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SDN- Software Defined Networking and NFV- Network Function Virtualization


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This is THAT change in Networking that everyone was hoping for! SDN/NFV brought the paradigm shift in networking. This is bringing software into networking. The slides explain the technologies and popular protocols used.

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SDN- Software Defined Networking and NFV- Network Function Virtualization

  1. 1. Software Defined Networking New Era of Networking PRESENTATION BY Sushmil Garde
  2. 2. VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK THE NETWORK AS WE KNOW TODAY Complex Too many Protocols useful for specific functions. No Abstraction. Not Scalable Adding a device needs configurational changes on other devices. Vendor Independent The entire control is with Vendor OS.
  3. 3. VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK DON’T LET THE PAST HOLD YOUR BACK Horizontal Traffic Traffic patterns are not restricted only to Client-Server communication. Cloud Emergence Cloud, Virtualization, increased usage of mobile devices play their role in changing patterns and needed security. Scalability Growth in Big Data and overall IT sector resulted in requirement of expansion of network. Maintenance Hazards Deployment, Configurations, Alteration is troublesome and time consuming.
  4. 4. VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK WHAT IS MISSING? Abstraction All the protocols are taking care of functions to achieve specific tasks. We need a system for abstraction. SDN is all about it! Separate control plane from Data plane.
  5. 5. VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK APPLICATION LAYER CONTROL LAYER INFRASTRUCTURE LAYER Business Applications API API API Control Data Plane interface (e.g., OpenFlow) SDN Control Software Network Services Network Device Network Device Network Device Network Device Network Device
  6. 6. VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK BENEFITS More intelligence to the controller Customization options as per needs of the enterprise Device behavior becomes more dynamic based on the traffic patterns Network becomes Vendor Independent
  7. 7. VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK OVERFLOW Devices from different vendors talk differently to their controllers OpenFlow provides a common, open way of communication between abstracted control plane and Data Planes of different devices Open interface for changing the behavior of the devices through controller Identifies traffic patterns based on predefined rules DATA PLANE OpenFlow OpenFlow OpenFlow OpenFlow CONTROL LAYER Vendor 1 Vendor 2 Vendor 3 Vendor 4
  8. 8. VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK THE NETWORK AS WE KNOW TODAY Similar to server virtualization, add VMs on the same box and perform all the functions with just one piece of hardware. Service Providers provide many other services apart from the connectivity between multiple branch and head offices such as DNS, Firewall, Encryption DNS SEC DNSSEC DNS, Security, NAT Added Services by ISP Service Provider
  9. 9. VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK SERVERS ARE VIRTUALIZED… WHAT ABOUT NETWORK? Having a dedicated device for each of these functions adds to the expense (CapEx and especially OpenEx) NFV can be distributed or even centralized How about adding a single device performing all added functions x86 DNS SEC x86 DNS SEC Data Center (SP) DNSVM Controller SEC Service Provider
  10. 10. VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK THANKS FOR VIEWING Visit to enroll for the latest SDN courses. Learn from industry experts, get certified and get placed. You can also contact us using the following: +91 (022) 2778 2670