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Disney Final Presentation


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Disney Final Presentation

  1. 1. Amanda Dali Greg Vasquez Janvictor Zamora Elizabeth Sarellano Luca Talone Branko Galonja Nicholas Taitague Zachary Soloski
  2. 2. Current Global Strategy: Transnational Headquartered in California Park and Resort operations in US, France, China and Japan12
  3. 3. Proposed Global Strategy: Localization High pressure for local responsiveness Different cultures around world but the Disney Brand is still intact12 13
  4. 4. Robert Iger CEO Jay Rasulo CFO Operations and Finance Jayne Parker CHRO Employee Relations Susan O’ Day CIO Security and Privacy Current Structure: Global Function Division Structure branko galonja
  5. 5. cxGlobal Matrix Structure branko galonja
  6. 6. Fulfillment Oriented Culture INCUBATOR Project Oriented Culture INCUBATOR Power oriented Culture FAMILY Role Oriented Culture EIFFEL TOWER Task Emphasis Hierarchy Personal emphasis equity Current Organizational Culture branko galonja
  7. 7. Fulfillment Oriented Culture INCUBATOR Project Oriented Culture INCUBATOR Power oriented Culture FAMILY Role Oriented Culture EIFFEL TOWER Task Emphasis Hierarchy Personal emphasis equity Proposed Organizational Culture branko galonja
  8. 8. International Entry Strategy Wholly-owned subsidiary or Greenfield Investment Rely on Disney’s brand recognition, Help keep the Disney image intact Higher risk, Higher Control
  9. 9. CSA-FSA Matrix Strengths - Internal 1. Brand recognition 2. Diversified entertainment business 3. Localization of products 4. Competency in acquisitions Weakness - Internal 1. Overdependence on North American Market 2. Protection of intellectual property 3. Differing goals among divisions Strengths - External 1. Natural, agricultural, energy and mineral resources2 2. Skilled labour force: Education level above the regional average 2,3 3. Democratic political system2 Combined (Cost Leadership and Differentiation) St-I1/3:We-E1/2 Differentiation We-I1:St-E2 Weakness - External 1. Dependency on the prices of agricultural commodities: Pro-cyclical fiscal policy2,3 2. Poor financial intermediary (budgetary policy)2,3 3. Mediocre business environment2,3 4. Insufficient investment in energy and transport2,3 5. No access to international financial markets2,3 Cost Leadership St-I1/3:We-E1/2/3 Focused Differentiation We-I1:We-E1-5 Janvictor Zamora
  10. 10. Marketing Mix: Product Park Hoppers One Day Tickets Amanda Dali
  11. 11. Marketing Mix: Price Market Penetration strategy (start low and slowly raise prices) Over time prices will become marginally higher than local theme park prices (due to the Disney Brand) Brazil - Beto Carrero World $2644 Argentina - Parque de la Costa $2107 Example: Disney - Start ~ $205 after time ~ $270 Packaged Pricing Start with Tickets per day - add on: *days *park hoppers *other activities (golf, shows) *hotel *dining packages (character breakfast) Amanda Dali 11
  12. 12. Marketing Mix: Promotion Advertising should be centered around Family10 *Strong Social Media - TV - Radio Campaigns8 *Residential Continuous Promotions *Grand Opening Offer Amanda Dali
  13. 13. Marketing Mix: Place/distribution Theme Park Construction: *Hire local construction companies *Hire local chefs, clothiers, distributors After Opening of Disneyland Argentina *use local food, music, souvenir options *highlight South American attractions (e.g. California Adventure) Amanda Dali
  14. 14. Production Memorabilia Park Creation Staff Training Premiere Park Services14 Zachary Soloski
  15. 15. Local Issues Transportation Inflation Political Corruption Elections Greg Vasquez
  16. 16. Transportation Traffic congestion5 Transport related air pollution5 Greg Vasquez
  17. 17. Inflation 40% inflation rate in Argentina (2014)1 Greg Vasquez
  18. 18. Political Corruption 2015 death of federal prosecutor Conspiracy regarding President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner6 Greg Vasquez Pictured right: Alberto Nisman.
  19. 19. Elections October 24, 2015 New president will likely lead to economic improvements9 Greg Vasquez From left to right: Daniel Scioli, Sergio Massa, Mauricio Macri.
  20. 20. Finance Luca Argentina’s real GDP growth rate was 2.9% in 2013 Corporate Tax Rate in Argentina is 35% Companies that are not from Argentina can repatriate any investment done in the country. Any foreign company must change their currency into Argentine’s pesos in order to function If a company receives an investment from another country that is not from Argentina, they are obliged to deposit 30% of that amount in a bank
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