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Project on the Conflict between the two Korean Countries.

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N korea vskorea.pdf

  2. 2. WHEN IT ALL STARTED After World War II North Korea and South Korea were divided into two countries. North Korea was owned by the Soviet and South Korea was owned by the United States. In 1950 North Korea attacked South Korea causing a war from 1950-1953. Today a conflict still occurs between the two countries and have not settled their differences. Until North Korea gets a new leader that wants to make a positive change in North Korea, then the two countries can unite and be one country again.
  3. 3. WHY IS THERE CONFLICT? “North Korea is a dictator led Communist State. South Korea is Republic with a vibrant economy and a strong Capitalistic structure. The two concepts are incompatible.”
  4. 4. METHOD I conducted an anonymous survey to view peoples perspective on the conflict of N.Korea and S.Korea. I wanted to know how they felt about the tension between both countries, what they think about the tension between them, and also what should be done in order to maintain a peaceful balance between the countries. I had a total of 20 people involved in the survey. Half of the people who did the survey are currently serving in our Military. I did a comparison survey between military perspective and civilian perspective and I wanted to know why they chose the answer they chose. In the survey I also showed had a link from YouTube, about the artillery rounds that were finding into South Korea by North Korea, killing two South Korean Marines.
  5. 5. QUESTIONS FROM THE SURVEY (1 – 5PTSCALE) 1. Don’t care, 2.Somewhat care, 3. Moderate,4. Agree, 5. Strongly Agree. Question(1) Do you care about the tension between N.Korea and S.Korea. Question(2) Do you agree that N.Korea and S.Korea should come into equal terms and become 1 country again? Question(3)Do you think North Koreas military should turn on their leader and have a Positive figure take over the country? Question(4) Do you think the Media portrays a different image on both countries? Question(5) Do you want to go to War against N.Korea?
  6. 6. ANSWER TO QUESTION 1 AVG. SCORE Civilians Avg Pts.  Military Avg Pts. 2.4pts was the Avg  4.6pts was the Avg score. score. It seemed that many  An answer I got from civilians did not care one of the participants much for the survey. was, “I care about the One of the answers tension because I do that I got was, “It has not want to go to war nothing to do with and I don’t want to see us, so why does it my friends get killed”. matter?”
  7. 7. ANSWER TO QUESTION 2 AVG. SCORE Civilians  Military 3.8pts was the Avg.  2.7pts score.  Answer: “No because I Answer: “Yes because I find it that if both find it, that it would be countries are easier for both collaborated together, it countries just to have would be a mess and one leader and there still would be everybody can live some personal tension happily together”. between people of N.Korea and S.Korea”
  8. 8. ANSWER TO QUESTION 3 AVG. SCORE Civilians  Military 4.5pts was the Avg. score.  4.8pts was the Avg. score. Answer: “If the military  Answer: “The only thing that turned against their evil worries me is if we get dictators and had a leader dragged into something like with positive views and this, what if half of the changes, then the country military turns on each other would be a better place”. and fight against each other and we have to go out and help. Not my kind of War, but on the positive note, if they had a new leader that wanted to make the country better then I wouldn’t mind if N.Korea military turned on their current leader.”
  9. 9. ANSWER TO QUESTION 4 AVG. SCORE Civilians  Military 3.5pts was the Avg.  2.2pts was the Avg. Score. Score Answer: “I personally  Answer: “What you see is think that the media does what you get. N.Korea is portray a different image a ghost town just like the of both countries media portrays it to be because there is and South Korea, it’s like probably more to the living in New York tension then we already City, it’s a happy place to know. I feel like there is be living in”. more to be revealed about both sides”.
  10. 10. ANSWER TO QUESTION 5 AVG. SCORE Civilian  Military Avg. Score: 1.5pts  Avg. Score: 2.3pts Answer: “If we have to  Answer: “I don’t want to go to war, then yes I go to war, but I do have think we should” a lot of friends who are South Korean and are serving in the military, so I would want to be there to support them.”
  11. 11. DISCUSSION With the results, I found that both sides pretty much have mutual feelings towards the tension between both countries. What I noticed though from the people who are serving in our country is that they know more about the tensions between both countries than people who portray it in the media and people who think they know much about the tension. What I found is that tension is very serious and anything bad could happen at any given moment. One of my friends who is stationed over there tells me that he gets called to the “field”, because the tension rises highly everyday and war could happen any moment.
  12. 12. THEORY The theory that I chose for this topic was Social Conflict Theory. I chose social conflict theory because it’s a theory about differences between both sides “two different types, classes, culture, and etc of individuals”. Since this topic is about Conflict, this is the best theory that would described this topic.
  13. 13. MY FINAL THOUGHTS ON THE CONFLICT I think that the tension between both countries should end. Most of the conflict is from North Korea. The new leader Kim Jung Un, should change his thoughts on the country of North Korea and make it a better place for everybody. I don’t want the countries to go to war because there will be many deaths if it happens.
  14. 14. VIDEOS AND LINKS ^ This is the news report from Fox news about the artillery rounds that were fired into South Korea, killing 2 South Korea Marines. issues-unusually-specific-threat-152720861.html ^ Current news between the conflict of N.Korea against S.Korea. North Korea threatened to burn South Korea to the ground and kill the S.Korean President.