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7 Super Creative Marketing Ideas that will Engage Your Audience


Published on Strategic Marketing Solutions
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7 Super Creative Marketing Ideas that will Engage Your Audience

  1. in2016
  2. • are a creative marketing solution for your website, social media, blogs, and other channels = more traffic • engage your audience = more leads • increase conversion rates = more sales • improve your chances of high ranking on Google = better SEO Custom Animated Whiteboard Videos by NicoleElmore Watch a Videoto Learn More #1 2016 Marketing Idea
  3. Do it like Johnny Cupcakes does: • Consistently premium quality products • Themed packaging that is too cool to throw away • Bakery-style stores with a fresh vanilla scent • Loyal fan base – some even get the logo tattooed • Themed limited-edition sales • Engaging social media presence with contests and other fun events • Superior customer service • Random surprises in orders – hand written • notes, trading cards, stickers, and more • High-profile collaborations Fun Fact: Johnny Cupcakes does not sell cupcakes… find out what they do sell on their website. Memorable one-of-a-kind Experience Background Image SourceBackground Image Source
  4. Offer a couple of your products and services as prizes and watch your website traffic and brand exposure explode. Allow people to earn bonus entries through social sharing actions and by engaging them with your brand. Sleek Organically Growing Giveaways Read This Post to Learn how You gettheBestResults
  5. Eye-Catching 3D Chalk Street Art Couple it with a social campaign and let walk- byers spread the word for you Combine it with a giveaway or a call to action & you got yourself a viral marketing campaign 1. 2.
  6. Example: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Stats Over 3.7+ million videos uploaded to Youtube Over 17+ million videos shares on Facebook Over 36+ million mentions on Twitter (from July to Sept 2014) Celebrity involvement (800+ participants) ALS website visits grew by 7,775% Over $114 million raised Engaging Social Challenges Great way to: • Fundraise • Promote a non-profit organization • Raise awareness for a good cause
  7. Actionable Guerilla Marketing • Attention grabbing • Memorable • Innovative • Unconventional • Surprising • Engaging • Lead people to take action Messages
  8. So unique and creative that people start telling others and it goes viral through extensive TV & press coverage as well as through social media Surprising Local Ads that will make you think twice
  9. I FOCUS ON RESULTS Many businesses start on the right track and lose focus. Focus on growth and results to ensure that your marketing activities do not end up being a waste of time and money with bad results due to the lack of a strategy in place. I follow an approach to ensure strategic business growth by focusing on developing a strong foundation, eliminating inefficiencies, and pro-actively managing business operations from concept to execution. If you are not sure what you can improve in your Marketing strategy, let me help you analyze & evaluate your current activities & missed opportunities and tell you how you can grow your business & increase revenues. Could Your Business use some Help? I Specialize in Helping Businesses Grow & Become More Profitable Contact me and let me help you bring your next Marketing Project to life! SERVICES Web Design Graphic Design Logo Design Whiteboard Animation Videos Social Media Management Search Engine Optimization Strategic Marketing Consulting Online Giveaway Creation & Execution & much more
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