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Apple or Android? What you need to know.


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Apple or Android? What you need to know.

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  2. 2. Apple or Android Until recently – easy answer – Apple Now more complicated: consider Market factors • Geographic target market preferences • Demographic target market preferences • Competitive opportunity • Business models Development factors • Operating system fragmentation • Device fragmentation @appinstruct #startupAUS
  3. 3. Geographical market, example US @appinstruct #startupAUS
  4. 4. Demographic market • Apple users spend more in the App Store than Android users spend in Google Play Equates to approx $1b @appinstruct #startupAUS
  5. 5. Demographic market • Parents buying inexpensive Android devices for their kids • Android hardware now in some cases superior to Apple’s – Samsung Galaxy S4 & S5, Google Nexus 5, Moto X, HTC One @appinstruct #startupAUS
  6. 6. Competitive advantage • Google Play can offer green pastures compared to App Store • Shifty Jelly – local Melbourne development house • Built one of the first Australian weather apps for iOS – Pocket Weather • Identified lack of any Pod casting app for Android (at a time, when Apple had produced its own) • Gap in the market allowed them to launch a successful and profitable app @appinstruct #startupAUS
  7. 7. Business model • Paid apps are almost extinct on Google Play 4% Paid 4% Paid w/ IAP 1% Paid 92% Freemium 1% Paid w/ IAP 98% Freemium @appinstruct #startupAUS
  8. 8. Operating system fragmentation - Apple • Rapid and massive user adoption of latest version February 2014 @appinstruct #startupAUS
  9. 9. Operating system fragmentation - Android • Slow user adoption and manufacturer availability of latest version February 2014 @appinstruct #startupAUS
  10. 10. Device fragmentation - Apple Non-Retina iPhone iPad Retina Retina “Tall”
  11. 11. Device fragmentation - Android LDPI Small Normal Large X-large MDPI TVDPI HDPI XHDPI XXHDPI
  12. 12. Device fragmentation compared Clear delineation between phone and tablet Phablets and Nexus 7 blur delineation Practically 5 device types 100s of devices Consistency of hardware More than 5 hardware manufacturers
  13. 13. Drinking our own Kool-Aid Project Circles – Creating a private photo messaging app At prototyping stage iOS7 – Bugs in Apple’s code have hampered and delayed build progress • Popular open sourced code that worked fine in iOS6 is currently broken • Still, enhancing your design to showcase iOS7, may assist distribution @appinstruct #startupAUS
  14. 14. Future is Mobile Gartner predicts that by 2016, use of mobile apps will surpass that of internet domain names @appinstruct #startupAUS
  15. 15. Apple or Android - It depends! Questions? Promo code: smd30 (enter after you start free trial) @appinstruct #startupAUS