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For a school group project, involving myself as the team leader, we had to create a new product and create a marketing plan for that product. I came up with the idea to create a new running show which used this new technology called NeverWet superhydrophobic spray-on coating. You may view use of the technology here:
What I created was a running shoe which would never get wet, or more importantly, never get dirty. I teamed up this technology with ASICS because they create some of the most cutting edge running shoes with the latest technology. I then determined the target market for these shoes to be women, not only because they care about the cleanliness of their shoes more so than men, but because when it comes to purchase athletic shoes, running shoes are the most bought shoe and women buy more than men. I found all this information through databases such as mintel oxygen. I also was the visionary for designing the advertisements. I put a lot of work into this project and feel as if my hard work paid off.

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Inter Marketing Communications "Asics Niveus"

  1. 1. 1IMC Campaign:ASICS NiveusNick CrippenMary MusarraErin BakerAbby Cifarelli
  2. 2. 2ASICS America expenditures: $8,000,000Budgeting Methodology: Objective & TaskObjectives:Facilitate successful introduction of new brandso Brand naming & packaging, advertising, sales promotions, buzz & P-O-P displaysProvide customers with reasons for buying immediatelyo Advertising & sales promotions504010Overall BudgetAdvertisingSales Promotionsbrand naming354520AdvertisingTelevisionPrintOnline40401010Sales PromotionsP-O-P displaysEventsBuzzSweepstakes
  3. 3. 3Budgeting RationalAdvertising expenses require the most funding because of the astronomical costs topublish an ad. 45% of the advertising is being spent on print advertisements because of the costto advertise in the holiday issue of WIRED magazine with a removable insert of the ASICSNiveus material. A two-inch insert costs $87,500 while advertising on the second cover of themagazine is an additional $139,219. Two, half page ads are being run in Women‟s Healthmagazine in September and November costing $115,445 each. Women‟s Running magazinedoes not disclose their media kits, but half page ads will be run in the months September,October, and November.In sales promotions P-O-P displays and event sponsorship are being split, both at 40%.The “water-tank” P-O-P display is very costly, and that is why there is such a large expenditurefor the point-of-purchase displays.Creative Brief:ObjectivesIncrease brand awareness among female runners by 40%Increase awareness to 80% of ASICS to sports minded publicIncrease total sales of ASICS by 15%Increase awareness of ASICS being the most technologically advanced running shoecompany by 50% of sports minded publicCreate 10,000 inquiries about Asics Niveuso * All objectives are to be completed at the end of the advertising campaign whichends January 2013BackgroundASICS Niveus uses NeverWet technology to deliver a high performance running shoe,which is waterproof and does not collect dirt. The focus of this campaign is to convey afashionable running shoe, which does not accumulate stains in any way. It will be marketed as aprestige product only available in ASICS Gold retailers to increase desirability among the targetmarket.Target AudienceAthletic woman who are looking for a durable and stylish running shoe who are classifiedunder the purchasing group called specific stylists. This segment is made up of 18-44 year oldswho are highly likely to rate style and the latest technology.
  4. 4. 4Brand PositioningHigh-tech running shoe that does not collect stains or filth.Uses NeverWet technology to accomplish this goalNo other competitor can claim their product suffices these goalsCustomers will perceive ASICS Niveus as the fore-front of sneaker technologyMessage ThemeThe message themes will consist of using technology to increase the fashion statementsof the shoe in the video advertisements. The print and „still‟ advertisements will use the phrase“Stays clean… when you want to be dirty” to showcase the cleanliness of the shoe using a risquéphrase.Media ConsiderationsAdvertising will commence with on sight sponsorships at events where the target marketwill be located. Television advertising will start after buzz of the brand has been created, onlybeing advertised during specific programs to reach the target market. Print ads will be issued tocreate awareness among the target market and to inform them about the technology involvedwith the shoe. Online advertising will sway customers to get involved with the social mediaaround ASICS Niveus and to participate in conversations about the product.Supports and ConstraintsSupport: Pre-emptive product and technologically advancedConstraints: Expensive and limited availabilityAdvertising Plan:The focus of the advertisements for Asics Niveus are to show the customer that Asicsnew high performance running shoe will be able to withstand harsh conditions and still maintainan attractive and clean look. We are working towards capitalizing on Asics already existingmission to strive to build on technological advances and encourage runners through ads inmultiple mediums including media, interactive, and P-O-P advertising, and event marketing andsponsorship.Objectives1. Captivate the target audience with the new technology2. Reach target audience on an emotional level3. Reinforce the fact that the sneakers will remain clean and attractive
  5. 5. 5Means-End Chain ModelWe will adopt the means-end chain starting with the attribute of the product that generates aspecific customer benefit; that being the super hydrophobic coating that will repel all types ofliquid from the shoe. This eventually processes the desirable end state of keeping a long lasting,clean, attractive appearance, which is a top concern of the target market.AppealsAsics existing use of emotional appeal portrayed in their ads and through their idea of “soundmind, sound body” has been successful in that they are encouraging a better runningperformance for their customers. With the introduction of the Asics Niveus liquid repellantsneakers, this encouragement continues. Asics is striving to make sure nothing can stop you. Thegoal is to continue to make Asics customers emotionally driven to purchase the new product. Thehope is that many personal emotions can be the force of the drive.Because of the new technology used on the sneakers, a rational appeal will be incorporated sothat the customers can actually understand what exactly the product is and how it works.Specifically, in the ad that will run in Wired Magazine this appeal will be most suited. Readersof Wired are highly interested in new technology and this appeal will emphasize on that factor.A Unique Selling Proposition is put into place through the “test commercial.” Here, the uniquecoating of the shoe that allows it to remain dry and clean is verified when a runner runs through amud course and comes out with her perfectly clean, white sneakers.A conative message strategy is used in this campaign in relation to the Asics Facebook page,where customers can like the page and give their insight on the shoes. The Asics website is alsoanother place that leads more directly to customers responses. Through their promotional codes,received when the shoes were purchased, customers can join an online community.Executional FrameworkA demonstration execution will be highly used throughout the campaign. Not only willthis be worked through the test commercial, but also in the P-O-P display and at multiple events.The P-O-P display will involve a pair of the shoes in a tank of blue water, where they can bepulled in and out, demonstrating how the sneakers will repel the water and remain unchanged. Atthe NYC Marathon there will be different sections of mud, water, dirt, and rocks for the runnersto go through to demonstrate that the shoes can withstand even more than just water. At theColor Run, the paint and powder that is used there will be set up in different buckets wherepeople can dip sample shoes in them. People taking part in the Tough Mudder will be hired torun the course with the Asics Niveus shoes on to demonstrate that that an entire mud course canbe ran without effecting the sneakers. The last event is the Women‟s half marathon where therewill be things such as spaghetti sauce, chocolate syrup, and coffee to be tested on the shoes. Thisdemonstration is targeted towards older women, such as a mother, proving she can also wear
  6. 6. 6these sneakers while doing household things, such as cooking dinner, and never have to worryabout dirtying them.Traditional Media Plan:Traditional Media PlanTV 35%Objectives:Create brand awareness of ASICS Niveus to active females through the vehicle of a desire basedcommercialIncrease confidence within audience in product through demonstrationContinuity:By using a flighting advertising schedule, Niveus commercials will peak in the months ofNovember and December to reach the target audience in time for the holiday season. There willbe zero expenditures for the month of January 2013COMMERCIAL: “Test Complete”ASICS has recently launched a new ad campaign that demonstrates the capabilities of itsfootwear. The ads feature real athletes putting the shoes through unbelievable tests includingthe “Jack Hammer Test” (showing shock absorption), the “Draining Water Test” (showingadvanced draining system), and the “Sink or Sprint Test” (showing stability). ASICS Niveus willhave one of these unconventional and mind-boggling stunts to demonstrate the impressiverepellency of the product.Vehicles:Sunday Night FootballMedia MixTVPrintOnline
  7. 7. 7o According to NBC, in addition to being the top rated show in primetime, Sunday NightFootball is the third most popular primetime show among women aged 18-49.o 30 seconds of prime time commercial time during the fourth quarter (October-December) for a cost of $132,300.ESPNBuying an early morning time slot on ESPN will increase the chances of the commercialbeing seen by dedicated runners at the gym in the morning. Choosing ESPN as thevehicle will help direct the commercial to athletes who enjoy watching sportsDancing with the StarsVehicle will attract women that find activity entertaining. These are also trend-consciouswomen so they are interested in fashion. The show runs for three months long. Overall,there will be 12 commercials through the vehicle (one a week).Print 45%Objectives:Create awareness of brand with the association of a reliable and top of mind magazine for targetaudienceRemind audiences of product’s existenceVehicles:Women’s Running Magazineo Use the special interest of activity to appeal to target audience via women’s runningmagazineso Provide one ad for each monthly issues for the months of September, October, andNovembero Women’s RunningWomen’s Health Magazineo Use the special interest of activity to appeal to target audience via women’s runningmagazineso Provide one ad for the September and November editionso Psychographics: Fashion forward/style conscious Tech savy Driven, Ambitious, Natural Leaders Adventure seekersWIRED Magazineo Help product to appear technologically advanced if it is in a technology magazineo End of November to create awareness before holidayso 75% male readers - Potential gifts for husbands reading Wiredo Total audience: 3,233,000o Median age: 34
  8. 8. 8Online 20%Objectives:Create a dialogue between customer and brandDevelop brand loyalty after purchaseAdvertise personal success stories of satisfied is a running and fitness website owned and operated by MapMyFitness Network gets more than 12 million pageviews a month with more than 1.3million Absolute Unique Visitors a month. By posting a banner ad for ASICS Niveus on thisvehicle, female runners from the target audience using this site will be exposed to it the newproduct.FacebookCreating a social media page on Facebook will gather a band of loyal followers as well as providecustomers with a place to share personal experiences with the product.Twittero Providing updates on new sweepstakes and product newsYouTubeo Gives audience voluntary access to product commercials and video segments of interestto themo Brand name provides entertainmentInteractive / Alternative Marketing Plan:The use of technology makes up a large portion of our Integrated MarketingCommunications plan. Online tools such as a website allow a forum to take place wherecustomers can log in to participate in conversations about the brand. An online brandedcommunity is created through a code located in the shoe box after a customer purchases theshoes. They can then log onto and plug into the code for access to an exclusivecommunity. Within in this community sweepstakes will be run using other elements of socialmedia. For example, by liking the ASICS Niveus Facebook page that customer will be placed ina pool to win other ASICS merchandise. The same can be done by tagging ASICS Niveus in atweet, or by following the Twitter page. These types of sweepstakes will also be conducted onthe app Instagram where customers can follow our picture feed and “tag” ASICS Niveus inpictures involving usage of the shoes. This product is an excellent candidate for buzz marketingbecause the target market has interests in technology and is most likely connected on these socialnetworking websites already. A majority of Instagram users are female which the target marketis for ASICS Niveus.
  9. 9. 9Sales Promotion Plan:ASICS‟ sales promotion goals are to make the product interactive and enticing. ASICS alsowants their product to be so intriguing that they want to encourage their consumers to make aneffort to find and try the Niveus. ASICS will achieve these specific goals through theirinteractive on-sight displays at running events as well as the Point-of-Purchase displays. ThePoint-of-Purchase display will show the shoe dipped in blue water and coming out dry and clean.The specific combination of sales promotional tools…Events and SponsorshipsAllocating 40% of overall budgetPoint-of-Purchase DisplayAllocating 40% of overall budget to the construction and placement of displaysBuzz MarketingAllocating 10% of overall budget to BuzzSweepstakesAllocating 10% of the overall budget to sweepstakes in the exclusive buyer communityASICS will reinforce these promotions through their Facebook, Website and Twitter- by likingthese online elements it will notify consumers about upcoming events and make them eligible tocompete in sweepstakes. These promotions will also coincide with our Interactive/AlternativeMarketing Plan because they contain the elements needed for Buzz Marketing and the Point-of-Purchase displays.Events and Sponsorships Plan:ASICS will become sponsors of major running events as a tactic to reach their target market.ASICS decided to go specifically with running events because they will be able to sort out theserious athletes from the rest. Their sponsorships will also coincide with on sight stations thatwill take place at the end of every race. This marketing strategy will help them to get a one-on-one with their target market as well as breaking through clutter and getting a first-hand look attheir markets reaction to the product, while continuing to reach to new customers.ASICS has decided to allot an allowance of 5,000$ a year to event sponsorships and interactivedisplays. ASICS will determine how big an event and interactive booth will be based on the sizeof the event, if it is a minimal event such as the color run the station will be small, and if it is alarger event such as the New York City Marathon, the station will be much larger.Objectives for their Events and Sponsorships
  10. 10. 10Reinforce brand image with the loyal sports minded publicIncrease image awareness and name visibility for services and productsGenerate goodwill throughout the Nationwide running communityThe Color Run PhiladelphiaThe Color Run is ASICS first event during their campaign for NIVEUS, taking place inPhiladelphia on July 8,2012. Due to the fact that the color run is not a serious run and attractsmany different types of runners rather than a more serious community, they will not besponsoring the event. However, they will be having an interactive display at the conclusion ofthe race to build awareness of the brand and the use new technology in the ASICS running shoe.ASICS‟ tent will be color fun with free water available for runners. The color run will thensupply the ASICS tent with the powders and paints that are thrown onto the runners during theirrun to allow the people who come up to the interactive display to take a sample pair of theASICS NIVEUS and dip them into to buckets of color. The consumers will then be able to seehow the color slides right off and how it stays shiny and clean.Lady Speed Stick Women’s Half Marathon…Featured in Women’s Running MagazineThe Lady Speed Stick Women‟s Half Marathon is an event that is advertised throughWomen‟s Running Magazine which is one of our advertisement outlets. It will be ASICS secondevent of their NIVEUS campaign, taking place in Bloomington Minnesota on August 26th2012.This run is the only run that is specifically for women which is perfect for our marketing strategydue to our target market of women ages 18 to 44. Our interactive display at the conclusion of therace will be eye catching and enticing to our consumer. ASICS‟ interactive display is morespecific because this run is so in contact with their specific target market. Women will then be
  11. 11. 11able to pour many different types of elements onto the shoe, such as spaghetti sauce, chocolatesyrup and coffee, this will show how many obstacles in your life and your run can‟t competewith the technology of the shoe.Tough Mudder RunThe Tough Mudder is the second to last event sponsorship of their campaign, unlike theother events the Tough Mudder will take place on the West Coast in Northern California onSaturday September 29 & Sunday September 30, 2012. This will be ASICS‟ most unique event,due to minimal sponsorship but a big impact. ASICS will hire a team of people to run the toughmudder- these specific runners will be wearing the shoes, that will then become noticeable toother runners because of the fact that they repel dirt; by the end of the race other runners will beeager to know where they got those shoes. In order to make this an effective marketing strategyASICS will enter runners to participate both days of the event. The pink ASICS tent will attractwomen runners where they will be met with water and towels- the interactive display will consistof a bucket of mud which runners will be able to dip the NIVEUS in and see the results as theypull them out.The New York MarathonThe New York Marathon is ASICS biggest sponsorship of their advertisement campaign.A majority of their budget will go towards making sure all the runners get to experience the newtechnology of the ASICS NIVEUS shoe. The New York Marathon will be taking place onNovember 4, 2012; it will be the last event of ASICS campaign and the most elaborate. TheAdvertisement and interactive station will be held on 70thstreet alongside Central Park after thefinish line and consist of a table, under a pink tent with ASICS NIVEUS‟ logo as well as freewater for the runners (the pink tent will help to attract their target market of Women runners).ASICS will then have sample sizes of NIVEUS ranging from sizes 5.5-10 in Women‟s. Theinteractive display and featured running course will be about 20 feet long and 4 feet wide, it willhave different sections of mud, water, dirt and rocks will allow the runners to jog through and
  12. 12. 12see the amazing technology and cleanliness of the shoe after running through all the differenttypes of terrain.IMC Evaluations:ASICS will determine as to whether or not their Niveus campaign was successful based upontheir social networking outlets. The Facebook page, Twitter, ASICS Niveus Website andExclusive Customer Community will allow ASICS to track the reviews of customers after theirpurchase of the Niveus. ASICS will also receive reports on the purchase history of the ASICSNiveus at their exclusive Gold Locations. ASICS will be able to see as to whether the demandfor the shoe is high or becoming stagnant.ASCIS is planning on testing the creative elements through their different media outlets, eventsponsorships and on location interactive displays. ASICS will frequently run different tests tokeep the target market interested in the product, and keeping an update on the technology.ASICS commercials impact their target market because they are short and to the point, onlyfeaturing women. ASICS most creative elements lie within their on-location events because theynever have the same interactive display and get a first-hand look on the reactions of theirpotential target market.Objective (1):Increase Brand Awareness among women runners by 40%Marketing the Niveus from a fashion and emotional appealAdvertisements on networks that run shows such as “Dancing with the Stars” and SundayNight Football.Running Advertisements in magazines that specifically appeal to women, such as“Women‟s Running Magazine” and “Women‟s Health.”Having all on-sight event tents colored Pink.Featuring only women in all of their Advertisements.Objective (2):Increase Awareness of ASICS by 80% to a Sports Minded PublicParticipating, Sponsoring and being on-location at major running events.Running advertisements on ESPN and during Football season.Showing advertisements (banner ads, facebook and YouTube “mini-mercials”) onspecific websites based and before YouTube video‟s based on the user‟s internet history.Advertising in Running and Health Magazines such as Women‟s Health and Women‟sRunning Magazine.Objective (3):Increase Total sales of ASICS by 15%
  13. 13. 13Introducing the technology of the Niveus to the massive running community and bringingawareness to the ASICS brand.Even if consumers don‟t necessarily purchase the ASICS Niveus they will view ASICSas one of the most technologically advanced footwear companies, pulling them apartfrom the competition.Objective (4):Increase awareness of ASICS as the most technologically advanced running shoeby 50% of a Sports Minded PublicAdvertising in “Wired” magazine which appeals to an older and technologicallyinterested crowd.Advertising in Women‟s Health and Women‟s Running which appeals to a very activecommunity.Including fabric samples in our Wired Advertisements, so consumers can experience thefabric of the shoe before the purchase.Objective (5): Create up to 10,000 inquires of ASICS NiveusUsage of Facebook “likes” and website traffic to see exactly what their target marketwants.Usage of the Point of Purchase display to create interest in the Niveus.Appendix:Story Board for TV AdScene 1: Camera pans over a grassy field on an overcast day. The trees in the distance areswaying from the windas a female runner stands in front of a mud course.Scene 2: Camera cuts to a profile view of the woman runner as she crouches into a sprintingposition. The words “MUD TEST” come up across the screenScene 3: The woman starts sprinting through the mud course. Her shoes are not visible as she issprinting, while mud is being tossed up into the air covering the runner. Camera slows down toshow the mud rippling and exploding up onto her.Scene 4: The camera is in front of the runner as she comes sprinting towards it and pans over herhead and then back down showing the back of the runner.Scene 5: Camera zooms in and slows down on her shoes as she steps out of the course. All themud completely falls off her shoes, in slow motion, leaving them perfectly white.
  14. 14. 14Scene 6: The woman is standing with her hands on her hips, completely covered in mud, whileher shoes stay entirely clean. The words “TEST COMPLETE” come across the screen.Scene 7: Screen goes dark with ASICS Niveus being highlighted in blue. The words “to seemore visit” come across the screen and the ad ends.WebsiteCustomer Loyalty Program
  15. 15. 15Facebook pageTwitter
  16. 16. 16Banner AdMagazine AdP-O-P Display
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