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Content Marketing: It takes a lot of planning to be this spontaneous.


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Successful content marketing assets are 90% planning and 10% execution. In this talk we discuss process, tips, details and tactics to help you pitch like an ad agency, brief like the military and win like a boss. This talk was delivered at Webmarketing Conference Italia, June 2015 #wmf15

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Content Marketing: It takes a lot of planning to be this spontaneous.

  1. Content Marketing IT TAKES A LOT OF PLANNING to be this spontaneous… @NicholaStott
  2. Planning Successful Content Brief Pitch Define Measures Creative Brief Execute Concept
  4. Brief Like The Military
  5. WIN Like A BOSS
  8. Six “Sticky” TRAITS 1.Simple 2.Unexpected 3.Concrete 4.Credible 5.Emotional 6.Stories
  9. No plan survives contact with the enemy… Colonel Tom Kolditz: Head of Behavioural Science, West Point
  10. Durex Poll… which city is most in need of protection?
  11. Commanders Intent • Plain talk • top of order • Specifies goal • end-state
  12. JoePulizzi, Content Marketing Institute Author: Epic Content Marketing Seems obvious, but most marketers have no mission statement or core strategy behind the content they develop.
  13. Commanders Intent Grow audience and reputation by sharing knowledge and tools.
  14. What We make… we sell… we do… we service… we structure… we design… How USPs, specialisation, design-at- centre, invest in people, outsource production… Traditional Marketing
  15. People don’t buy what you do; people buy why you do it. Start with why Simon Sinek, Leadership Expert
  16. A Good Brief? • A consultative process • Budget • Main campaign intent • Who/Why • Documented • Signed/accepted
  17. Winning the pitch 1.Organised 2.Audience 3.Solve Problem 4.Price Properly 5.Practise 6.Great Presentations 7.Follow-Up 8.Feedback
  18. WIN Like A BOSS
  20. What Does Success Look Like?
  21. Social Communities
  22. Social Communities • Connections • Shares • Interactions • Applause(like, favourite, list) • Content insight
  23. Rival IQ
  24. Rival IQ
  25. Visibility
  26. “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about” – Benjamin Franklin
  27. SearchMetrics
  28. Links
  29. Links Number and quality • Referral traffic • Contributes to improved rankings • Content insight
  30. Majestic
  31. Traffic
  32. Traffic • Absolute numbers • % YoY growth • Content page landings • Social media channels • Other referrals
  33. Traffic Behaviour Flow
  34. FULL Creative Brief
  35. “the creative brief isn’t easy. It’s not meant to be easy and it shouldn’t be easy” – Howard Ibach: How to Write an Inspired Creative Brief
  36. Intangibles
  37. Brand Guidelines • Use of marks • Position and proximity • Reference to brand • Differences per publishing platform?
  38. Brand Guidelines
  39. Tone of Voice Personality, Pitch, Age-Appropriate, Slang, Abbreviations
  40. Tone of Voice: Resources Distilled Tone of Voice Guide:
  41. Tone of Voice: Resources Guardian & Observer Editorial Style Guide:
  42. Editorial Calendar Ready deadline, publish deadline, publish platform Share Team/client
  44. Covered… •GOOD SALES BRIEF •Pitch To WIN •Define & Agree SUCCESS CRITERIA • Creative Brief, ToV, Brand & Editorial
  45. Now for the real work
  46. Execute
  48. resonate emotionally, passionately or intellectually…
  49. To date, Facebook have raised more money for Nepal than the governments of the United States and United Kingdom put together.
  50. 30 Million USD…
  51. Resources @NicholaStott Chip Heath & Dan Heath: Made to Stick Joe Pulizzi: Epic Content Marketing Simon Sinek: David Kean: Pitching to Win. The Art of Winning New Business Howard Ibach: How to Write an Inspired CreativeBrief