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Smarter Digital Services - John McMahon, Product Director, IEG4


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The Public Sector Digital Transformation & Customer Services Forums teamed up with North Warwickshire Council and IEG4 to deliver a 1 day event looking at how Local Authorities can effectively deliver Digital Transformation projects on a corporate scale.

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Smarter Digital Services - John McMahon, Product Director, IEG4

  1. 1. What is the background to the Digital Transformation Marketplace? Smarter Digital Services Birmingham, 24th April 2018
  2. 2. What is the background to the Digital Transformation Marketplace?
  3. 3. Austerity “With many services running out of cost-cutting efficiencies, the case for more radical, deep digital transformation is stronger than ever.” “Digital transformation is the only way to save local public services.”
  4. 4. Legacy “Outdated legacy IT systems and technologies are slowing down public-sector transformation. A radical shift is required in service provision, collaboration, digital skills and data sharing.” “The options are bewildering, the cost of getting it wrong high, and the legacy infrastructure that must be dealt with all make it difficult for councils to be sure that they are making the right choices.” “At each SOCITM event, it’s the same people presenting, and the same people just listening.”
  5. 5. “There is no denying that there are huge swathes of local government that fundamentally believe that they are unique, that their services are different from everywhere else and that they need to retain control.” “The biggest blocker to any sort of digital revolution in local government is the fact that the people running a lot of these organisations have no real desire to change the way things are done. By keeping things local and disconnected, those same people are very powerful in their little microcosm.” “Digital transformation is only partly a technological challenge, most of it is people.”
  6. 6. Design Mobile First
  7. 7. This is a website in 2018!!
  8. 8. Amazing User experience irrespective of the device
  9. 9. Sign Up/Sign In Simple
  10. 10. It needs to take seconds NOT have three Stages
  11. 11. Real Time Authentication
  12. 12. Access to data should be real time and not require a form to be sent, reviewed and then responded to
  13. 13. Using data the customer should know
  14. 14. What is theDigital Offset Effect ?
  15. 15. TIME2018 2008 Digital Offset Effect
  16. 16. CALL VOLUMES Simple Frequent Queries Complex Queries Progress Chasing Why hasn’t this happened?
  17. 17. A next genCitizen Account
  18. 18. Progress Chasing
  19. 19. 30%+ of calls are progress chasing With OneVu Customers can track any online service request
  20. 20. AND you can request info. from customers through their account No more letters! With the customer being able to upload this back to you
  21. 21. Simple Queries
  22. 22. No more siloes
  23. 23. YOU can change the content and the order of questions as you get feedback or should demands change YOUR Councils Top FAQs Personalised to a Customer
  24. 24. Complex Queries
  25. 25. EXAMPLE Why doesn’t my benefit cover all my rent?
  26. 26. Here’s how we calculated your benefit Your Personal Allowance Weekly Earned Income Income Disregard Assessed Income Excess Income Government Taper of 65% Weekly Rent Bedroom Tax Reduction of 14% Weekly Eligible Rent Non-Dependant Deductions Calculated Weekly Housing Benefit £114.85 £204.10 £17.10 £187.00 £72.15 £46.90 £150.00 -£21.00 £129.00 -£14.65 £67.45 An expected Digital Citizen Portal answer
  27. 27. Excess Income Bedroom Tax Reduction of 14% Non-Dependant Deductions Use intelligence to work out the answer
  28. 28. A different, smarter way
  29. 29. Smart Online Service Building No more PDFs/Emails
  30. 30. Digital Council ‘in a box’ LGaaP
  31. 31. Over 200 Services to access
  32. 32. The Digital Offset Effect In real life
  33. 33. High Peak & Staffordshire Moorlands Councils Channel Shift Strategy goal - reduce calls by 30% by April 2018 Went Live with OneVu in August 2017 Replaced Legacy CRM application completely Introduced OneVu with: 2 x Citizen Account Services Customer Service Vu for both Councils Progress Tracking engine OpenProcess for both Councils
  34. 34. Outcomes in March 2018 - 7 months later 45% reduction in calls 12,000 39% reduction in office footfall Exceeding the 30% April 2018 Goal Early Of which 32% are over 55 Exceeding the 30% April 2018 Goal Early 100% Benefit claims are delivered entirely online 80% Increase in the number of services completed online 50% Increase in website traffic
  35. 35. Digital Offset Effect in action Calls Online Access 45% reduction in calls 50% Increase in website traffic
  36. 36. Digital Offset Effect in action Calls Online Access 45% reduction in calls 50% Increase in website traffic
  37. 37. Three Things Personalised Websites AI Utopian Task/Document/Case Management
  38. 38. Website personalisation is HARDHARDimpossible?
  39. 39. We ❤ solving theimpossible
  40. 40. We ❤ solving the seeminglyimpossible
  41. 41. Powered by IEG4 Services Powered by IEG4 Services Uses a relatively new internet standard Web Components Enables personalisation on any CMS And provide personalised content on any pages
  42. 42. OneVuAI Multi-functional ChatBot
  43. 43. OneVuAI Multi-functional ChatBot Powered by OneVu >200 Qs Progress Updates Can be taught
  44. 44. OneVuAI Multi-functional ChatBot
  45. 45. OneVuAI QnA
  46. 46. OneVuAI QnA
  47. 47. OneVuAI Track
  48. 48. OpenProcess Logs all interactions regarding tracking. Enables users to send messages directly to chat and take over a conversation. The first (ever?) back office Council app with real time Facebook Messenger integration!
  49. 49. I live alone - can I get a discount? Yes - this is known as a single person discount and is 25% Apply now? Yes No Great - what’s your account number? 540543 I’ve confirmed this is valid - when do you want the discount from? 01/03/2018 Thanks Click to view the declaration A new online form paradigm OneVuAI
  50. 50. I want to keep fit - where can I go? The following leisure services are close by: OneVuAI Service Finder with geolocation
  51. 51. How do I pay this parking fine? You can do it online now if you like? Yes No Great - what’s the number on the fine? 32232 Excellent - you’re on an iPhone - would you like to pay by Apple Pay? Yes No Take payments OneVuAI
  52. 52. What if? You could have a single EDMS / Task Management / Case Management app
  53. 53. First - why would you want it? Progress Tracking for any Service Single Corporate EDMS No API Costs! Replace Simple Back Office Apps
  54. 54. Task Management
  55. 55. Document
  56. 56. Case Management
  57. 57. Example - Nick reporting a missed bin
  58. 58. Form Submitted Horrible File API (That costs additional money) Legacy App <!--Sample XML file generated by XMLSPY v5 rel. 3 U (> <ImportFile xmlns="" xmlns:BS7666="" xmlns:xsi=" instance" xsi:schemaLocation=" C:FlareCRMDOC~1Schemas85081~1.2REULIschemas_CMSRULI.xsd"> <ImportRecord> <ImportControl> <Updtype>I</Updtype> <FlareDB>R</FlareDB> <Number></Number> <LAref>SM_HP_Ref_here</LAref> </ImportControl> <ActivityRecord> <Activity> <OpenDate>2016-08-25</OpenDate> <ResponseDate></ResponseDate> <ClosedDate></ClosedDate> <Unit>BIN</Unit> <Type>CKA</Type> <InvOfficer>SUP</InvOfficer> <Address> <!-- Use only one of the following Address Structures --> <FlareAddress> <HouseName>Little Villa</HouseName> <HouseNumber>15</HouseNumber> <Street>Forest Close</Street> <AddLine4>Smalltown</AddLine4> <AddLine5/> <PostCode>SM1 2RF</PostCode> <UPRN></UPRN> <USRN></USRN> </FlareAddress> <VerifyAddress>1</VerifyAddress> <PremPtr></PremPtr> <Name>Mr Smith</Name> <SearchName></SearchName> <LAref></LAref> <Telephone></Telephone> <Fax></Fax> <Mobile></Mobile> <Email></Email> <Website></Website> <Area></Area> <Ward></Ward> <Easting></Easting> <Northing></Northing> <UserDefinedField></UserDefinedField> <UserDefinedNameCode></UserDefinedNameCode> </Address> <ScheduledDate></ScheduledDate> <Fee></Fee> <CalculateFee></CalculateFee> <FeePaid></FeePaid> </Activity> <RequestComp> <Comps> <TimeReceived>01:45</TimeReceived> <TimeResponded></TimeResponded> <Type></Type> <RecOfficer>SMC</RecOfficer> <OFTgoods></OFTgoods> <OFTtrading></OFTtrading> <Detail>Missed Collection This is where a brief summary should be entered up to 70 characters</Detail> </Comps> <Client> <HowReceived>W</HowReceived> <AccessTimes></AccessTimes> <VIPtype></VIPtype> <VIPname></VIPname> <Date></Date> <NameAddress> <Data> <RecordID>0</RecordID> <FindBy> <LAref></LAref> <NINo></NINo> <PassportNo></PassportNo> </FindBy> Civica APP (Flare)
  59. 59. A better way
  60. 60. You build the API with no code :)
  61. 61. Next Gen - Case Management
  62. 62. What do you think?