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Key Driving Forces of Globalisation [Notes]


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Social Studies for GCE 'O' Level Examination.

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Key Driving Forces of Globalisation [Notes]

  1. 1. SOCIAL STUDIES - SEC 4 CHAPTER 2: SUSTAINING ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTKey Driving Forces of Globalisation Factor Explanation Developments in 1. Transport systems are the means by which people, materials, and Transportation and products are transferred from one place to another. Communications 2. Communications are the means by which information is transmitted from place to place in the form of ideas, instructions and images. Transportation Communications 3. Improvements in this field has 6. Improvements in technology has ‘shrunk’ the world considerably. made communications among people around the world faster 4. Less time is required to travel and more convenient. from place to place. 7. People can communicate via 5. It has also greatly simplified the telephone, electronic mail, fax transfer of goods from one and video conferencing. mode of transportation to another. 8. Satellite technology has also enabled messages to be sent to different parts of the world simultaneously. 9. Internet has enabled consumers to access information easily, as well as purchase items online. 10.TNCs can also coordinate and control their worldwide activities easily. Transnational 11. TNCs are large global firms that operate in a number of countries Corporations (TNCs) and have production or service facilities outside the country of their origin. 12. Examples are Microsoft Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation. 13. They set up their operations in different parts of the world. 14. Some reasons are to source for new markets and lower cost of production. 15. These are coordinated by headquarters which are located in their country of origin. 16. They also source for components from around the world before assembling their final product in another country. 17. As such, economies around the world would have become more integrated.PAGE 1 OF 1