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Ways of Dealing Wastes

There are a number of ways of dealing with
wastes. Landfills were the most common
and they are a v...
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Ways of dealing wastes


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Ways of dealing wastes

  1. 1. Ways of Dealing Wastes There are a number of ways of dealing with wastes. Landfills were the most common and they are a very convenient way of disposing wastes. If handled correctly, landfills can be very effective and inexpensive methods of waste disposal. But with the ever and rapidly increasing population, the space available for landfills has become a major issue in some cities and countries. A new technique called incineration was thought out as an alternative to landfills because it is also a convenient technique that has been practiced in various parts of the world. Incinerators work very well in areas where availability of land space for land filling is restricted. The waste materials are heated as a way of getting rid of it. But some questions arise about the possible dangers of the hazardous emissions of using this technique. There are not so many benefits of waste management done this way given that it can cause harm to the environment. For this reason, other solutions which are proved to be more environmentally friendly such as recycling have been introduced. With recycling, the product is made usable or reused in another form. The waste material served as raw materials and they are reprocessed. Among the most popular materials that can be recycled include steel, aluminum, glass, newspapers, PVC and magazines. Recycle Brisbane process can be as simply as a person recycling common objects to a company recycling on larger scale. It is a great way to reduce not only wastes but also the hazard and possible dangers they might bring to the environment. Another solution is waste reduction and using this technique, ways are found to reuse wastes without having to get more. This can be as simple as using reusable shopping bags instead of plastic. Also, it could mean fixing something instead of completely replacing it. This can be accomplished both on small or large scales.