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Not Provided? Get Over It! Moving from Keyword Research to Content Research


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Not Provided? Get Over It! Moving from Keyword Research to Content Research

  1. 1. NOTPROVIDEDShifting from Keyword Research to Content Researchby Nichola Stott
  3. 3. October 2011Google no longer passing organicsearch keyword for logged-in usersEffects ALL web analytics includingGA, Omniture, Piwik and others
  4. 4. March 2012Default to SSLon GoogleFirefox
  5. 5. www.themediaflow.com77%Not Provided
  6. 6. WHATDOESThis Mean?
  7. 7. YEAR ON YEARREPORTINGNot Apples for Apples
  8. 8. Rank TrafficEfforts to shift focus away from Rank to TrafficTHWARTED!
  9. 9. Remaining Keyword DataNot statistically significant toextrapolate
  10. 10. Visits by OrganicKeywordNo Longer robust enough to informKeyword strategy
  12. 12. BEHAVIOURAL – Create Advanced Segment and monitorwhere not provided leads visit to (landing page)
  13. 13. DATAAdd Google Webmaster Tools to Google Analyticsand pro-rata calculate queries X CTR to getapproximate equivalent (2 day lag)
  14. 14. ULTIMATELYGET OVER ITNo meaningful, reliable way tounderstand that data for basickeyword research
  15. 15. Using existing visit byOrganic Keyword isPREACHING TO THECHOIRConversion trackingand data hacks moreimportant than everChange of mindset fromKeyword Research toContent Research
  16. 16. UNDERSTANDINGPurchase Journey
  17. 17. Only Four Types of queryEVER. End of…Informational TransactionalNavigational Connectivity
  18. 18. Informational Transactional NavigationalRESEARCH SELECT PURCHASE
  19. 19. WHAT QUESTION/DECISIONS INFORMOUR CUSTOMER PURCHASE?Process?Licence?Model orSpec?Pictures?Safety?
  20. 20. Monitoring
  21. 21. TRENDING
  22. 22. TOPIC MINING
  23. 23. Go Offline
  24. 24. Instead look forward towhat potentialcustomers want toknowMake content thatanswers thosequestions at each stageof the purchase journeyThe Google Analyticsvisits by OrganicKeywords is no longeruseful
  26. 26. Tel: +44(0)1420 540227E-mail: nichola.stott@themediaflow.comTwitter: @NicholaStottWeb: www.themediaflow.comDownload