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CORE Brochure


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CORE Brochure

  1. 1.  Filter Analysis by date, customer, or geographical input  X-Axis components consist of well, month, supervisor, pump operator, pump unit, geography, job type, slurry function, and slurry density.  Y-Axis options consist of density accuracy, shutdowns per job, cement volume variance, slurry swap time, plug shutdown time, and displacement volume variance. Jobs Analysis Customer Analysis  Filters out all non-customer data  Removes confidential options (personnel or equipment) CORE Features Cement Operational Results Evaluation CORE Value Creates an operational benchmark Market differentiating transparency Does not rely on manual entry Reliable, unbiased performance feedback About CORE CORE is a web app designed to database important measurables from cement jobs, ana- lyze those, and identify trends to help direct focus on improvement.
  2. 2. CORE automatically evaluates each job with minimal user input, measuring density and volume accuracy, average rate, unplanned shutdowns, slurry swap time, and plug shutdown time. Job Review  Minimal manual entry  Customizable customer interface  Stores previous jobs to review  Easy to track implementation using SAP  Customizable Jobs Analysis Phone: 720-625-2539 E-mail: CORE uses a SQL database in order to maintain important information from each job input into its database. Service companies can use this information in order to measure personnel or geographical performance, performance by job type or density, and pump performance. By setting up customers with their personal login, customers can see performance improvement, as well as individual job performance, creating unparalleled transparency and improving customer relationships. CORE Features CORE See it on the Web!