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Product description


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Attune HealthKernel is a complete state of the art, secure & web-based solution for hospitals that integrates all its departments and branches that are geographically separated. All the hospitals/branches needs are low-end PC’s and Internet connectivity with rest of the IT infrastructure and software taken care by us.

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Product description

  1. 1. HOME I cornearrvvi tnrvnnorrrev Innovation Infinite Hospitals Product Features & Modules PRODUCTS Front Desk Management 0 Patient Registration, Tracking and Management 0|A6N05T| N|| i 0 Customizable Rate cards for services offered in the hospital , OP &”, Bmmg crrrrrcsactrrrrc 0 Appointments Scheduling for Doctors and Modalities I OrderstorDiagnosticandScan Centers 0 Cash Collection 0 Cash Payments a Cash Closure 0 Aoilityto Generate various kinds of operational reports 0 MasterDataManagement Pharmacy 0 Manage Rate Cards for Drugs t 0 Manage Schedule Drugs o Managestocks 0 TrackHighVaIue Inventory 0 TrackNon-Movingstock 0 MasterData Management 0 Generate Reports for all regulatory and statutoryobligations 0 Integrate the prescription of drugs from both 0P and IP modules 0 Completely automatettre Cash Management process with cash payments and cash receipts completely integrated 0 Generate various kinds of operational reports 0 Manage multi branches of the pharmacy centrally 0 Aoilitytohanage central drug store
  2. 2. Laboratory 0 Completely customize the billing process and rate cards 0 Robust sampletracking 0 Template driven results capture 0 Clinical intelligence 0 Online report publishing 0 lnventoryTracking 0 Regulatory Compliance(NABL) 0 Device Integration « MasterData Management Inventory 0 Manage Purchases 0 Manage Stocks o Manage Re-Orders of Stock 0 Track High Value Inventory 0 Track Non-Moving Stock 0 MasterData Management 0 Manage Multi-Branch Inventory 0 Manage Central Inventory Management Electronic Medical Records (EMR) 0 Manage History, Examination, Investigation, Prescription, Advice and Allergies electronically. 0 Ability to integrate Diagnostic Lab Reports, Imaging reports and Images into single integrated medical record for patient 0 Easy and intuitive user interface forthe physicians 0 Various specialty Electronic Medical Records In-Patient 0 Room Management 0 Admission Management 0 Discharge Management with single click discharge summary and consolidated bill 0 Operation Notes and Case Records Management 0 Surgery Management 0 Integration with Pharmacy 0 Integration with Labs 0 Integration with Scan Centers 0 MasterData Management
  3. 3. Administration 0 ‘: -n itiar’ra"er‘*. er’rt “ll Contact Us India Data Sharing 4.. . STE“ 'iti‘r riartrrer i"‘ illi : ri3rn: r >4 . r:tror‘ri"3li te _p nai Hea to arts integ mitt‘: EMF: . Attune Technologies Private Limited Baiararn Road l'rEMMBi GEM] ozo 2'91 14 ifiii 774i He 2 5!", »3«d‘_, ar C Tel/ Fax Website : E—mai| : i9e: r"ti*iers Together. We Achievem Singapore Attune Technologies Pte Ltd Part 73 Lao Cine Eiuilfirrg 13 international Eitrsrnes-‘ Ho 04%"! Emga ore 60 Tel : +63 6‘ Website :