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Health Angels Concept and Method


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Health Angels is dealing with the simple fact of Health Promotion "gap" and proposes a quite simple technology solution to tackle this gap

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Health Angels Concept and Method

  1. 1.         Health Angels
  2. 2. Agenda   1.  Business  (Mission)   2.  The  Opportunity   3.  Change  Drivers   4.  Ask For An Angel   5.  The  Method   6.  Services  and  Clients   7.  Market  Size   8.  Target  Markets   9.  Go  to  Market   10.  Financials     Appendix  1:  Adoptability   Appendix  2:  Value  for  All   my Health Angels
  3. 3. Business  Mission   •  To  alert  and  empower  people  to  care  deeper   and  engage  for  their  health  with  instant  and   meaningful  access  to  high  value  health   services  
  4. 4. The  Opportunity   1.  Health  Promo9on  not  mainstream  yet   Most  People   don’t  get  really   involved  with   their  health   un9l  they  get   sick  
  5. 5. The  Opportunity   1.  Health  Promo9on  not  mainstream  yet   People  like  to  be   strong  and  healthy!       They  like  it  so  much   that  they  forget   their  weaknesses   and  hide  their   health  problems  
  6. 6. The  Opportunity   1.  Health  Promo9on  not  mainstream  yet   Health  Promo9on   needs  to  be  branded:     People  have  to   “remember”  their   Health  in  all  of  their   everyday  ac9vi9es  
  7. 7. The  Opportunity   2.  e-­‐Health  Services  not  mainstream  yet   People  started  using  ICT   in  Hospitals,  clinics  etc.     When  they  thought  of     e-­‐Health  they  thought  of   Hospitals     BUT  these  are  very   difficult  environments  for   successful  e-­‐Health   Services    
  8. 8. The  Opportunity   2.  e-­‐Health  Services  not  mainstream  yet     Some  smartphone  apps   do  focus  on  wellness   (exercise  /  nutri9on)     But  not  on  personalized   Health  profiling  and   overall  Health   Promo9on  
  9. 9. The  Opportunity   3.  When  in  economic  crisis,  we  need:     More  economical  and   efficacious  health   provision     Cut  down  on  insurance   (payers)  cost  urgently     Health  “safe  harbors”  for   consumers  hit  by  crisis   Health Angels
  10. 10. Change  Drivers   1.  People  “consume”  value:  the  value  that  they   see  in  powerful  marke9ng  messages  
  11. 11. Change  Drivers   2.  One  third  of  the  general  popula9on  have  health   problems  because  they  do  not  “consume”  health   value:  a  huge  market!   32%  of  the  popula9on  in   EU  do  not  think  they  have   good  Health!       •  More  than  24%  are  regular   smokers   •  Nearly  16%  are  obese   •  38%  do  not  eat  fruit  or   vegetables  on  a  daily  basis   •  …….  
  12. 12. Change  Drivers   3.  People  will  “consume”  health  when  they  see  a   powerful  message  AND  real  health  value  in  health   campaigns   Get  in  the  Health  Habit  !!!   Message               Value  
  13. 13. Change  Drivers   •  My Health Angels:  A  real  change  driver   that  drives  people  to  get  in  the  Heath  Habit  !!     ❶Everyone   ü  People  that  are  in  pain   ü  Their  Families   ü  Their  Doctors     ❷Get  Powerful  messages   Get  in  the  Health  Habit  !!!   ❹Everyone  is  connected   and  follow  powerful   messages   ❸They  Connect  to  real   Health  Value  via  simple   and  meaningful  e-­‐Health   services  
  14. 14. Ask For An Angel   Your Health Angel:   Will  set  a  posi+ve   tone  for  you  and  your   health  every  day!!     ü  Your  nutri+on,  exercise  &   general  health  +ps   ü  Your  personalized  health   path  reminders   ü  Your  doctor  encounters    
  15. 15. Ask For An Angel   Your Health Angel:   Will  take  care  of  all  your   ques+ons  about  your   health:   Community   Shout  box   Doctor   Q&As     •  From  +ny  problems  you   would  never  had  the  +me  to   go  to  the  doctor   •  To  serious  issues  that  you   want  to  ask  the  community   in  a  anonymous,  “incognito   mode”   Community   Comments   Incognito   Doctor   Q&As   Incognito  
  16. 16. Ask For An Angel   Your Health Angel:   Will  come  to  you  with  the   “right  stuff”  even  before  you   ask:   Actors     Get   Organized     •  With  a  certain  health  theme   i.e.  “kids  looove  chocolate”   •  All  actors  organized  and   ready  to  offer  services  for   the  theme   •  All  services  set  to  connect   the  actors  seamlessly   •  All  communi+es  set  to   support  the  theme   sustainably   Your   Health   Angel   Tells  you   You   Connect   and   Socialize  
  17. 17. Ask For An Angel   ❸     Connect !   ❹     Enjoy   Health  !   Get  in  the  Health  Habit  !!!   ❷     Organize !   ❶     Be   Posi9ve!  
  18. 18. The  Method   STEP  1   •  The  plaQorm  produces  Health  Campaigns  that  include:   –  Medical  Actors:  Doctors  /  HCPs   –  Other  Health  Related  Actors:  PaVent  Orgs,  NGOs,  Community   Networks  etc.   –  A  Health  Campaign  Protocol:  steps  and  acVons  that  the   parVcipants  should  do  in  order  to  achieve  campaign  results   –  Health  Content:  medical  /  scienVfic  content  for  common  people  
  19. 19. The  Method   Campaign  1,     Health  Protocol  1  +  PHS   Campaign  2,  HP2   Campaign  3,  HP2  &  HP3   C4,  step  2  ,  HP4   C4,  step  1  ,  HP4   ……           CHRs  /  PHRs   C4,  step  3  ,  HP4  
  20. 20. The  Method      
  21. 21. The  Method   STEP  2   •  Each  health  campaign  sends  thousands  of  B2C   personalized  messages   –  Via  e-­‐mail   –  Via  sms   –  Via  a  mobile  applica9on   –  We  can  ever  send  FB  no+fica+ons  with  no  privacy   concerns   –  Using  no  electronics:  we  can  issue  paper  media  coupons  
  22. 22. The  Method  
  23. 23. The  Method      
  24. 24. The  Method   STEP  3   •  Each  personalized  message  connects  the  person  who   receives  it  with  e-­‐Health  services  customized  for  the  specific   campaign  (via  a  web  site  and  a  mobile  app):   1.  Medical  Scheduler   2.  e-­‐consulta9on   3.  Electronic  Health  Record  
  25. 25. The  Method     1.  A  Medical  Scheduler  (with  automa9c  reminders)  that   follows  a  specific  health  campaign  protocol  which  can  include:   •  •  •  •  Reminders  for  Health  Promo9on  habits  /  Vps  /  rouVnes   etc.   Reminders  for  Medica9on  -­‐  with  Health  Profiling   Ques9onnaire  funcVon  for  doctor  follow-­‐up  or  research   purposes   Reminders  for  Doctor  office  visits  -­‐  with  Doctor   Availability  Calendar  funcVon   Reminders  to  access  specific  Health  content  -­‐  with  Health   Profiling  Ques9onnaire  funcVon  for  parVcipatory  health   and  experienVal  learning  purposes  
  26. 26. The  Method  
  27. 27. The  Method  
  28. 28. The  Method   2.  An  e-­‐consulta9on  service  where  ciVzens  address  their   quesVons  to  doctors  /  HCPs  in  three  ways:   •  •  •  Individually  (direct  message)  from  a  list  of  available   doctors  that  are  assigned  to  the  specific  campaign   Via  a  Health  Q&A  forum  organized  in  Health  CondiVon   Categories  (access  to  these  categories  is  provided  in  the   campaign  message)   Via  Health  Condi9on  Groups  (on-­‐line  communiVes)  that   belong  to  paVent  orgs  or  doctors  /  HCPs  (access  to  these   groups  is  provided  in  the  campaign  message)  
  29. 29. The  Method  
  30. 30. The  Method       e-­‐consulta+on  
  31. 31. The  Method      
  32. 32. The  Method  
  33. 33. The  Method  
  34. 34. The  Method  
  35. 35. The  Method   3.  An  Electronic  Health  Record    repository  where   everyone  keep  their  medical  data  in  state-­‐of-­‐art  private   and  safe  environment:   •  •  •  CiVzens  keep  their  Personal  Health  Records  (PHRs)   granVng  secure  access  to  their  doctors  and  next  of  keens   Doctors  keep  their  Electronic  Medical  Records  (EMRs)   and  have  Health  AnalyVcs  views  and  reports  for  their   paVents   Campaign  managers  have  Health  Campaign  Analy9cs   Anonymous  Services  for  ROI  tracking  and  B2B  Medical   Research  contracts  
  36. 36. The  Method  
  37. 37. The  Method  
  38. 38. The  Method  
  39. 39. The  Method   STEP  4   •  Clear  ROI  metrics  for  each  user:   •  Campaign  Par9cipa9on   –  Health  Campaign  Messages  ac9vated   •  Social  Health  Scores:   –  Health  Content  accessed   –  Reminder  Confirma9ons  received   –  e-­‐Consulta9on  9ckets  carried  out   –  Doctor  visit  coupons  spent   –  Electronic  Health  Records  entries  logged   •  Health  Profiling  Ques9onnaire  inputs  processed    
  40. 40. The  Method   STEP  5   •  As  Health  Campaigns  go  on,  user  Health  Profiles  become   enriched:   –  The  Health  Campaigns  Messages    become  more  personalized   –  The  e-­‐Health  services  become  smarter   –  People  get  more  and  more  engaged  with  doctors,  HCPs  and   online  health  communi9es     People  get  more  and  more  ac9ve  about   their  Health  !    
  41. 41. The  Method  
  42. 42. Services        +          Clients   State  of  Art  Technology  and   Campaigns  Management   Electronic  Campaigns   Management   •  Health  Portals   •  Mobile  Apps   •  MyHealthAngels                  PlaQorm   •  Medical  Data  Repository   •    Health  Profiling  and  Medical   Communi9es  Management   •  •  •  •  1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  11.  Health  Profiling   12.  Medical  ConsultaVon   13.  e-­‐Health  medical  content   14.  e-­‐Health  medical  communiVes   15.  moderaVon     Services   Electronic  Campaigns   “Tradi9onal”  Campaigns   Holis9c  Campaigns   EHRs  repository   Personal  Health  Records   (PHR)   Electronic  Medical  Records   (EMR)   MyHA  PHR/EMR   repository  API   MyHA  Health  Profile   MyHA  Medical  Scheduler   MyHA  Medical  Scheduler   API   MyHA  e-­‐Consulta9on   MyHA  e-­‐Consulta9on  API   Health  CMS   Q&A  Health  Forum   Health  Condi9on    e-­‐ Communi9es   B2B   ü  Medical   OrganizaVons   ü  PaVent   OrganizaVons   ü  Insurance   Companies   ü  Pharma  Companies   ü  Media  Companies   (for  Health  Clients)   ü  Large  CorporaVons   (for  Social  Responsibility   Campaigns)   B2C   (for  parBcipaBon  to  any  of   the  above)   ü  Doctors  and  HCPs   ü  CiVzens  and  PaVents  
  43. 43. Market  Size   1.  An  Aging  populaVon   –  Giuseppe  Carone  and  Declan  Costello  of  the   InternaVonal  Monetary  Fund  projected  in  September  2006   that  the  raVo  of  reVrees  to  workers  in  Europe  will  double   to  by  2020  (0.54)   –  William  H.  Frey,  an  analyst  for  the   Brookings  InsVtuVon  think  tank,  predicts  the   median  age  in  Europe  will  increase  from  37.7  years  old  in   2003  to  52.3  years  old  by  2020  
  44. 44. Market  Size   1.  An  Aging  populaVon   –  By  2010  the  55  to  64  year  olds  in  the  European  Union  would  be   more  than  the  15  to  24  year  olds   –  The  Economic  Policy  Commigee  and  the  European  Commission   issued  a  report  in  2006  esVmaVng  that  between  2010  and  2050:   •  the  working  age  populaVon  in  the  EU  will  decrease  by  a  16%   reducVon  (48  million)     •  the  elderly  populaVon  will  increase  by  a  gain  of  77%  (58   million)  
  45. 45. Market  Size   2.  There  is  much  more  than  “paVents”   –  In  Greece  50%  of  the  populaVon  suffer  form  a  chronic  disease     –  40%  of  those  people  suffer  from  more  than  one  disease     –  Approx.  25%  of  the  populaVon  present  hyper  tension   •  •  •  •  a  surprising  10%  does  not  even  know  it  !!!!!   9%  of  people  that  are  aware  of  it  are  without  treatment   66%  with  insufficient  treatment   only15%  follow  a  sound  treatment   –  There  are  900.000  diabeVcs  with:   •  400.000  following  no  treatment   •  while  only  250.000  do  
  46. 46. Market  Size   2.  There  is  much  more  than  “paVents”   –  Heart  Diseases  that  are  responsible  for  50%  of  the  Deaths   –  Cancer  can  be  treated  at  a  great  success  rate  just  by  changing   every  day  habits  is  responsible  for  23%  of  the  Deaths!   –  75%  of  the  funds  spent  for  Health  are  allocated  for  no  more   than  10-­‐15  of  the  most  “popular”  chronic  diseases,  with  many   of  them  being  curable  if  diagnosed  early  enough  
  47. 47. Target  Markets   •  Greece  is  the  land  of  opportunity  for  e-­‐Health,   especially  when  in  economic  crisis:     ü The  Health  Services  market  opens  for  private  investments     ü The  state  is  already  signing  contracts  with  Private  Health   Providers  at  very  compeVVve  prices      (ΕΟΠΥΥ:  Εθνικός  Οργανισμός  Πρωτοβάθμιας  Υγείας)  
  48. 48. Target  Markets   •  Greece  is  expected  to  hit  the  criVcal  mass  level  of   digiVzed  services  supporVng  Health  Care:   –  There  is  a  new  naVonal  wide  digital  system  for  drug   prescripVons  –  all  doctors  will  have  to  use  it  !!     –  Greeks  are  well  literate  with  Internet  Technologies  and   they  love  and  their  new  smartphones   –  The  first  evidence  of  Managed  Care  OrganizaVon  s  appear   mostly  in  Primary  Care    
  49. 49. Target  Markets   •  In  Greece  most  major  Health  Market   Stakeholders  are  the  local  branches  of  mulV-­‐ naVonal  companies:   –  This  means:  InternaVonal  Expansion  for  successful                           e-­‐Health  business  cases  that  prove  their  ROI   PLUS:     –  PharmaceuVcals  would  love  new  ways  of  communicaVng   directly  with  the  ciVzens  base   –  Insurance  Companies  would  love  flexible  products  due  to   the  new  Solvency  criteria  
  50. 50. Go  to  market   Ver9cal  Health  Markets:     1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  Wellness   Preven9on   Primary  Care   Chronic  Diseases   Par9cipatory  Health  Care  
  51. 51. Go  to  market   ❶  Aoract  ver9cal  Health  market  leaders  in  the   HAN  campaigns  porpolio  –  Ac+ve  now  –   1.  Doctors  Orgs:            100+  enlisted  doctors  with  400+  pending   2.  Insurance  Companies  :  One  acBve  installaBon  in  big  Insurance          company   3.  Pharmaceu+cals:      In  ongoing  negoBaBons  with  major          pharmaceuBcal  companies  (Greek            branches  of  mulBnaBonal  groups)   4.  Pa+ent  Networks:                                    One  acBve  installaBon  in  one  of  the          biggest  metropolitan  municipaliBes      
  52. 52. Go  to  market   ❷a  Deploy  5  na9onal  wide  Health  Campaigns   engaging  the  most  influen9al  actors  –  Greece  –   1.  Doctors  Org:                                    for  the  doctor:  The    Greek  average  is              1000+  pa+ent  visits  per  year     2.  Insurance  Company:    health  insurance  “flexible  package  deals”              Customer  loyalty  cards  with  campaign  presence       3.  Pharmaceu+cals  :                 4.  Pa+ent  Networks:                  coupled  with  electronic  loyalty  health  cards      acBve  test-­‐bed  and  clinical  groupware      automaBc  data  retrieval  network+  doctor    oriented  customer  loyalty  cards      coupon  loyalty  e-­‐Health  cards  for  any  of  the:    Insurance  Company,  PharmaceuBcal      Company,  Wellness  Club  and  Doctors  Org.  
  53. 53. Go  to  market   ❷b  Enlist  over  20.000  users  in  the  plaporm  in   one  day  !  –  Greece  –   ü  All  major  Health  Oriented   Networks  Key  Persons   invited   1st International Summit Athens June 2012 ü  Keynote  Speakers  from   Europe  and  USA  (project   EUPHORIA)   ü  Major  Pharma  providing   content  for  “live”  campaigns   for  the  summit   Health Angels ü  5  Round  tables  organized   featuring  live  “shows”  of   health  communi9es  rapid   crea9on  and  meaningful  use   ü  Connectathlon  ogranized  for   mobile  home  care  
  54. 54. Go  to  market   ❸a  Expand  the  HAN  campaigns  network  abroad  –   EU,  US–   1.  Doctors  Org:         2.  Insurance  Company:         3.  Pharmaceu+cals:           4.  Pa+ent  Networks:            Propose  the  Greek  campaign  business    case  to  their  internaBonal  affiliates    Propose  the  Greek  campaign  business    case  to  their  internaBonal  group    Propose  the  Greek  campaign  business    case  to  their  internaBonal  group    Propose  the  Greek  campaign  business    case  to  sister  PaBent  org  to  EU  and  US  
  55. 55. Go  to  market   ❸b  Enlist  over  XX.000  users  in  the  plaporm  in   one  day  !   xth National Summit XXXXX XXX 20XX Health Angels ü  Hannover   ü  Milan   ü  Amsterdam   ü  Prague   ü  Tokyo   ü  Montreal   ü  Phoenix   ü  Hong  Kong   ü  ….  
  56. 56. Go  to  market  
  57. 57. Go  to  market   •  Some  numbers  from  the  VerVcal  Markets:     –  Doctors:                                  300+  doctors  !  100.000  pa9ents  in  12    months     –  Insurance  Companies:          1  Insurance  Company  à  30.000      paVents  in  12  months     –  NGOs  (Sponsor):            2  Sponsors  à  50  MunicipaliVes  à    100.000  paVents  in  12  months     –  Diagnos9c  Centers:          4  DiagnosVc  Centersà  20.000  paVents    in  12  months    
  58. 58. Investment  Financials  ProposiVon  (2)   Revenue  Streams   1.  Business  to  Business   ―  Contract  fee  for  Technology  PlaQorm  Use  per  Campaign.    Proposed  price:  Contract  aTer  negoBaBons     2.  Business  to  Client   1.  Free  for  ciVzens  for  the  base  services:   a)  b)  c)  2.  3.    Full  PHR   Medical  Diaries  and  Schedules   Membership  to  selected  myHealthAngles  CommuniVes  and  InformaVon   Portals   Paid  SaaS  service  for  Doctors:  Proposed  price  80-­‐  110  euros  annual  fee   Paid  extra  services:  for  users  (doctors  /  ciVzens)  that  want  an  extra  service  /   module  such  as  advanced  calendar  or  extra  space  for  x-­‐rays  storage):   Proposed  price:  2-­‐5  euros  one  Bme  fee  per  module        
  59. 59. Appendix  1   Adoptability  
  60. 60. Adoptability   •  To  succeed  in  helping  people  care  deeper  and   engage  for  their  health,  HealthAngels  embody  the   following  features:   1.  2.  3.  Prompt  people  to  frequently  review  their  health  outlook:  Alert   Everyone  to  engage  for  their  health!   Provide  instant  access  to  high  value  health  services:  Enhance  the   Health  provider  /  consumer  rela9onship  building  loyalty  and  trust!   “Couple”  the  campaigns  with  a  Health  2.0  social  plaQorm:  Give   everybody  a  reason  to  come  back!    
  61. 61. Adoptability   •  Prompt  people  to  frequently  review  their  health   outlook:  Alert  Everyone  to  engage  to  their  health!   –  Provide  Professional  Health  Profiling  Services   –  Communicate  with  them  at  a  frequent  basis  using  state  of   art  ICT  technologies   –  Do  both  of  the  above  in  a  coordinated  manner:  Health   Promo9on  Campaigns  
  62. 62. Adoptability   2.  Provide  instant  access  to  high  value  health  services.   Enhance  the  Health  provider  /  consumer   relaVonship  building  loyalty  and  trust!   –  Based  on  the  Health  Profile  status  and  the  acVve  Health   Promo9on  Campaigns  people  are  given  access  to  a   selecVon  of  Health  Services:   •  e-­‐Health  Services  (extensive  use  of  mobile  phones)   •  On  site  Health  Services  
  63. 63. Adoptability   1.  All  Health  Services  are  based  on  the  Personal  Health  Record   (PHR)   2.  All  acVvaVons  of  PHRs  are  done  through  a  detailed  Health   Profiling  Process  designed  by  OthrobioVki  professionals   3.  Campaigns  are  run  in  the  system.  Each  campaign  ac9vates:   •  New  Health  Profiles  for  people  joining  the  campaign   •  ExisVng  Health  Profiles  for  people  that  have   parVcipated  in  the  past   •  Electronic  HealthAngels  Codes-­‐Services  
  64. 64. Adoptability   4.  The  myHealthAngels  codes  are  matched  with  the  Health   Profiles.   ü  In  this  way:  with  every  campaign  “good”  that  people   consume,  their  PHR  changes  and  their  Health  Profile  adjusts   automaVcally   5.  With  the  new  “adjusted”  profiles  people  can  enjoy:   ü  Instant  Access  to  e-­‐Health  Services   ü  Offers  and  discounts  from  Health  Care  Providers  
  65. 65. The  SoluVon   ü  Offer  people  simple  Health  PromoBon  soluBons  coming  from  ONE   technology  system  that  handles  BOTH  markeBng  campaigns  AND   e-­‐Health  personalized  Services   ü  The  simplicity  of  the  customer  experience  is  breath-­‐taking  !!!   ü  The  campaign  message  that  you  receive  about  a  Health   service  “carries”  the  service  itself  !!   ü  You  get  the  message  AND  the  service  at  the  same  +me  !!  
  66. 66. Adoptability   Free   Checkup  /   Blood   tests!!       Free   Vitamins!!!   Thanks!!   Here  is  my   “free  Checkup   9cket”   Thanks!!   Here  is  my   “free   vitamins   9cket”   Here  is  your   blood  test   results   Send:  “Blood   Test  Results;   Campaign  ID;   date;  source;   Here  is  your   free  vitamins   Record:   “Blood  Test   Results;   Campaign  ID;   date;  source;   Set:  Alarm;   “Vitamin   Pill”;  8:30pm;   15  mins  
  67. 67. Adoptability   3.  “Couple”  the  campaigns  with  a  Health  2.0  social   plaQorm:  Give  everybody  a  reason  to  come  back!     –  Keep  ongoing  flow  of  Health  PromoVon  Campaigns   –  Organize  Health  2.0  communi9es  to  make  the  most  of   the  result  of  each  campaign   –  Campaign  “goods”  coupled  with  a  well  organized   Health  2.0.  community  give  the  sense  of  a  “safe   harbor”  and  build  people’s  trust  
  68. 68. Appendix  2   Value  for  All  
  69. 69. Value  for  ALL   •  People   –  Access  high  value  health  services  with  considerable  less   cost  while  in  campaign  environment   –  Acquire  a  Health  Profile  within  a  technology  system  that   “reminds”  them  automaVcally  and  on  a  frequent  basis  to   keep  a  healthy  standard  of  living   –   Have  instant  access  to  a  Health  Community  within  a   technology  system  that  “guides”  them  to  the  best  possible   soluVon  to  any  Health  quesVon  /  problem  they  may  have  
  70. 70. Value  for  ALL   •  Doctors  /  Health  Providers   –  Provide  high  value  health  services  in  compeVVve  prices  and  to  a   much  wider  audience  while  in  campaign  environment   –  Acquire  a  Health  Profile  within  a  technology  system  that   “reminds”  them  automaVcally  and  on  a  frequent  basis  to  keep   an  acVve  relaVonship  with  their  clients   –  Have  instant  access  to  a  Health  Community  within  a  technology   system  that  “guides”  them  to  groups  and  online  communiVes   giving  them  a  chance  to  build  trust  with  viable  clients  
  71. 71. Value  for  ALL   •  Insurance  Companies  (payers)   –  Have  instant  access  to  state  of  art  screening  processes   (health  profiling)  for  their  clientele   –  Acquire  considerable  Brand  Value  within  a  technology   system  that  can  run  mulVple  campaigns  on  their  exisVng   clientele  or  on  completely  new  market  segments  (i.e.   within  companies  with  thousands  of  workers  or  within   communiVes)    
  72. 72. Value  for  ALL   •  Pharmaceu9cal  Companies   –  Have  instant  access  to  state  of  art  screening  processes   (health  profiling)  for  their  clientele   –  Get  valuable  feedback  on  customizable  campaigns  that   support  acVve  drug  research   –  Acquire  considerable  Brand  Value  within  a  technology   system  that  can  run  mulVple  campaigns  on  their  exisVng   clientele  (doctors)