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Celebrities who play Guitar


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Get to know about the celebrities who play guitar

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Celebrities who play Guitar

  1. 1. Celebrities who play Guitar
  2. 2. Justin Beiber Pop sensation Justin Beiber is not only a singer but also a Guitar player. He trained himself how to play the guitar when he was a child. He can be seen playing the Guitar while performing on stage.
  3. 3. Taylor Swift Pop singer Taylor Swift has been playing the guitar for a long time. Believe it or not, she has played a little of guitar in 93% of her songs.
  4. 4. Avril Lavigne Punk pop star Avril Lavigne plays the Guitar and other musical instruments as well. She often performs with her Electric Guitar on the stage.
  5. 5. Ryan Gosling Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling likes playing the Guitar. He formed the indie rock band Dead Man's Bones with his friend. He is seen playing the Guitar on many events.
  6. 6. Johnny Depp Johnny is an expert guitarist. He played acoustic guitar in the movie 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ' and 'Once upon a time in Mexico' as well. He has been seen in plenty of music videos.
  7. 7. Adam Sandler Adam Sandler is an actor and comedian. Besides comedy, he is known for playing guitar and singing funny songs in his films and comedy shows.
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