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Textual Analysis Of Toothpaste Kisses


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Textual Analysis Of Toothpaste Kisses

  1. 1. Textual Analysis of ‘Toothpaste Kisses’ – The Maccabees (Part 2) By Nic, Mia and Hamish The aspects of the second music video for The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kissesthat we, as a group, liked the look of and would like to incorporate into our own musicvideo are the long shots used. The video only has one long shot from the start to thefinish and it is through the use of mise en scene and the sound that the watchers interest isheld due to the lack of editing. There is a verisimilitude created in the music video of a bar, or other drinkingestablishment, through the use of the mise en scene. The lighting of the shot is quite lowand moody, adding to the idea that the scene is held in a bar. There are a lot of people inshot and many of them have drinks in hand, this is used to keep the viewers eyes moving.At the start of the video the viewer does not know what is going to happen and the shockof the two characters kissing is heightened by this. The most difficult aspect of this musicvideo having only one shot is how to continually entertain the viewer. One manner inwhich this is achieved is by keeping a lot of people in shot. This adds to the effect thatthere is a lot going on and a lot to see. Another method the video employs to entertain theviewer is through the use of humor. The unexpected turn in the video, from initiallyfollowing the path of a woman through a crowded bar, to following the path of aseemingly never-ending, gender non-biased kiss, creates the playful and lightheartedapproach that is continued throughout the rest of the video. This video does not conform to the usual codes and conventions of a music videoin its lack of editing to the beat. By having only one long shot, the pace of the video isdrastically slowed. Considering the genre of the music this is actually quite anappropriate pace, whereas with many modern dance music tracks, a constant backgroundbeat demands to be edited to. In most music video’s the editing is mainly what is used tointerest the viewer, this is a problem that we will face by using mainly long drawn outshots in our music video. The camera is also used to keep the viewer entertained through its constant anddynamnic movement. In a shot with a lack of editing, this is imperative to keep action onscreen and to tell the story. Though a loose narrative, the music video does follow thestory of a kiss from the start to the finish. The sound of the music video conforms to the usual stereotypes and is, from thestart, all non-diegetic. The sound played is the music that the music video is about.However, at the end of the music video there is a burst of diegetic noise as the door isopened. This, along with the fading music at the end of the music video helps the viewerknow that the video is over. With a lack of editing, the sound is a useful tool to show thatthe music video is over and helps to end more slowly, rather than with a sudden stop.