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Cholesterol and Suicide: Are They Related


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Cholesterol and Suicide: Are They Related

  1. 1. THE NEXT PROJECT CHOLESTEROL AND SUICIDE: ARE RELATED? Ingga Yonico Martatino This paper based NATURE Reviews of Neuroscience scientific purpose . If there is a similarity, then it's just a little intentional . No copyright on the actual author . Based on data from various studies , some experts claim that the suicide’s rate , and may also attempt and suicidal ideation , slightly higher in people with low cholesterol levels and also in those who had previously lowered of their high cholesterol levels with diet . Various studies on non-human primates suggests that high cholesterol levels associated with higher serotonergic activity , impulsivity and aggressive behavior is lower. This kind of relationship is still not confirmed whether also in humans, but if it turns out the man was also there the same thing , then this could explain why in humans with low cholesterol levels or lowered cholesterol levels by diet higher tendency to commit himself . In addition , the effects of dietary cholesterol reduction with statins and with a psychic turns out to be different and to this day still look?