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I'd like to invite everyone to visit our site http://www.entrepreneurlead.com, which offers free and paid services including:
• A Business Plan Bootcamp
• An Entrepreneur Workshop
• A tools and resource directory for entrepreneurs and small businesses
• World-Class Coaching for Entrepreneurs
• Link Exchange
• Guest Posting
• Cutting Edge Assessments
• Business Forms and Templates
• Free Ebooks
• E-Mail Courses
• Start-Up and Small Business Services

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Put yourself to this one-of-a-kind Test: Are you an Entrepreneur?

Complete this short 30 question test to receive valuable feedback on your progress to long-term entrepreneurial success. Get advice on whether you are ready to be a full-time entrepreneur or what the steps you should take next to reach that status and sustain it.


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#1 Site for Entrepreneurs

  1. Our free directory of tools andresources can save you thousandsof dollars a year & lead you to findmany free tools that will help youdecrease the time invested incertain tasks, such as invoicing orpayroll, increase the efficiency ofcertain tasks, such as customerrelationship management, &increase your revenues.
  2. 10 great Prizes, 10 Winners Valued over $1,200Enter our Quick-Start Entrepreneur Giveaway now for your chance to Win
  3. Are you wondering how your websiteor blog compares to your competitorsand how you can improve it?Or whether your business plan iscomplete and ready to be sent out topotential investors?We are adding new assessmentsconstantly to help you plan andexecute the changes necessary toimprove and become gain acompetitive edge.
  4. World-Class Business Coaching in areas including: Blogging Branding Business Growth Empowerment Entrepreneurship Finance Leadership Management Marketing Online Presence Social Media Start-UpThe Marketing Mix Writing for Money Traffic & Lead Generation & more
  5. A system of world-class guidance &mentorship for starting out &deciding on what business to buildthrough pre start-upplanning, writing a professionalbusiness plan, the start-upitself, raisingcapital, managing, marketing, &growing your business into aprofitable source of income withgreat bonuses, tests, free templates& forms to help you succeed.
  6. We specialize in assistingentrepreneurs, start-ups, and smallbusinesses with• Search Engine Optimization• Branding• Social Media Management• Web Design• Business Consulting• Marketing• Writing Services• And much more
  7. The number of sites linking to yoursite or blog plays a vital role in SearchEngine rankings.Add your link to our link exchange toincrease your likelihood of rankinghigher in search engines, such asGoogle, and thus increase yourorganic traffic.
  8. Guest Blog Posts are an effective freetraffic generation method to your blogor website. If you are pursuing awriting career and/or would like toincrease awareness about yourself oryour blog/website, this is a greatopportunity to have your articles readby thousands of business-mindedpeople.
  9. Become a Free Member of EntrepreneurLead.com today and access all members-only content.Lots of great benefits, free giveaway entries, and topnotch content.
  10. Join our free e-Mail course “Itineraryto a strong Business Foundation” tolearn how you can prepare everythingyou will need to write your businessplan as well as some tips and a bonuslesson about business funding.Many more e-Mail Courses to come…
  11. Complete our 30 question Entrepreneur test to receive valuablefeedback on your progress to long-term entrepreneurial success.Get free advice on whether you are ready to be a full-timeentrepreneur or what the steps you should take next to reach thatstatus and sustain it.
  12. When you start your own business, you may be overwhelmed with allof the different forms and documents needed for legal purposes,management and marketing of your business, human resources, andmany other procedures.We continuously add new forms and templates available to help youto a quicker start-up and more manageable business growth with aminimized risk of failing to follow proper paperwork and practices.
  13. Browse our large selection ofEbooks, Guides, Manuals, andWorksheets to learn somethingvaluable that will help you growas an entrepreneur.Many aspects of business arecovered, so that you will findwhat you need for your personaldevelopment.
  14. The Entrepreneur Awakening uncovers:• The Top Reasons why most Entrepreneurs fail• How you can overcome these obstacles• The Important of having a Purpose• How you can learn to use your full potential• 5 Factors that are holding you back from succeeding• The Unlimited Success Formula• My own Story of how I started and made mistakes that led me to where I am now• And Much MoreAvailable now for FREE atEntrepreneurLead.com
  15. We are currently working on manymore features to be released in thenear future that will further help youas entrepreneurs and business owners.