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NiceMeeting is developing industry-first mobile solutions for audience engagement management. We provide event design companies, professional conference organizers and audio-video providers a powerful tool that can be implemented at any event to enhance quality, engage the audience and create the best attendee experience.

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Welcome to NiceMeeting

  1. 1. Audience EngagementSolutionfor meeting plannersevent design companiesand technology providers
  2. 2. Common Problems of Running a ConferenceMost of conference participants now haveiPads, notebooks, and smartphones, whose capabilitiesare not used during a conference, moreover – distractaudience’s attentionat the same time:• Making events more engaging, personalized and interactive is critical for long-term success• Presentation slides might be difficult to read from the back rows or due to poor quality, wrong lightning, etc.• Lots of handouts go out of date immediately, are heavy, costly to print/ship, and ignored by the attendees• Sponsor’s legacy banners become less and less attractive, sponsors look for new ways of promotion Get your conferences right with NiceMeeting!
  3. 3. What is NiceMeeting?NiceMeeting enables use of delegates mobile devices throughout theconference as personal conference screens for watching livepresentations, answering polls, interacting with a speaker, networking andreceiving handouts.All for better audience engagement and knowledge sharing.
  4. 4. NiceMeeting features at a glance
  5. 5. Solutions for events iPad Breakout Keynote meeting session session Whether it’s an executive Engage the audience, enable Take the show to everyone presentation or a small knowledge sharing by and engage people sitting in campfire-type meeting, you deploying NiceMeeting. the back rows. Make the can create both luxury and Make everyone involved via whole event moreproductive atmosphere for the polls and chats exciting, interactive and attendees memorable
  6. 6. How it works Attendees PC or laptop access connected to a NiceMeeting projector enables slideshow for the via a link main screen Speakers can present using their tablets, PCs or smartphones
  7. 7. How to get NiceMeeting for your event• Service is provided directly to your event by Paperless NiceMeeting or through your preferred Conference technology/AV company• It may only takes hours to do setup for your Audience event. engagement• Integration with registration and Projector-off presentation management systems is Meeting provided• Price depends on number of WOW effect sessions, attendees and selected functionality options Best Personal• Dedicated Wi-Fi network is an optional part Experiences of the package
  8. 8. Enhance the quality and impactof your next eventTry now – send your request toinfo@nicemeeting.comwww.nicemeeting.com