5. 5. Myth Busting Breakthrough Lack of empowerment The Problem Proposition leading to unemployment, WECREATE Toolkit under-achievement, stress etc. It is too costly to scale Breakthrough Peer to peer leadership empowerment Conventional Opportunity training / coaching to frameworks Explanation those in need To scale we need to Breakthrough Given the right tools, train millions of Mindset peers can empower empowerment Conventional Mindset each other professionals Experts We are all (professionals) Breakthrough experts at vs. Users Conventions / Insights human Assumptions development
  6. 6. Myth Busting Breakthrough The Problem Proposition Breakthrough Conventional Idea Explanation Breakthrough Conventional Mindset Mindset Breakthrough Conventions / Insights 6 Assumptions
  7. 7. Value RecombinationOptimal Elements of Value 7
  8. 8. The Elevating Pitch For , who needs or desires but , is a that . Unlike , the offering so . 8
  9. 9. Breakthrough ConceptWhat is the problem (in human terms)?What are the root causes of the problem? How could you increase accessibility, What are the key sweet spots in the system availability, usability or enjoyability of that must be targeted beyond simply the existing value propositions which meet value proposition? the need? Which vested interests, influencers andWhat are the myths or conventions What would you have to deliver less of power players could becomeunderlying these? to create more scale or accessibility? collaborators in creating positive How could users deliver some or all of transformation? the value proposition? What is the win win win for ensuringWhat are the breakthrough insights? What is the breakthrough idea? this happens?What is the key breakthrough proposition? For Who; What; How; When? 9
  10. 10. Spiral 2 What it is product / service and what it Breakthrough will do? How will Proposition people use it? What is its form, function and features? Breakthrough What would Idea transform the system at scale? What do you know Breakthrough about the space that Insights is unique and runs contrary to your competitors and historical convention? Intention What is your focused and strategic intent? What (emerging) need do you want to solve in the next 2-3 years? Why is it not being solved by your competitors? 10
  11. 11. Impact Model Canvas Growth Systems Brand Strategy What systems do we need to have in place to reach maximum scale? What people What over-arching and engaging story are we going to tell to engage people? How do structures do we need to service this delivery model? How can we deploy these over we appeal to heard, heart and hand in a distinctive and authentic way How are we time to achieve our goals? going to start and maintain conversations? Culture & Collaboration Actions Value Channels Users Locality Character Proposition Distribution & Marketing What Activities do our For whom are we creating What is the local context? Value Propositions Through which Channels are value? What needs are we What impacts user beliefs, require? Our Delivery we going to reach and keep focused on relieving? What values and behaviors? Channels? Our Fundraising in communication with our problems are we helping to What are existing Who are our key Strategy? Our Growth users? Which ones work solve? behaviours & cultural codes How do people have to collaborators without Strategy? What do we have best? Which ones are most we can tap into or piggy-behave during ‘business as which we could not achieve to do to keep our cost-efficient? How are we back on? usual’ to deliver on the our strategy? What power collaboration and networks What value do we deliver integrating them with user Activities, Resources & players can we bring on intact? Our culture to the user? What benefits habits? How can we reach Partnerships? How does board to deliver change at healthy? are we making more scale? this connect with our scale? Which Resources accessible, usable or values, vision and org and Activities do they enjoyable? How is this different from our intent? What ownership structures do you need to bring? What are their motivations for ‘competitors’? What are Channels Funders Globe ensure congruence and collabortion? What could Resources the mission-critical elements of the user Funding & Advocacy maximize impact? get in the way? experience? What is the global context What Resources (stuff, Through which Channels are within which we are people, infrastructure) does we going to reach and keep Who are our most working? What impacts out Value Proposition in communication with our important donors and potential and current require? Our Delivery donors and policy makers? funders? What needs are donor beliefs, values and Channels? Our Funding Which ones work best? they focused on meeting? behaviors? Channels? Our Which ones are most cost- Fundraising Strategy? Our efficient? How are we Growth Strategy? Our integrating them with user partnerships? habits? How can we reach scale? People, Planet, Financial Costs Revenue Streams & Pricing People, Planet, Play Impacts Play Costs What are our revenue streams? What prices are we What outcomes do we value most for our target users? What are the most important costs inherent in our charging? What value are our funders / donors / users What behaviours and beliefs do we want to change? What social and delivery model? Which Key Resources are most really willing to pay? How much does each Revenue How can we measure these accurately and cost- environmental costs are a expensive? Which Key Activities are most expensive? Stream contribute to overall revenues? What is break-even effectively? Is there a way to include measurementdirect or indirect outcome of What do we need to invest in to ensure our purpose is target? within the user experience? our Key Activities and Key achieved? Resources? How can we mitigate against this?
  12. 12. Impact Model Canvas Growth Systems Brand StrategyCulture & Collaborations Actions Value Channels Users LocalityCharacter Proposition Distribution & Marketing Channels Funders Globe Resources Funding & AdvocacyPeople, Planet, Financial Costs Revenue Streams & Pricing People, Planet, Play Impacts Play Costs 12
  13. 13. Spiral 3 How will value be delivered and scaled? MVP Scale Model What assumptions have you made about this? What positive service People Planet will you deliver for Play Model society, the environment and the flourishing of the team? What are all the Revenue Model funding and revenue streams? How can you leverage your value / assets? Who will you charge and how much? Disruptive Proposition What it is product / service and what it will do? Prototype 13
  14. 14. Impact Story STAGE FOCUS KEY QUESTIONS THE PROJECT What is the problem or need? What is your intention around it? How many people THE PROBLEM, have it? What are the most shocking facts THE NEED OR and figures? Can you tell us about one DESIRE AND WHY person who is suffering? How does that feel IT IS IMPORTANT deep within you? Why might this resonate CONNECTION1 IN HUMAN TERMS with many more people? Why should we FOR YOU & A listen to you? Why are you involved? How FLOURISHING does it impact you? What is at stake for SOCIETY you? What are your past successes that relate to this issue? What is the headline keeping us listening? WHY CURRENT OR PREVIOUS What has already been thought of that has SOLUTIONS HAVE failed? What already exists but is not FAILED TO SOLVE available, usable or enjoyable enough for a CONTEXT mass solution? Where have all your2 THE PROBLEM ‘competitors’ got to? What models of WITHIN THE change have been applied (and where have CULTURAL they gone wrong)? CONTEXT THE ASSUMPTIONS, What are the underlying assumptions that BELIEFS AND MYTHS originate the problem? What are the things ABOUT HUMAN everyone thinks that are actually the root CONVENTIONS NATURE & THE causes of the problem? What are the key3 WORLD THAT reason’s that other people’s models do not ORIGINATE THE work? What part of the current story is no PROBLEM longer working? THE INSIGHTS, CREATIVE LEAPS & How do you see things differently? What is CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT BREAKTHROUGH your insight into human nature or the4 THINKING OF THE world that opens up a new possibility? TEAM What is your epiphany? What is the essence of your idea or project (or the question you want to investigate / answer)? What, for who, when, where? THE SOLUTION How is it designed to work for real-people? DESIGN & ITS How will they use it? How can it be CONCEPT BUSINESS &5 sustainable? Scaleable? What is a DELIVERY MODELS & prototype and MVP for the concept? ROADMAP Longer term, what is the roadmap for seizing the opportunity? What is the purpose of the project or enterprise? Who is the team that has THE PURPOSE, conviction to execute? What is the desired CONVICTION VISION & STRATEGY state of the system according to your6 FOR EXECUTION vision? What are you resolved to do as specific operating and brand / fundraising strategies to get there? How does it, or could it, have an impact? What analogies or parallels can you draw THE DESIRED STATE on to demonstrate it? How will you ALONG WITH measure this impact? What new behaviors QUADRUPLE and patterns do you hope to create? How CONCRETE BOTTOM-LINE does this bring about the preferred state of7 IMPACT IMPACT MEASURES the system in your vision? What other INCLUDING NEW impacts do you expect? What is the size of BEHAVIORS & pie and the slice of pie? How can you bring PATTERNS CREATED it to life in words or images? What do you want from the listener? What is the call to action?14