About New York Court Reporters (28)


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About New York Court Reporters (28)

  1. 1. About New York Court ReportersNew York City is home to one of the biggest, busiest legal communities in the world. Millions ofattorneys practice their trade on the island of Manhattan, with thousands more graduating from lawschool each year and joining their ranks. But behind these busy men and women are the unsungheroes that make the legal professional run: New York court reporters.What services do New York court reporters provide?Court reporters working in New York City perform a variety of different functions for their clients,including:Transcription of live court hearingsThe backbone of any courtroom legal proceeding is the written record of the event. Court reporterscapture every detail of what is said by all parties and produce a flawless typed record of the resultingdialogue.Transcription of depositions Obtaining a witnesses statement during deposition is a key element ofthe legal process. The deposition transcript can be used if the individual cannot appear in court, or iftheir story needs to be corroborated while they are under oath during trial. Court reporters attenddepositions and create perfect written transcripts of the event.Videographer services Court reporters do more than simply take good notes. Many of these trainedprofessionals can be called upon to videotape court proceedings and depositions in order to provide avisual record of the event. Court reporters can also edit the resulting video and insert section breaksand graphics where needed.What types of events do New York court reporters cover?There are any number of events that can benefit from having a court reporter present, including:trials, pre-trial motions and hearings, depositions, estate planning meetings (such as will readings andprobate-related matters), public speaking engagements, educational events and webcasts.New York court reporters utilize top technologyMore and more, court reporting is moving into the digital age, especially in bigger metropolitan areassuch as New York City. Now, court reporters can produce a transcript and email it around the worldwith the touch of a mouse. Also, depositions and court records can be fully searched in seconds forkey words and phrases - making what was once a laborious task for paralegals a breeze.And that is just the beginning. Court reporters can also provide real-time transcripts beamed acrosscyberspace using online meeting software and other webcast technology.These tools have taken the tried-and-true skills of professional court reporters and moved them intothe digital age in order to improve communication between parties and make the information availableto more people much faster. Court Reporter availability Many court reporters work on their own, asindependent contractors. Their availability varies according to their own schedules. New York courtreporting services, however, employ a large number of qualified court reporters so that there will be agreater chance someone is available to meet the clients request, even if it is on short notice. Wherecan New York court reporters be found? As mentioned above, the majority of court reporting work in
  2. 2. New York State goes on within the five boroughs of Manhattan. There are, however, thousands ofcourt reporters available elsewhere in the state - from Long Island all the way north to Buffalo. Courtreporting services will be able to locate quality reporters in almost any area of New York.real estate North Hollywood