Social Media Strategy Building Blocks


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  • Over 60% of your social network audience are current customers. Keep that in mind when deciding what content to share
  • Listening/Reports – should be informed by objectives of the audience reading them. E.g.) Amplification should focus on influencers, Market intelligence should focus on organic mentions & comp intell, productInfluencer Database – Segmentation of influencers is incredibly valuable if it’s actionable. Ideal tool would score influence by these factors.
  • Social Media Strategy Building Blocks

    1. 1. Social Media Insight & Engagement Building BlocksNick Martin Social Media Strategist
    2. 2. The Expectations of Social Media Are GrowingThe need for a social media & community management offering stems from the way social media is evolving for business. • Expectations for returns are increasing • Rising demand for integration between social media & traditional marketing • Objectives for support, customer service, marketing, and insight all seek to be met 2010 2011 2012• Conversation focused around • Objectives for social transition to • This year moving forward the driving followers engagement focus is on using social to move an audience down the sales cycle• Metrics reflect traditional • Metrics revolve around overall marketing POV: Impressions, community health, active users, # • Metrics moving toward: revenue, reach, etc. of engagements, Shares, etc. leads, etc.• Social campaigns focused • Establish community • Proactively drive the right around driving ‘Likes’ on Fan management as a role conversation, in the right places, page (contests, games, etc.) at the right time • More investment in listening &• Traditional marketing featured engagement platforms • Systematic approach to call-to-action for Facebook, engagement Twitter.
    3. 3. Social Media Marketing Still An Emerging DisciplineMarketers are challenged with a constantly evolving social media landscape where search, social, and content are converging to create anincreasingly complex, yet valuable opportunity to connect with a target audience. As expectations regarding the return on social mediainvestment advance, there is more pressure to better understand the role social media plays in a company, and how to leverage onlinerelationships in a predictable and systematic way to drive business results. Current State of Social Media Marketing 1. Expectations around objectives and outcomes of community management are still being shaped 2. Market is unclear about community management’s role in: • Listening & Monitoring • Marketing • Customer Service/Support 3. No systematic approach to achieving goals related to social media engagement 4. Fragmented best practices for fostering advocacy through social media 5. Convergence of search, social, and content requires broad range of skill sets to execute effectively
    4. 4. Building Blocks For A More Competitive Community Management Offering
    5. 5. Anatomy Of Online Conversation Driven by product news, events, high authority blog posts etc.(Opp for mktg) Mentions Driven by experiences, genuine engagements Reaction to Conversation Drivers (advocacy, C.S) (RT’s, Shares, etc.) Organic Conversation Creates demand for qualitative assessment of online conversation Bots & Spam TimeKey Takeaways:• Conversations relating to brands are driven primarily by top-down and bottom-up drivers• Organic conversations around products remain relatively constant and provide the best opportunity for 1:1 engagement with the customer
    6. 6. Social Media Conversation Drivers Who What Motivates Them Engagement TacticsTop Down Drivers Authoritative Authoritative High authority blog contributors Blog Posts Blog Posts Drive conversation, perception for Seed original awareness assets • Reporters target audience around relevant topics/interests • Opinion Leaders (videos, infographics, etc.) • Trend spotters • Connect with other influencers • Opinion Leaders & creators Establish authority around • Trend Spotters • Offer opportunities for topics/interests • Celebs increased exposure/credibility • Enable with non-product relatedOrganic Mentions resources • Connect around interests or • Support • Prospects needs • Customer service • Users • Share or join in on experiences, • Transform negative • Advocates opinion, UGC, content that experiences into positive ones convey how they wish to be • Nurture & promote advocacy perceivedBottom Up Drivers • Establish authority • Creators • Generate business • Amplify and connect Creators • Mavens • Influence perception • Win over mavensKey Takeaways:• Understanding conversation drivers enables community managers to listen for the right insights• Segmenting influencers by their online behavior and motivators informs how, why, and when to engage• Influencer segmentation and motivators should also inform content generated for social
    7. 7. Optimize Content & Engagement To Satisfy Objectives Marketers are finding that shouting through social channels doesn’t help drive an audience down the funnel, the key is to systematically engage to activate advocates, partners, and influencers. Example Health Target Properties Coord. Support Content Guidance Metrics • Social sharing (SU, • Broadened appeal • Traffic Reddit) • Must resonate with broader • VOC Awareness PR • Influential interests • SOV blogs/news outlets. • Taps into emotional drivers • High authority influencers Consideration • Data & story driven specific to • Traffic • Targeted influencers interest/product • Total followers (niche audiences) • Differentiation aligned with • Newsletter subscriptions • Forums SEO • Leads/ escalations pain points • Social networks Conversion • Major Social Networks (FB, LI, • Focused on experiences that • Community engagement Loyalty Twitter) relate to interests (mentions, replies) Content • Energize customers & • Resonance (shares, RT’s) • Niche Social / Event advocates • UGC Networks If applicable (Tumblr, Mktg. • Satisfies objectives of Advocacy Flickr, Pinterest audience (why did they follow etc.) to begin with?Key Takeaways:• Focus on optimizing content for social sharing assets in a way that supports he objectives of the larger effort• Coordinate with the appropriate stakeholders (PR, SEO, Content/Event Marketing) to amplify the impact• Track metrics that drive business outcomes
    8. 8. Closed Loop ApproachActivities at every step of the social engagement spectrum inform, enable, or contribute to one another. A closed loop approach toengagement that uses reporting to inform content, messaging, and engagement optimizes the health of a community in owned and earnedsocial media. Content Informs Content & Engagement Insight into conversation & Calendar sentiment surfaces insight into content gaps, messaging, voice, Content and audience gaps, support resources Enables Informs etc., identified through Listening engagement Engagement Informs Best Reports Practices Reports offer visibility into where Audience Guidelines (timing, Insight conversations are occurring, why content they are taking place, and who’s etc.) talking Contributes Documenting wins, successful engagement, and areas to improve contributes to recommendations
    9. 9. Listening & Engagement Tools Asset Summary Differentiators Monitoring reports from most agencies are • Informed by POV on social media engagement long, delivered late, and expensive • Short, consumable format How to differentiate: • Offer view into conversation drivers, competitive • Quick turnaround context, brand perception • Actionable insights • Grounded engagement framework Lack a content & engagement strategy that jives with existing marketing efforts • Informed by POV on social media engagement How to differentiate: • Short, consumable format • Support existing marketing efforts with • Offer view into conversation drivers, competitive complementary content/engagement context, brand perception optimized for socialIntegrated event, editorial, • Enables the planning of influencer & engagement calendar engagement against objectives Many agencies still define influence in terms • Segmented by online behavior/ real influence of following, a misleading proxy thanks to • Include data on role, industry, following follow bots, and “black hat” tactics. Influencer How to differentiate: Database Future State: • Profile tool integrated with Topsy API that judges • Influence correlates with ability to satisfy influence by content resonance, frequency, topic etc. objectives • Complements engagement framework
    10. 10. Contact Information Nick Martin Email: Blog: Twitter: @NickBMartin3