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When "Global Media" was called "New Media".

A portfolio of some innovative project I have achieved. A long and solid experience in Interactive media.

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Nicolas benoit portfolio

  1. 1. INNOVATION & NEW MEDIA PORTFOLIO a few innovation-driven projects that I have done … … and that I like Nicolas BENOIT +687 73 50 80
  2. 2. General considerations about working in “INNOVATION” Working in “INNOVATION” requires a strong ability to anticipate and good capacities to imagine what user will need and like. Content, as in other media, remains the key. Technical challenge often has no interest for user. Manage project in “INNOVATION” requires rigorous work methods. Compared to some other projects in traditional media, "INNOVATION” projects require many competences that should be properly managed. Some very precisely targeted or very innovative projects can not reach success immediately. Work in “INNOVATION” means sometimes a capacity to accept failure.
  3. 3. Cross media project : Disney Channel “Lilo&Stitch” (animated series) Hunting Game Concept : all the “experiences” (creatures ) have escaped from the laboratory. The viewer must help Lilo & Stitch to catch “experiences” with the help of their remote control and their mobile phone. A dedicated web site allows viewers to check how many “experiences” has been captured and how many remains to be.  This game was ready but has not been launched It was a good concept and a real “global” project that included iTV, mobile and a website. This hunting game was in line with the story of the series and may have provided great fun and amusement. For sure, the game may have increased viewers’ loyalty and make the program more sticky. In 2005, such a game- that combines three different devices- was very difficult to set up (i.e. databases needed to be linked). Four different organizations were involved in this project, which was cautiously managed. With the help of a good service provider, we overcame obstacles and difficulties. One more time, Disney was able to provide to its viewers (subscribers) top enjoyable game/application. Difference and Excellency, part of the Disney’s DNA, were combined in this project. 2005 
  4. 4. Personal mobile television offer : Programs offer and Programming of a youth channel mobile service Results: The Lagardère group was able to respond to the call to candidacy for mobile TV of the Audiovisual French Authority. The challenge was to create a TV offer with linear/live and non linear/on-demand contents. TV apps did not exist at that time. Experienced and very imaginative professionals were required to make this offer appealing enough for users and for the Authority. In 2008, Mobile TV was supposed to be broadcasted through DVBH (a digital terrestrial standard that is not used anymore). For TV group, that was the first approach with mobile as a device. At that time, Smartphone just appeared and, if professionals understood the stakes of mobility, they did not realize how mobile terminals will become a key device. The proposal was in line with the channel’s editorial positioning and in adequacy with mobile users’ expectations and habits regarding mobile phone TV consumption. The offer was at the cutting edge of innovation. 2008 
  5. 5. Study of opportunity : for a local video on-demand service Provence & French Riviera Authority (Image Agency) Results: All the required elements, to make this platform a sustainable success, were not present. The Image Agency decided to postpone the launch of the project. A goal of this study was to determine what type of video contents could interested viewers and make this platform remarkable and different enough to emerge from large on-line video store suppliers. From “niche” contents to blockbusters releases, all types of video have been reviewed. A VOD service analysis still requires a strong expertise in various fields: technical, editorial, financial… For this study, I associated the best experts in all fields to deliver a complete and high-standard study. The client was very satisfied with the result of this study. All the different solutions to set up this platform were presented. The client underlined the objectivity that leaded to a “no Go” recommendation. 2011 
  6. 6. New Media Strategic plan : Groupe Sud Ouest (for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants) Associate expert for Internet and new media. Results (Internet & new media): at the end of the mission, the press group had different options to regain leadership in online local news and services. Create a winning business model for online press activities was very difficult (and still is). Thus, from purchasing external sites (classified sites) to developing e-business solutions, many options has been envisaged. Diversification was a keyword. Facts and figures on social media and local communities were provided to the board in order to make executives understand how a local brand (even with a big notoriety) should develop and organize close relationships with their audience. The client was very satisfied with this plan, even if some big changes needed to be undertaken. A good and detailed prospective analysis have been done. 2009 
  7. 7. Strategic plan : Creation of a Brand Content Unit Results: The ad agency (Havas group) got a strategic plan for a future unit in charge of producing and broadcasting brand contents on new media. Extensive benchmarks, precise goals, content range, scope for the organization, business plan, were provided. The plan focused more on creating editorial positioning for brands (and then produce content) than on selling products. Thus, the proposed organization was considered as very disruptive but acted as a creative hub where all needed competencies gather. At that time, Brand Content was only a concept and only emerged. Ad agency felt that traditional ad spaces did not respond anymore to brands’ needs and consumers demands. Create and produce Brand content differed a lot from ad agencies' core business. Imagine and conceive a new Unit specialized in Brand content needed a complete different approach. That is why, the client wanted experienced media professional for setting up a plan that allowed content production and new media distribution. 2008 
  8. 8. External teacher and certified professional trainer National Institute of Audiovisual (INA)- Master in Multimedia production / Sorbonne University Master in Media Management / France Television University – professional training a 20 hour course to learn and understand what really is new media and Innovation There was a real obligation to be creative in presenting advanced technologies (ie. Broadband, VOD, etc..), innovative concept and business models to figure out the near future of media. A strong focus was made about content and brand extension. At that time, Innovation & New Media were very difficult to define precisely and needed to be put in perspective. Users evolution, technical issues, emergence of new operating system, device manufacturers and operators struggle, … This course was very innovative and was constantly updated to provide the latest trends and explain constant changes in a clear and comprehensive way. I was among the few person in France that has compiled so many information and make them clear and meaningful for students and professional. This course was a real success. Publishing House asked me to write a book. I decline, I did not have enough time to do it. From 2005 to 2009 
  9. 9. Graduated from the Institute of Political Studies of Bordeaux, Nicolas Benoit joined the Programming Direction of France 2 (state owned generalist TV channel) in 1995 to handle relations with the Production Direction. Dealing with all departments of the Production Direction (stock, finance, legal …), his main duty was to and ensure efficient use of programs and on-time delivery to on-air. At the same time, he was a member of the Programming and Purchases viewing committees. Besides these functions, he participated also to the elaboration of the "History" channel” for which he was directly involved in the definition of the editorial positioning. -At the end of 1998, he joined the France Television Year 2000 special team created to celebrate the Millennium on each group channels. Its work extends from editorial guidelines to program concepts and formats. - In March 2000, he was named Program Deputy Manager of France Television Interactive a new subsidiary created by the France Television group to manage interactivity for all channels. Recruitment and management of the new hired staff was one of the very operational tasks he had to fulfill. The implementation of a multimedia edition tool gave him as well a good technical expertise. The declension of channel’s brands and the creation of thematic web portals allowed France Television’s channels to propose a coherent and interactive content offer that quickly met success. - In 2004, he joined Disney Television France as new media manager. In charge of interactivity of the four channels of the Disney TV Pack, he conceived innovative new media contents (iTV, mobile, VOD, PVR) derived from famous Disney’s brands and properties. All these projects were conducted in strong synergy with the other Dpt of the company (on-air, licensing, on line, on spot services, entertainment parks, etc.) - From 2005 till 2009, Nicolas BENOIT worked as a free lance expert, assistant teacher (for communication and media university masters) and professional trainer (National Audiovisual Institute-, the Media Club, France Television University). Tailor made consulting missions, and high level expertises were provided to famous national and international media groups and companies. (The Lagardère Group, “France 5”, “CanalSat, “TV Toulouse” –local channel-, “The Fourth” education and knowledge channel -Morocco-, LBC-Lebanon- Al Jazeera Children Channel - Qatar, CFRT –catholic channel,etc.) - Nicolas Benoit joined Antilles Television (based in French West Indies) in November 2009 as Chief Executive Officer. His mission was to develop the channel, both in term of levels of audiences and diversifications, and to restructure it. Near one year later, the channel have stopped the erosion of its audiences, gained 7 points of audience and reached 17.5 % of market shares. Costs have been decreased by 22 %. The channel has reached success despite a six weeks general strike, a downsizing plan of 13 persons on 39 and a receivership situation to face a degraded financial situation. - Back in France, Nicolas Benoit became general manager of NB. Media a dedicated company providing high standard consulting services. - Just after one year, France Television asked him to become Head of TV for "Nouvelle Calédonie 1ère", the local Public channel based in Nouméa New Caledonia. Straight after arriving, he defined the content offer for the XIVth Pacific Games (a sort of Olympic Games hosted by France Télévisions in Nouméa) and managed the organisation - a live coverage and nine live hours per day for 15 days. This game has been considered as big success. He was also in charge of implementing a new editorial positioning and making its team more professional. Now, Nicolas BENOIT is a TV producer. Biography