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Odell permeable pavers-3of3


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SLIDE SHOW 3 of 3:
Pictorial chronology documenting the permeable paver parking lot at Odell Brewing Company. Part 3 of 3 covers the finished parking lot, first snow, special thanks, and credits.

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Odell permeable pavers-3of3

  1. 1. FINISHED PARKING LOT multi-colored Autumn Blend creates a beautiful hardscape
  2. 2. FINISHED PARKING LOT pavers add interest, aesthetic, and mitigate stormwater
  3. 3. FINISHED PARKING LOT heat island effect is reduced, while creating an attractive parking lot
  4. 4. FINISHED PARKING LOT pavers help compliment and complete the finished landscape
  5. 5. FINISHED PARKING LOT storm drain basin lid, flush with pavers
  6. 6. FINISHED PARKING LOT parking island with curb cuts and dry wells
  7. 7. FINISHED PARKING LOT parking island serves as emergency ‘PLD’
  8. 8. FINISHED PARKING LOT ‘ water bucket test’ shows infiltration of finished product
  9. 9. FINISHED PARKING LOT parking stalls with pavement markings
  10. 10. FIRST SNOW October snow storm
  11. 11. FIRST SNOW traditional asphalt lot side-by-side permeable pavers
  12. 12. FIRST SNOW snowmelt on asphalt must runoff; whereas it can infiltrate on paver lot
  13. 13. FIRST SNOW snowmelt drains through paver joints and open aggregate
  14. 14. SPECIAL THANKS Contributing Photographers: Herman Feissner – Feissner Consulting Basil Hamdan – City of Fort Collins Clair Knapp – Delta Construction Dave Richer – Earth Engineering Consultants Andy Reese – Northern Engineering Nick Haws – Northern Engineering
  15. 15. SPECIAL THANKS Project Team: General Contractor Architect Landscape Architect & Planner Civil Engineer Geotechnical Engineer Paver Installer Aqua-Bric ® Supplier
  16. 16. SPECIAL THANKS Permeable Paver Partners: Basil Hamdan – Stormwater Quality Engineer – Michelle Finchum – Education Specialist – Bob Smith – Water Planning & Development Manager – Brendan McGivney – Head of Production – Doug Odell – Founder / Owner – Wynne Odell – CEO / President / Owner– Corkie Odell – Owner –
  17. 17. QUESTIONS Slide Show Author: Nick Haws, PE, LEED AP – Project Manager – 970.221.4158 [email_address]