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Nick Bruggeman Pantone 50'x70' Pop-Up Space


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Nick Bruggeman - Exhibit Design
Bemidji State University

Client: Pantone Color Systems
Industry: Manufacturing

Ideation + Renderings of a 50'x70' pop-up space for client: Pantone Color Systems.

Location: New York City

Published in: Design
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Nick Bruggeman Pantone 50'x70' Pop-Up Space

  1. 1. MANUFACTURING Nick Bruggeman
  2. 2. TARG E T AU DIE NCEThe target audience is Product Engineers, Product Designers, & all involved with the design process of amanufactured good.OBJECT IV ESInform and educate the target audience with Pantone products made specifically for the manufacturing industry.(plastics & other textiles)Provide a hands-on experience for the target audience with Pantone products.Showcase the new Capsure product by Pantone, and provide an environment to use the new product. OBJECTIVES l Nick Bruggeman
  3. 3. INSPIRATION l Nick Bruggeman
  4. 4. INSPIRATION l Nick Bruggeman
  5. 5. + I N TE R A CT I V E “Design Room” features three 6’x3’ Microsoft Surface integrated interactive tables with+ PRESENTA TION Pantone color selection software, as well as the full Pantone Plastic chip collection on wallLarge presentation area just beyond the check-in / reception area. This space features a 12 foot shelves.island wall with double mounted 48” monitorsto show a company introduction video which Attendees can participate in a short “coloris industry-specific to manufacturing. Area will selection” workshop and experience first-handalso include 8-10 lounge chairs to watch the how Pantone products work within the industry.presentations in comfort. + D E SI GNSpace could also double as a hospitality area. The general area is designed to keep the attendee excited and energized by the use of bright colored semi-transparent acrylic wall dividers and colored suspended ceiling platforms with lighting track systems underneath. + P RO D U C T S The “Design Room” features a wall-shelf + M EETING S PA CES containing the entire Pantone plastic chip collection. Two meeting spaces with both sofas and lounge chairs for Pantone representatives and attendees to interaact within. Both areas “New Product” area which will be showcasing include 48” monitors to integrate multi-media into the new Pantone “Capsure” - Hand-held mobile meetings as needed. color matching system. CONCEPT MAP l Nick Bruggeman
  6. 6. +CHECK-IN AREA A large reception desk with greeters welcomes attendees +DESIGN ROOM along with a large waiting area Interactive Microsoft Surface enclosed with colored acrylic +PRESENTATION divider walls. work tables with Pantone color selection software. A presentation wall featuring+STORAGE double monitors which will Pantone plastic color chips present a introduction video showcase on shelving unit. featuring Pantone products for the manufacturing industry.+MEETING AREASofas + Chairs allow +NEW PRODUCTPantone representatives A circular displayand attendees to interact stand showcasing the +MEETING AREAwith eachother and monitor new Pantone product “Capshure” which allows Sofas + Chairs allowon wall. you to snap a picture Pantone representatives of any item, and find it’s and attendees to interact Pantone color. with eachother and monitor on wall. SPATIAL PLAN l Nick Bruggeman
  7. 7. Welcome / Reception & Waiting Room Presentation Area Design Workshop ExitMeeting Area Meeting Area New Product “Capsure” FLOOR PLAN l Nick Bruggeman
  8. 8. FLOW CHART l Nick Bruggeman
  9. 9. WIREFRAME FLOORPLAN l Nick Bruggeman
  10. 10. WELCOME / WAITING AREA l Nick Bruggeman
  11. 11. RECEPTION AREA l Nick Bruggeman
  12. 12. PRESENTATION AREA l Nick Bruggeman
  13. 13. COLOR WORKSHOP AREA l Nick Bruggeman
  14. 14. COLOR WORKSHOP AREA l Nick Bruggeman
  15. 15. COLOR WORKSHOP AREA l Nick Bruggeman
  16. 16. MEETING AREA #1 l Nick Bruggeman
  17. 17. NEW PRODUCT AREA l Nick Bruggeman
  18. 18. MEETING AREA #2 l Nick Bruggeman
  19. 19. BIRDS EYE VIEW l Nick Bruggeman
  20. 20. THANK YOU l Nick Bruggeman