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Ergo’s InnovativeSharePoint ApplicationsAt Ergo, we believe the key to             available through web parts pre-built i...
SharePoint 2010Overview  In partnership with           Microsoft SharePoint 2010                    as document types, ret...
Ergo Software SolutionsEnabling Business ThroughTechnologyDiscover how Ergo’s solutions can enableyour business to achieve...
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Ergo - SharePoint Brochure


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Ergo - SharePoint Brochure

  1. 1. www.ergogroup.ieUnleash thePower ofSharePointConsulting | Software Solutions | IT Infrastructure
  2. 2. Ergo’s InnovativeSharePoint ApplicationsAt Ergo, we believe the key to available through web parts pre-built in Project Management Officeimplementing SharePoint effectively SharePoint. Also, the Business SharePoint 2010 allows projectwithin your organisation is about Intelligence component of SharePoint managers and their teams to create sitesaddressing a specific business need, and contains new functionality called the that act as a robust Project Managementthen building on the platform with new Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Office (PMO) for a portfolio of projects. Aapplications in a phased approach. replacing the SharePoint 2007 Business PMO in SharePoint facilitates the Data Catalogue. A BCS enables centralised storage, where documentsUnlike commodity and vertical presentation of business data from back and information can be centrallyapplications that serve a very specific end server applications such as SAP and managed. A PMO facilitates thepurpose, SharePoint 2010 is a platform Siebel. management of deliverables such asand an application that drives strategic project plans, phases, roles, specificationsand immediate business value. Document Services and requirements. It increases team On top of the traditional functionality collaboration, provides a standardisedErgo Business Solutions Built you can then move into more advanced process and ensures that the Projecton SharePoint 2010: features such as scanning and indexing Manager is always in control.Business Process Management physical documents into SharePoint,Enabling solutions that drive real automating the generation of documents Ergo’s Leave Request Applicationbusiness process improvement is from predefined templates; for e.g. Ergo can assist in automating processesan ever increasing goal in today’s statements, policy agreements and such as annual leave request. Our Leavecompetitive marketplace. Ergo is indexing directly into SharePoint, Request application empowers staff todelivering such systems through overlaying secure documents with seamlessly complete a prepopulatedErgo’s SharePoint framework. predefined image files for different office annual leave form, which is then locations, reducing pre-printed stationery automatically e-mailed to theirBy leveraging this technology, we requirements etc. Ergo provide all these manager for approval, then directlycan bring several components document services within the SharePoint e-mailed to HR and stored in a centraltogether to deliver one composite framework. directory for referencing, searching andapplication. Our purchase order auditing.workflow solution is one such Business Formsexample where we are driving real Implementing business forms and Why Ergobusiness value. associated workflows can greatly improve Ergo ‘Microsoft’s Country Partner of the processing times across many functions. year 2010’ has provided IT solutions to theBusiness Intelligence These can range from HR specific private and public sector for over 18 years.Access to accurate timely information functions e.g. annual leave request We are one of only two partners in Irelandwhich allows management teams to make processing, through to more detailed to have achieved Services Ready status infaster and better informed decisions is application processing, such as SharePoint 2010. Ergo provide SharePointvital. Information being captured within investment applications. Real productivity solutions to clients of varying size acrossthe SharePoint environment i.e. gains can be achieved when line-of- all sectors, clients include Ulster Bank,metadata with content, business business integration is incorporated Beaumont Hospital and Topaz Energyforms, workflow tasks etc., can be within these solutions. Group.reported on in real time, readily
  3. 3. SharePoint 2010Overview In partnership with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as document types, retention capabilities makes business policies, and automatic content Microsoft, Ergo have collaboration seamless and improves sorting. developed a series of business decision making, while powerful solutions built helping you reduce costs. • Search - SharePoint 2010 Search is extremely on the SharePoint platform, SharePoint 2010 Capabilities personalised, efficient and to assist organisations in • Sites - SharePoint 2010 Sites effective allowing staff to find driving strategic and provide you with the tools to set the required information as up sites within a single quickly as possible, be it immediate productivity, infrastructure facilitating documents or colleagues. while benefiting from the seamless management. Sites enable easy sharing and • Insights - SharePoint 2010 expertise of a Services management of documents with Insights gives users access to Ready for SharePoint, colleagues, the ability to the business information Microsoft Gold Partner. manage key projects with needed to make informed partners, and the publishing business decisions. With of information to customers. powerful features such as interactive dashboards and • Communities - SharePoint scorecards, businesses can use 2010 Communities empower the information in databases, people to work together more reports, and business efficiently. Its strong applications to address specific collaboration tools such as wikis, needs. workflows and social tagging allow staff to share ideas, find • Composites - SharePoint 2010 colleagues and source Composites provides building information seamlessly. blocks that you can use to assemble, connect, and • Content - SharePoint 2010 configure collaborative Content has simplified business solutions. From Enterprise Content simple sites to complex Management (ECM). It applications, you can rapidly combines traditional content respond to specific business management with powerful needs with custom solutions. search, resulting in well managed data which is easy to locate, circulate, and use. Drive compliance and reduce risk with compliance measures such
  4. 4. Ergo Software SolutionsEnabling Business ThroughTechnologyDiscover how Ergo’s solutions can enableyour business to achieve increasedproductivity and reduced costs bymaximising and utilising the power oftechnology.ContactDerek Kehoe, Sales DirectorT 01 8843 248E derek.kehoe@ergogroup.ieRichard Birchall, Senior Account ManagerT 01 8565 944E richard.birchall@ergogroup.ieTom Doherty, Practice DirectorT 01 8843 231E tom.doherty@ergogroup.ieTony Waldron, Practice DirectorT 01 8843 260E tony.waldron@ergogroup.ie1st Floor, Block T, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3Locall: 1850 374673, F: (353) 1 8843201, E: Info@ergogroup.ie, www.ergogroup.ieErgoServices ltd. trading as Ergo, Registered in Ireland No. 197876.