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Crash Course


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Crash Course

  1. 1. A Crash Course In Social Media A nicholas Ahern Presentation
  2. 2. Introduction • Today there are over 272 million people worldwide using online social media. • This presentation will guide you through the necessary steps to properly navigate and use various different social media sites.
  3. 3. Social Networks A great way to stay in touch with friends A professional connection to the business world A fun way to share your thoughts or “tweet”
  4. 4. • Visit: • Provide your First & Last name • Provide your E-mail address • Select a new password for your account • Enter your gender & date of birth • Click “Sign Up” • After you confirm your e-mail you can get started on building your profile. Add a friendly picture, share some personal info, and start adding friends. • To find more friends, locate a friend who has been using Facebook for a while and scour their friends list to see if they are friends with people you might know. • Look at Facebook like it’s a really fancy address book.
  5. 5. • Visit: • Provide your First & Last name • Provide your E-mail address • Select a new password for your account • Click “Join Now” • After you confirm your e-mail you can begin building your professional profile. • Try and make your profile as complete as possible, preferably over 85% and make sure to keep it professional. • With Linkedin you can make business contacts and find employment, so make sure to keep it clean.
  6. 6. • Visit: • Click on “Sign up now” • Provide your full name First & Last • Come up with a clever Username • Come up with a new password • Enter your E-mail address • For security reasons enter the words you see in the “Captcha”. • Click “Create my account” • After confirming your e-mail, add a profile picture, follow 50+ people and begin “Tweeting”. To “Tweet” provide a whimsical comment on life or think of a clever way to answer the question “What are you doing?” • P.S. All “Tweets” need to be under 140 characters, so keep it short and sweet
  7. 7. • Visit: • Click on “Join Digg” • Choose a Username • Enter Password & re-enter Password • Enter E-mail address and date of birth • Enter the text in the “Captcha” • After you confirm your e-mail address you can start “Digging” • Start by visiting some of the top “Digg’s”, “Digg” something, like a blog posting or a favorite story. • You can also create and login to your Digg account through your Facebook account. Combine these 2 social networks to keep login passwords down to a minimum.
  8. 8. • Visit: • Click on “Join Now” • Enter your First & Last name • Enter your E-mail address • Create a Password, retype your password • Enter the letters from the “Captcha” below • Agree to the Terms of Service & click “Register” • After confirming your e-mail you can start using • Start by checking out some of the top bookmarked sites, visit some new sites, and add some bookmarks of your own. • Try and bookmark some unknown sites, good sites that you think only you know about. Try and be the first to bookmark a site to
  9. 9. Blogging • Blogging can be a fun, effective way to get your opinion or feelings out there to the masses. • You can write about practically anything, but are limited on content and design. • You can either pay for blogspace or use a free blog provider. • I would recommend either Blogger or WordPress
  10. 10. Blogger & WordPress • Visit either or • Click on “Create A Blog” • Enter & retype your password • Enter a diplay name • Enter the text in the “Captcha” • Accept the terms & services and click “Continue” • After confirming your e-mail you are ready to start blogging. • Try and keep your blog up-to-date with new and relevant information
  11. 11. • Google has many different applications that can help you optimize your site and improve productivity.
  12. 12. • YouTube revolutionizes viral videos and new ways to get information. • With YouTube you can find tutorials, entertainment, music, and plenty of other user content. • Here is a video about social networks: watch?v=MpIOClX1jPE
  13. 13. & • Slideshare is a new and exciting way to share Power Point and Keynote presentations. • Visit: • Sign up for an account and begin sharing your favorite presentations. • Flickr is a simple and easy way to share your favorite photographs with the rest of the world. • Visit: • Sign up for an account and begin sharing your favorite pictures.
  14. 14. Search Engine Optimization
  15. 15. Conclusion • Social media & social networks are a growing phenomenon, there are more users being added everyday. • Try and set yourself apart from the millions of users • The best way to gain experience is to use these networks frequently • Remember to keep your personal life and professional life separate