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Teacher resources


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Teacher resources

  1. 1. Teacher Resources
  2. 2. Kid’s WebsitesHere is a website that provides links to government websites for each state.Each link has plenty of information and facts about each state that your students can use.
  3. 3. PowerPoint Tutorial This is a YouTube video that teaches students the very basic and fundamental principals of using Microsoft PowerPoint. It includes instruction on  Layout  Design  Spell Check feature  Creating new slides/Deleting slides  Adding pictures
  4. 4. State Fact Booklet This is a 5-page booklet where students can color and draw their state, their state flower, state flag, etc. It is a printable booklet provided by TeacherVision.
  5. 5. MindMaps and Kidspiration This is and introduction to and explanation of creating MindMaps using Kidspiration software. Here are some examples of MindMaps you can show your students. And here we have videos describing Kidspiration and how to use its features.
  6. 6. State Facts Worksheet This is a worksheet provided by Scholastic where students can fill in important facts of a state including:  State capitol  Major cities  Goods and services  Major rivers  State Flower
  7. 7. State Locations This is a website that your students can use to learn the geographic locations of all the states in the US. Here is another great website with a game where students will learn the geography of the US
  8. 8. State Flash Cards Here is a link to where you can buy 200 State Fact Flash Cards for your students under $3. They include state abbreviations, state capitols, and more.
  9. 9. Fifty Nifty United States Here, we have a video that will teach kids a song where they will learn all the names of the 50 states in alphabetical order. Here is another video that displays the geographic location of each of the 50 states in alphabetical order.