March religious events


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March religious events

  1. 1. Religious Events March 2010Hola Mohalla is three day festival of militaryexercises and mock battles, together withReligious discussions and devotional music,At Anandpur Sahib on the day after Holi.Monday 1 MarchSikh – Hola MohallaChristian – St David’s DaySaint David, or Dewi Sant as hes called in the Welshlanguage, is the patron saint of Wales.
  2. 2. Religious Events March 2010Ends 20 March. During this period Bahais go withoutfood or drink from sunrise to sunset.Tuesday 2 MarchBahai – 19 day fast
  3. 3. Religious Events March 2010Celebrates daughters in the familyWednesday 3 MarchShinto – Hina-matsuri (Festival of Dolls)Muslim – Milad un Nabi (Shia)Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Sunni Muslimscelebrate this 5 days earlier. Some Muslims do notapprove of celebrating the birthday, and regarddoing so as a religious innovation.
  4. 4. Religious Events March 2010Piran is regarded as the patron saint of Cornwalland tin miners. He was born in Ireland.The Cornish flag may have been inspiredby the legend that Piran discovered the processfor smelting tin: black rock with a whitecross of pure metal.Friday 5 MarchChristian – St Piran’s DayChristian – Women’s World Day of PrayerThis dates from 1887 and is celebratedon the first Friday of March
  5. 5. Religious Events March 2010Mothering Sunday is the fourth Sunday ofLent. Not the same as Mothers Day in theUSA.Sunday 14 MarchChristian – Mothering Sunday
  6. 6. Religious Events March 2010St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.Wednesday 17 MarchChristian – St Patrick’s Day
  7. 7. Religious Events March 2010Spring Equinox celebrates the renewedlife of the Earth that comes with theSpring.Saturday 20 MarchPagan – Spring Equinox
  8. 8. Religious Events March 2010New YearSunday 21 MarchBahai – Naw-Ruz & Zoroastrian - FasliShinto – Shubun-sai – Equinox DayA day for visiting graves.Also associated with Buddhism in Japan.
  9. 9. Religious Events March 2010Birthday of Lord Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu and thehero of the RamayanaWednesday 24 MarchHindu – Rama NavamiHindu – Swaminarayan JayantiThis day marks the birth of Lord Swaminarayan forfollowers of the Swaminarayan tradition.
  10. 10. Religious Events March 2010Marks the angel Gabriels message to theVirgin Mary that she would give birth tothe incarnation of Christ. It also celebratesthe incarnation itself as the date falls 9months before Christmas.Thursday 25 MarchChristian – Annunciation
  11. 11. Religious Events March 2010The birthday of Zoroaster, celebrated onthis date in the Fasli calendar. Also knownas the Greater NoruzFriday 26 MarchZoroastrian – Khordad Sal (Fasli)
  12. 12. Religious Events March 2010The sixth and last Sunday of Lent. Marks the entry ofJesus into Jerusalem and the start of Holy Week.Sunday 28 MarchChristian – Palm SundayJain – Mahavira JayantiThe birth anniversary of Lord Mahavira, the 24thTirthankar and the "founder" of modern Jainism
  13. 13. Religious Events March 2010Observed only by firstborn males, on theday before Passover. This fast celebratesthe survival of Jewish firstborn sons fromthe 10th Plague of Egypt.Monday 29 MarchJewish – Fast of the Firstborn
  14. 14. Religious Events March 2010This festival marks the birth of Hanuman,the Monkey God.Tuesday 30 MarchHindu – Hanuman JayantiJewish – Passover (1stday)The start of the season of Passover when Jewscommemorate the liberation of the Children of Israelwho were led out of Egypt by Moses. Work is notpermitted on the first two and the lasttwo days of Passover.
  15. 15. Religious Events March 2010New Year festival for Theravada Buddhists,celebrated for three days from the first fullmoon day in AprilTuesday 30 MarchBuddhist – Theravada New YearBuddhist – Magha PujaFourfold Assembly or Sangha Day. Marks the dayBuddha addressed a meeting of 1250 arahants.