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SOCIAL STUDIES - SEC 3	               	           CHAPTER 4: CONFLICT BETWEEN MULTI-ETHNIC SOCIETIESCauses of Sinhalese-Ta...
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Causes of Sinhalese-Tamil Conflict [Notes]

Social Studies for GCE 'O' Level Examination.

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Causes of Sinhalese-Tamil Conflict [Notes]

  1. 1. SOCIAL STUDIES - SEC 3 CHAPTER 4: CONFLICT BETWEEN MULTI-ETHNIC SOCIETIESCauses of Sinhalese-Tamil Conflict Factor Explanation Elaboration Citizenship Rights 1. Since the Ceylon Citizenship 3. As a result, the Tamils could not vote for Act, the Sri Lankan government their representatives and the government granted citizenship to only neglected their needs and concerns. those who were either born in 4. Although India stepped in and help some Sri Lanka or whose Indian Tamils return to India, about 100, forefathers were born there. 000 Indian Tamils remained stateless. *** MAIN FACTOR *** 2. This cause many Tamils to 5. Tamils were dissatisfied as despite their become stateless. contribution to economy, they were not granted citizenship. 6. Feeling neglected by the government, the resentment against the government grew, leading to the conflict. Sinhala-Only Policy 1. This policy was enacted in 3. This caused many Tamil civil servants to 1956, making Sinhala the lose their jobs as they were not proficient official language. in Sinhala. 2. Civil servants have to learn 4. In addition, this unfair policy made it Sinhala within 3 years or be difficult for Tamils to secure jobs or be dismissed. promoted. 5. The Tamils found that peaceful means did not work, thus thinking that they were discriminated against, causing them to result in violence. 6. Aggravated relations between Tamils and Sinhalese, resulting in conflict. University Admission 1. University Admission was used 4. This caused many Tamil youths to be Criteria to be based on merit and deprived of university education and English ability. made them resent the Sri Lankan government as they felt that the 2. This benefitted the English- government was biased against them speaking Tamils and they and deprived them of good job score well in exams. opportunities. 3. The new criteria introduced 5. As such, it erupted tension, which caused a required Tamils to score higher large degree of hatred between the marks than Sinhalese to enter Sinhalese and Tamil minorities. the same University courses. 4. A fixed number of places were reserved for the Sinhalese. Resettlement 1. In 1950, the Sri Lankan 2. Caused frustration among Tamils, as they government transferred had to compete with the Sinhalese for land. Sinhalese peasants and the 3. Increased chances of racial conflict due Sri Lankan Army to areas to hostility between them. densely populated by the Tamils. 4. Tamils also lost dominance and political power in those areas. 5. Caused the Tamils to resent the government, leading to conflict.PAGE 1 OF 1

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Social Studies for GCE 'O' Level Examination.


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