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Nick Armstrong - Ignite Fort Collins #7 - 15 Ignite Talks I Hope I Never See


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My talk for Ignite Fort Collins #7 - Held on February 10th, 2011

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Nick Armstrong - Ignite Fort Collins #7 - 15 Ignite Talks I Hope I Never See

  1. 1. Fifteen Ignite TalksI Hope I Never SeeNick ArmstrongThe Geek
  2. 2. The Rules 20 Slides 15 Seconds 5 Minutes Infogeektainment - #giw - #ignitefcIGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  3. 3. Going Global 5 nights 5 continents 65 cities 10,000+ peopleIGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  4. 4. What To Do Silence Phones Send Good Energy Tweet Your Favorites Pitch An IdeaIGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  5. 5. Darth Vader: Who’s Your Daddy?IGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  6. 6. Justin Bieber: Who’s Your Daddy?IGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  7. 7. Joel Comm: iFart 2.0 - Explosive PotentialIGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  8. 8. Gary Busey: How Not To Look CreepyIGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  9. 9. A Duct Tape Enthusiasts Guide To ParentingIGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  10. 10. Klingon Marriage CounselingIGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  11. 11. Hilarious Workplace Discrimination TechniquesIGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  12. 12. Cleaning Everything You Own As Dangerously As Possible IGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  13. 13. The Soothing Songs of William ShatnerIGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  14. 14. Laurie Macomber and Reu Smith: We’re Secretly Vikings IGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  15. 15. Ron Z: How To Tell If Your Pilot Isn’t Wearing PantsIGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  16. 16. Viagra 101IGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  17. 17. Please Stop Touching Me: An iPad Develops Consciousness IGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  18. 18. Ho Ho Homicide: Cleaning Off The Naughty ListIGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  19. 19. Nick Armstrong Must Be Stopped: The Cute Girl’s Revenge IGNITE OUR COMMUNITY @ImNickArmstrong
  20. 20. Ignite Returns This May Thanks. Now, Make It So! Nick Armstrong The Geek Superhero @ImNickArmstrong IAmNickArmstrong.comIGNITE OUR COMMUNITY