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Planning the future of openness in Scotland

The Scottish Government have been working with the civil society network in Scotland to co-create the next Action Plan on open government. We wanted to hear what people across the country wanted to see in terms of having a government taht is more open, transparent, involves people and helps them to hold government to account. We hosted public discussion events and engagement over the summer - these slides were used at the events, and also include summary of all the key themes we heard from people. This will feed into the creation of the Scottish Open Government Partnership Action Plan for 2018-20, due to be published Autumn 2018.

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Planning the future of openness in Scotland

  1. 1. Purpose of today  Share purpose of the process for those who haven’t engaged so far.  Provide an overview of the findings in a clear and engaging way.  Invite more dialogue on priority commitments.  Leave people with a clear idea of follow up and how ideas will be used  Democratic prioritisation – Participants are asked to recognise that they are building on an existing democratic process - not starting from scratch.
  2. 2. Programme  Purpose  Overview of findings  Discussion and generating commitments  Sharing and voting  Lunch and networking