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How to Use Social Media to Kick Start Your Lead Generation in 2014


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Date: 8th January 2014
Start time: 8.30am
End time: 12.30pm
Region: Dublin
Speaker: Paul Barnwell, Harvest Resources, Frances Jones, Image Matters, Simon Morton, Eyeful Presentations, Niall Devitt, Tweak Your Biz
Venue: The UCD Michael Smurfit Business School, Blackrock. Co. Dublin

The Sales Skills Series continues in January with four more top trainers exclusively for members of the Sales Institute. The Sales Skills series provide practcal training in a range of key skills relevant to sales professionals and these events are exclusive to Sales Institute members who can attend free of charge. Taking place in the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, this event provides a great opportunity for you and your team to develop your knowledge and understanding of certain key skills relevant to sales professionals.
The January workshop features four top trainers who will focus on the following topics:
- Maximising Customer Value,
- Personal Branding and Networking,
- Effective Sales Presentations and
- Using Social Media for lead generation.

How to use Social Media to Kick-Start Your Lead Generation In 2014

Niall Devitt, Co-Founder, the Ahain Group and Tweak Your Biz

Niall Devitt co-founded (formally in 2009, an international, business community and online publication which was acquired by SmallBizTrends in 2011. He is currently CSO and Co-Founder of the Ahain Group where he advises organisations on how to implement social (media) business strategies.
In his presentation, Niall will discuss how sales professionals can utilise social media to help generate new sales leads and increase your pipeline.

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How to Use Social Media to Kick Start Your Lead Generation in 2014

  1. 1. How to use Social Media to Kick-Start Your Lead Generation In 2014 Niall Devitt
  2. 2. Are you still an Island?
  3. 3. We’re connected like never before
  4. 4. We’re connected like never before
  5. 5. They are!
  6. 6. Even he is 
  7. 7. But what about the Decision Makers?
  8. 8. Home Work
  9. 9. The Social Business Model “Businesses move from liking to leading when they look beyond social media to see how social technologies drive real business value. From marketing and sales to product and service innovation, social is changing the way people connect and the way organisations succeed”
  10. 10. The Social Customer
  11. 11. “Social Selling is no longer an option, it’s a necessity”
  12. 12. So Let’s Look At 3 New Sales Tools
  13. 13. Tools: Blogging
  14. 14. Blogging 1. Define Your Audience 2. Keyword research/SEO 3. Create Great Titles 4. Offer Value 5. Create Thick Content 6. Format for the Internet 7. Post Consistently 8. Promote on Social Media 9. Allow, Ask For and Respond to Comments 10. Learn from the Analytics 1. Try to Write for Everyone 2. Forget about SEO 3. Spend 5 seconds on Your Titles 4. Write Ads/Spam 5. Create Very Short Articles 6. Format for Traditional Media 7. Post Inconsistently 8. Forget about Social Media 9. Ignore Comments 10. Ignore your Analytics
  15. 15. Tools: LinkedIn
  16. 16. LinkedIn 1. 2. 3. 4. Complete your Profile Set your Unique URL SEO on Your Profile Connect with your Existing Network 5. Post Regularly 6. Create Personalised Introductions 7. Join and Partake in Relevant Groups 8. Familiarise yourself with the Search Functions 9. Seek out Careful and Genuine Introductions and Recommendations 10.Add Your LI Profile to other Marketing Collateral 1. Have an Incomplete Profile 2. Use the LinkedIn generated URL 3. Forget about SEO 4. Ignore your Existing Network 5. Post Infrequently 6. Use the Standardised Intro 7. Ignore LinkedIn Groups 8. Auto connect to Twitter 9. Ask for intros and recommendations without consideration 10.Forget to add your LI profile to E-mail signatures, POS materials etc.
  17. 17. Tools: LinkedIn/Twitter
  18. 18. Twitter 1. Complete your Profile 2. Set your account to Public 3. Follow Selectively 4. Follow Competitors 5. Engage/Respond/Retweet 6. Take conversations offline 7. Use for PR. Ie. Connect with journalists etc. 8. Send personalised DMs when people follow you 9. Use Hashtags and Twitter chats 10.Use Twitter for Customer Service 1. Have an Incomplete Profile 2. Make your account Private 3. Follow Everyone 4. Follow No One 5. Broadcast 6. Obsess over the number of followers you have 7. Auto connect to your Facebook or LinkedIn 8. Send auto DMs when people follow 9. Use the @function to spam 10.Tweet anything you would not want your boss to see
  19. 19. Niall Devitt @NiallDevitt /how-to-use-social-media-to-kickstart-your-lead-generation-in-2014 Happy New Year!