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Mission Statementnt and Mood board


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Published in: Education
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Mission Statementnt and Mood board

  1. 1. Nia Williams
  2. 2. My magazine will have an insight into the music industry, specialising and focusing on the genre of pop. It will feature the most popular artists at the specific time. The magazine will be aimed at 15 to 25 year olds and mainly to a female audience. The readers purchasing the magazine would be regular music listeners and would be interested in trending artists as well as live gigs and festivals. The magazine will need to inform and entertain the reader, therefore will include informative language which will provide news, concert dates and music reviews. The magazine will include a detailed and interesting content which will be published and distributed monthly. It will attract the attention of readers by providing the latest information on the most popular artists as well as exclusive interviews and reviews on the latest festivals and gigs. The magazine will have a section incorporating the latest band merchandise on the market, attracting readers which follow certain artists as well as readers which follow the charts.
  3. 3. Billboard:  Their target audience varies from young teens from the age of 16, up to the age of 26.  Provides readers with the latest news relating to the charts including various genres.  This is to widen the target audience as it acquires people to listen to various genres such as pop,rap,indie and rock plus many more.  It doesn't advertise news and gossip relating to artists lives and only conveys the weekly update of the chart as well as Artists style tips. By looking at my questionnaire results, it is evident that the most popular magazine is Billboard. I have decided to research what type of audience this magazine attracts.
  4. 4. By looking at my questionnaire results, I have decided that my magazine will focus on chart music mainly including pop as well as indie and rap. Therefore I have decided to create the mood board above to reflect my audience. I have included other topics as well as music to relate to their other interests. The audience will be youthful, ranging from 16-26 and also to a mainly female audience. My target audience are regular music listeners and download music onto their phones and iPods. They are also into fashion, beauty and also TV shows mainly a reality series. My audience also enjoy attending live gigs and festivals to gather with friends.