Digital Marketing Ideas


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We developed the Niche Dominance process which provides small businesses and entrepreneurs with a competitive advantage in their online marketplace.

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Digital Marketing Ideas

  1. 1. Powered by Globe On-Demand Dominance/139547582906476
  2. 2. Testimonials “GlobeOnDemand has been working with our company for the last year to increase our search engine optimization. They have continually increased our rankings and we now have multiple top five positions in our categories. Their professionalism and ability to deliver results are greatly appreciated.” - John Estridge, President at Southern Games, Inc.
  3. 3. Testimonials “John‟s ongoing exploration of the latest tools, trends, and innovations in digital marketing has helped his many clients succeed and prosper.” - Dave McFarland, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at’s publishing group
  4. 4. Testimonials “I am grateful to John‟s team for the content marketing assistance and for making things easy in order to follow your passion.” - Kathleen Welton, Author
  5. 5. Testimonials “My husband is so pleased with the response he is receiving as a result of the excellent work done by GlobeOnDemand that he actually asked me, „Is there some way that we can turn it off for a while so we can get caught up on all our orders?‟ It‟s a new business and we are delighted, but also surprised at all the business you have sent our way. Thank you so much; we can‟t say enough for the professional way which GlobeOnDemand has brought our business into focus and to the public.” - Arlene Charest, - Country Road Hardware, LLC
  6. 6. 10 Digital Marketing Ideas to Avoid SEO Scams You have probably read that good content is needed and SEO is now only part of a sound digital marketing solution. While this is correct, you need to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is integrated, as opposed to being disjointed and blindly implemented. Here are some digital marketing tips that we are currently using that are working (for now anyway! :)
  7. 7. 10 Digital Marketing Ideas to Avoid SEO Scams 1. Forget about Google Page 1. It is better to look at the amount of targeted traffic generated in aggregate from multiple sources in addition to the search engines: social media sites, business citation sites, such as Yelp and Superpages for local businesses, document sharing sites, image and video directories (YouTube). 2. Ensure your website can convert the traffic into customers. Your product/service benefits need to be clearly stated and that there are clear calls to action to obtain new customers. Many websites are no more than bill boards displaying boring company information.
  8. 8. 10 Digital Marketing Ideas to Avoid SEO Scams 3. Your website needs to be mobile friendly. 4. Generate a targeted keyword portfolio as opposed to just a list of keyword phrases. These include: local phrases, long tail phrases, branded search phrases, niche phrases and synonyms. 5. Create a content marketing plan that incorporates the keyword portfolio phrases. Distribute high quality “link bait” content to Web 2.0, social media and content directories and link it to lead capture landing pages that offer great tips and encourage your traffic to sign up for your list for even more content. Link back to your internal web pages as well to help with SEO rankings.
  9. 9. 10 Digital Marketing Ideas to Avoid SEO Scams 6. Use more images and videos and post to your social media accounts. People are more apt to share them, as opposed to boring text. The sharing generates “social signals” which Google views as content quality and this helps with SEO. Think of this as a new version of back linking. Humans sharing content, as opposed to software generating back links. 7. Incorporate press releases as part of your back linking strategy. 8. Use curation as part of your content strategy by citing the latest news in your posts and adding your own value, Google loves this and will rank your content. These should be based upon your keyword portfolio.
  10. 10. 10 Digital Marketing Ideas to Avoid SEO Scams 9. Use Google Authorship as part of your content marketing strategy. 10. Incorporate customer reviews into your content to help build trust and credibility for your business.
  11. 11. About Globe On-Demand and Niche Dominance® Globe On-Demand is an Internet technology and digital marketing firm based in Charleston, SC and Tampa Bay, FL. We are dedicated to helping small and local businesses, as well as entrepreneurs achieve Niche Dominance® through effective digital marketing and branding campaigns. John S. Rizzo and V. Michael Santoro, coauthors of Niche Dominance, Creating Order Out of your Digital Marketing Chaos, are the Managing Partners for Globe On-Demand.
  12. 12. About Globe On-Demand and Niche Dominance® We developed the Niche Dominance process which provides small businesses and entrepreneurs with a competitive advantage in their online marketplace. Coming together from different generations, backgrounds, and locations, these two digital strategy experts combine two track records of success in the ever-changing world of online marketing. The strategies and solutions Niche Dominance offers local businesses allows entrepreneurs to focus their efforts on growing their brand while no longer being the best kept secret on the Internet.
  13. 13. About Globe On-Demand and Niche Dominance® We developed Niche Dominance after a two-year process of interviewing over 100 small and local businesses through networking groups and testing various technologies with our clients. We also analyzed the rapidly changing online environment and consumer user behavior that is impacting businesses. Rather than offering “cookie cutter” packages like most companies, Niche Dominance incorporates strategies to architect custom solutions based upon our clients’ niche and location. The plan delivers short term by building a solid foundation while increasing leads; while working long term to brand your business as an authority.
  14. 14. About Globe On-Demand and Niche Dominance® We wrote the book, “Niche Dominance, Creating Order Out of Your Digital Marketing Chaos,” to help businesses understand the digital marketing process and to help them avoid common costly mistakes. Additionally, we provide the necessary questions to ask to ensure they are hiring the best online resources.
  15. 15. About Globe On-Demand and Niche Dominance® Call us today at 1-877-609-6762 or via our Contact Us form. Our Niche Dominance digital media marketing solutions are designed to evolve with the rapidly changing search engine requirements to ensure your business maintains a competitive advantage.
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