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Danger: Zombie Apocalypse Ahead -- How you and your organizations can avoid the inevitable doomsday scenario. Lincoln Agile Meetup Presentation


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Whether it is indeed the Zombie Apocalypse, a game changing technology, the end of a contract, or a revolutionary new language, all software engineers and organizations have to come to grips with one thing -- all software applications including our current high-priority project wielding the latest in technology will eventually meet an untimely end!

The answer to this doomsday scenario is of course Brainz! -- We must take control of our own professional development and shape our organizations into intrinsically motivated cultures. This double-barreled approach will ensure we can adapt to the next challenge!

Two CSM/CSPs and founders of the Agile for Defense meetup team up to present innovative techniques to ensure you and your organization are ready to adapt when future challenges arise. Examples such as gamifying your organization through a Professional Development Challenge, leveraging ship-it days to foster innovation, and making servant leadership the core of your organizational structure will provide proven methods for building a motivated, zombie-free culture. Unleash the intrinsic motivation of your Brainz -- don’t let the Zombies win!

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Danger: Zombie Apocalypse Ahead -- How you and your organizations can avoid the inevitable doomsday scenario. Lincoln Agile Meetup Presentation

  1. 1. Danger: Zombie Apocalypse Ahead How you and your organizations can avoid the inevitable doomsday scenario.
  2. 2. Darin Plum Nick Tuck http:// TheSoftwareGardener.comhttps:// / in / darin-plum-32919859 Slides @ http:// / lnkagilezombie
  3. 3. Kaizen: “Good Change” Small steps lead to big innovation Hi Petey Bites
  4. 4. Zombie Apocalypse
  5. 5. all projects & technologies end
  6. 6. are you prepared? is your organization?
  7. 7. Arm you with tools and practices so you and your organization will Survive! Goal
  8. 8. Hint
  9. 9. Fortify
  10. 10. Invert your Org Chart #1
  11. 11. Traditional Command & Control Low Engagement Silos & sub-optimize No common priority Afraid to Fail
  12. 12. Inverted InnovationServant Leadership Safety NetVisual reminder
  13. 13. Team Focus Value StreamEmpowered Cross Functional
  14. 14. Shape your Organization for Survival!
  15. 15. Invert your immediate team’s Org Chart
  16. 16. Doomsday Prepping
  17. 17. Create Coaches #2
  18. 18. Start with why
  19. 19. Journal
  20. 20. Time Management Matrix Popularized by Stephen Covey Urgent Not Urgent ImportantNotImportant 1 2 43
  21. 21. Accountability
  22. 22. Small steps I know I am...
  23. 23. Your Organization Quadrant 2
  24. 24. Band Together
  25. 25. Join / Create Communities #3
  26. 26. Opportunities to Learn and Network
  27. 27. Agile for Defense Lean Coffee Community Specific Conveniently Located Books Sponsors
  28. 28. Something for everyone Agile Principles Awesomeness through stable teams The Servant (Book Club) Crucial Conversations (Book Club) Agile Coaching Empowering Teams The Phoenix Project (Book Club) Turn this Ship Around! (Book Club) Leadership and Self-Deception (Book Club) Soft Skills XP Practices Cyber Security through Agile Application Transparency Clean Code (Book Club) Release It (Book Club) Ansible enables Agile Promises in JS Testing Pyramid and Unit Testing Docker Technology Continuous Delivery Maximizing Retrospectives Contracting for Agile Projects Kanban for the People! Agility Health Radar Pomodoro Technique Lean Startup (Book Club) The Process of Innovation Process
  29. 29. Take a colleague To the next meetup you attend
  30. 30. Barter
  31. 31. Lightning Talks #4 +
  32. 32. Benefits Diversity Sustainable Healthy Peer Pressure PracticE Speaking Non Experts
  33. 33. 1 Year 80+ Lightning Talks R & Data Science NPM Call to Action Buttons Raspberry Pi Webpack Hacking Atom D3 Force Layouts Cognitive Biases Otto ADHD Elm Getting Credit $ Motivation 3.0 A Reactive Typeahead Jenkins Multibranch Plugin Accents Charles Proxy Being a Pluralsight Author Json Server Physics js Genetic Algorithms UX Design Uncle Bob Martin Responsibility Rambda JS JIRA Functional Programming Data Visualization Designer Developer Colab. Call to Action Buttons Bike Shedding Story of Forjit A Reactive Typeahead Better Productivity w/ Procrastination Managing Your Apps on Google Play Wiki Announcement Lessons Learned - Girls Who Code
  34. 34. Add Themes Technical User Experience Lessons Learned Business Dev. Life Hacks Side Projects
  35. 35. Invite everyone +
  36. 36. Enjoy the Little Things
  37. 37. Gamification #5
  38. 38. Formula
  39. 39. Professional Development Challenge Celebrate Rules SharePeople Score
  40. 40. Categories Personal Growth Sharing Health & Fitness
  41. 41. Stats Books 364 Meetups & Conferences 302 On-line Training 101 Degrees & Awards 30 Volunteer & Mentoring 215 Presentations 137 Health & Fitness 507 Points Achieved in less than 2 years by an organization of 45 people
  42. 42. Cost?
  43. 43. Challenge Your Kickass Partner & share the results
  44. 44. Apply knowledge
  45. 45. Ship-it Days #6
  46. 46. Ship-It Day 24 Hours Build Something Share
  47. 47. Benefiting Project Company Yourself
  48. 48. Can be Anything Bugs Create Training Videos Product Innovations Learn Something Try ProgrammingTesting Innovations
  49. 49. Why? CollaborationInnovation Safe to Fail Hands On Learning Inspires Passion
  50. 50. Every Sprint
  51. 51. Travel Light
  52. 52. Ditch your roles & levels #7
  53. 53. Current Practices Architect Level 72 “Everything around you ... was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it...” - Steve Jobs
  54. 54. The Evil of Labels Entitlement resistant to learning Limits Expectations Jealousy
  55. 55. Reality We are Always Learning Shu Ha Ri Craftsmanship Learn Detach Transcend
  56. 56. A Better way “Water the Flowers that you want to Grow” -- Stephen R. Covey
  57. 57. Pick your own Title Employees take ownership of their career path! Free to the Organization
  58. 58. Make your own business cards
  59. 59. Final Thoughts
  60. 60. Tools
  61. 61. a Culture of Professional Development will...
  62. 62. Free your Brainz
  63. 63. Kaizen Mmm… SmalL Bites
  64. 64. It’s your Career. Be Vigilant. Survive. Slides @ lnkagilezombie Handout @ lnkagilezombie2
  65. 65. Attributions The Noun Project (b/w) Mail by Megan Amaral (flickr) Most Sweet Icons Petey (Zombie Baby) Programming Language Word Cloud Zombie + Television Accountability Nun Zombieland Survival Rule #23 ZombieLand Survival Rule #8 Ship-It Mailbox